370 Pages
    by Routledge

    370 Pages
    by Routledge

    This volume supports the belief that a revised and advanced science education can emerge from the convergence and synthesis of several current scientific and technological activities including examples of research from cognitive science, social science, and other discipline-based educational studies. The anticipated result: the formation of science education as an integrated discipline.

    Contents: J.G. Greeno, M. Gardner, Foreword. Part I:View from the Disciplines. L.C. McDermott, A View from Physics. J.D. Herron, Research in Chemical Education: Results and Directions. J. Stewart, Biology Education and Research: A View From the Field. J. Lochhead, Toward a Scientific Practice of Mathematics Education. Part II:Instructional Design. F. Reif, Transcending Prevailing Approaches to Science Education. A.L. Brown, J.C. Campione, Interactive Learning Environments and the Teaching of Science and Mathematics. W.J. Clancey, K. Joerger, A Practical Authoring Shell for Apprenticeship Learning. J.H. Larkin, C. Scheftic, R.W. Chabay, An Applied Science of Instructional Design. Part III:Social Contexts of Learning Science. D. Newman, Using Social Context for Science Teaching. P. Eckert, Adolescent Social Categories, Information and Science Learning. G.B. Saxe, The Interplay Between Children's Learning in School and Out-of-School Contexts. V.N. Lunetta, Cooperative Learning in Science, Mathematics, and Computer Problem-Solving. J. Lave, Views of the Classroom: Implications for Math and Science Learning Research. Part IV:Introduction: The Impact of Technology. D.L. Goodstein, The Mechanical Universe and Beyond: Physics Teaching Enters the 20th Century. A.H. Schoenfeld, GRAPHER: A Case Study in Educational Technology, Research, and Development. A.A. diSessa, Social Niches for Future Software. M.C. Linn, Summary: Establishing a Science and Engineering of Science Education.


    Frederick Reif, Marjorie Gardner, James G. Greeno, Alan H. Schoenfeld, Andrea A. diSessa

    "The contributors offer readers a panoramic review of excellent research representing perspectives on these issues from science education, cognitive science, educational technology, and anthropology. This unique collection aptly characterizes the current state of science education research, provides pointers to a wide variety of individual studies that readers could pursue in greater depth."
    Journal of Curriculum Studies

    "...an outstanding collection of 16 papers...The exciting developments reported in this collection have the potential for playing a significant role in attracting students to science education and in retaining those professionals currently in the field."
    Science Books and Films

    "...fresh insights and new evidence."
    Contemporary Psychology

    "...provides a coherent, thorough, and illuminating summary of recent research in science and mathematics education...Essential for any college or university library."
    G.E. Hein
    Lesley College