1st Edition

Towards An Era of Puhui Policy Development and Practice of Early Care and Education in China

By Yu Zhou, Yong Jiang, Xingjian Zhu Copyright 2025
    232 Pages 16 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    In China, the puhui (普惠) early care and education (ECE) program, a national public policy, was officially launched in 2010 to improve the affordability, accessibility, and quality of ECE. Based on a five-year research project, this book explores the development and practice of this ambitious reform campaign with national empirical evidence.


    The authors evaluate the puhui ECE system (e.g., puhui early education policy, puhui kindergarten services, puhui child care services, and total teacher compensation) from the perspective of universal ECE provision for all children. They focus on children from disadvantaged families such as migrant children, children with special needs, and children from low socio-economic families by emphasizing the targeted provision of ECE based on the principle of educational equity. In addition, they explore the innovative ways to optimize the structure, quality, and efficiency of puhui ECE provision by introducing an innovative provider with the participation of social organizations (China Welfare Institute) and three innovative forms of provision, including village kindergarten, small-scale urban kindergarten, and compensation for children with special needs.


    The book will be of interest to policy makers, scholars and researchers in early childhood education, education policy and education development.

    Part I  Evaluation of Puhui ECE System  1. Effectiveness of Puhui Early Education Services Policy in China: Evidence from the Triangulated Perspectives of Stakeholders  2. Identifying Parents’ Demand for Puhui Kindergarten Services  3. Parental Satisfaction with the Quality of Puhui Childcare Services: Current Situation, Predictors, and Policy Recommendations  4. Investigating Preschool Teachers’ Total Reward Satisfaction: Profiles and Demographic Covariates  Part II  Puhui ECE for Disadvantaged Groups  5. Supportiveness of Early Childhood Education to Vulnerable Groups from the Perspective of Chinese Teachers: Evidence from a National Validation Study  6. Preschool Education Resources Supply for Migrant Children in Shanghai: History, Policies, Reality, and Suggestions  7. How did Class Differences in Kindergarten Enrollment Opportunities Change When Universalizing ECE? Empirical Analysis Based on Panel Data  Part III  Innovative Practice of Puhui ECE Provision  8. Why and How Could Social Organizations Support Puhui ECE? A Case Study on the Contribution of China Welfare Institute  9. Exploring Pathway Innovations in Puhui ECE Supply Based on Three Local Experiences


    Yu Zhou is a PhD candidate at the Faculty of Education, East China Normal University, Shanghai. Her research interests include early childhood education policy and preschool curriculum.


    Yong Jiang, Ph.D., is a professor at the Faculty of Education, East China Normal University, Shanghai. His main research areas include early childhood education theory, teacher education, and curriculum and pedagogy.


    Xingjian Zhu is a PhD candidate at the Faculty of Education, East China Normal University, Shanghai. His research interests include early childhood education policy and professional development of preschool teachers.