1st Edition

Tough Issues, Tough Choices Resources for Staff and Student Development

By Tina Rae, Brian Marris Copyright 1999
    398 Pages
    by Speechmark

    Tough Issues: Resources for staff and student development by Tina Rae and Brian Marris This exciting and challenging resource focuses upon the issues, problems and concerns of teenagers in today's increasingly diverse and complex society.  Social, emotional and behavioural issues relevant to these young people are presented in a three part programme which was originally developed and trialled within the context of a Pupil Referral Unit and a Mainstream High School. Tough Issues aims to address some of the 'real' concerns and agendas of teenagers today.  Whilst it fulfils many of the objectives of the KS3 and KS4 PSHE curriculum, it also promotes the development of emotional literacy, equal opportunities and social justice.  A central objective is to encourage students to develop their own voice, to take ownership of their own behaviours, values and responses and to become reflective young adults able to effectively identify and challenge social injustice.  The programme is presented in three parts, each containing 8 scenarios with accompanying teaching resources and activities. The issues presented are often extremely challenging and hard hitting and include the following:  * Underage age pregnancy * Graffiti * ASBOs * Date rape * Homophobia * Anorexia * Racism * Death * Relationship breakdown * Peer pressure * Arson * Alcohol abuse * Obesity * Bullying * Drug abusive  The structure of the sessions is consistent throughout to allow for ease of delivery and includes evaluation sheets, image cards, question and answer sessions, acting out of the scenario and take home activities to reinforce and build upon the learning undertaken.  A CD-ROM accompanies the programme and this includes all the activites, image cards, take home activities and photographic images.  This is a unique resource and of real relevance to today's young people.  It certainly challenges our young people to reflect upon their own emotional, behavioural and social needs and the ways in which they can and should develop self-help strategies and appropriate problem solving skills to cope effectively with the issues and challenges of today's world. The content is hard-hitting but if we fail to address these issues, due to our own 'adult' embarrassments and fears then we also fail the young people we are seeking to support, challenge and develop.  Tough Issues - Focusing on the real issues, problems and concerns of today's teenagers is suitable for young people aged 13 - 18 years.

    Introduction, Background and Rationale, Tough Life Issues, Aims of the Programme, Structure of the Programme, Structure of the Sessions, Notes to Facilitators, Checklist, Looking Forwards, Bibliography, Web-based Resources, Part 1. Social Issues, Ragging Up, Baby Blues, Graffiti Courage, Cow Face, Nicked, No Problem, Taking It, Who Am I?, Go Somewhere Else, Part 2. Emotional Issues, Gay Boy, Eat Up, Two Sides, Dumb Idiot, The Girls' Way, Missing You, Love Rat, Look At That, Part 3: Behavioural Issues, Drunk and Disorderly, Bullying, Happy Slapping, Peer Pressure, Grassing Up, Out Of It, Burn It Up, Shorty


    Rae, Tina; Marris, Brian