1st Edition

Towards Drug Policy Justice Harm Reduction, Human Rights and Changing Drug Policy Contexts

Edited By Damon Barrett, Rick Lines Copyright 2024
    218 Pages 5 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Taking the shifting global drug policy terrain as a starting point, this collection moves beyond debates about whether to reform drug policies to a focus on delivering ‘drug policy justice’ – repairing the damage caused by the war on drugs as a component of reform efforts and safeguarding against future harms in legal markets.

    This book brings together some of the leading international thinkers and advocates on harm reduction and drug policy to introduce key questions in contemporary drug policy. Across five themes, and with contributions from different regions and disciplines, it explores ethical, legal, empirical and historical perspectives on delivering ‘drug policy justice’ from supply through to use. Essays cover a wide range of issues, from the effects of COVID on drug policy to securing economic and environmental justice, and from human rights in Asian drug policy to questions of race and equity in cannabis reforms, providing diverse insights on both prominent and overlooked drug policy challenges.

    Towards Drug Policy Justice is a benchmark text for scholars, students, advocates and policymakers as the book explores new models of global drug policy reform.

    Introduction: Towards Drug Policy Justice

    Damon Barrett and Rick Lines

    Part I: The Evolving Drug Policy Space

    Chapter 1: Towards Transformative Drug Policy Reform

    Laura Garius, Imani Mason Jordan and Niamh Eastwood

    Chapter 2: Drug Policy Reform and Human Rights Post-COVID-19

    Kasia Malinowksa-Sempruch and Diederik Lohman

    Chapter 3: Debunking the Three Myths about Reforming Asian Drug Policies

    Michelle Miao and Gloria Lai

    Part II: Tracking Progress

    Chapter 4: Lessons Learned from Legal Regulation of Cannabis

    Zara Snapp, Jorge Herrera Valderrábano and Luis Daniel Santiago Vidargas

    Chapter 5: The Regulation of Legal Drug Markets: Key Lessons from Alcohol Control Policy in Africa

    Ediomo-Ubong E. Nelson and Isidore S. Obot

    Chapter 6: Legal Epidemiology in Post-Prohibition Scenarios

    Scott Burris, Corey S. Davis and Elizabeth Platt

    Part III: Harm Reduction in the Changing Landscape

    Chapter 7: Harm Reduction Post-Prohibition

    Naomi Burke-Shyne and Ajeng Larasati

    Chapter 8: Can Darknet Drug Markets Be Harm Reducing? Building Decriminalised Spaces in Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia

    Eliza Kurcevič

    Chapter 9: Prisoner to Patient: The Pathologisation of People Who Use Drugs

    Shaun Shelly

     Part IV: Emerging Rights Issues at the Supply Side

     Chapter 10: Peasants’ Rights after the War on Drugs: The Case for Transformative Cannabis Regulation

    Alejandro Rodríguez-Llach, Isabel Pereira-Arana and Luis Felipe Cruz-Olivera

    Chapter 11: Are Coca Crops Causing Deforestation in Colombia? Would a Future Regulated Market Impact the Environment?

    María Alejandra Vélez

    Part V: Reckoning with the Past

    Chapter 12: Consensus Breakdown and Recalcitrancy in the Drug Control System: Towards Disintegration or Re-Integration?

    John Collins

    Chapter 13: The Last Drug Warrior in the West: UK Drug Policy and Shifting Material Interests from the Nineteenth to the Twenty-First Century

    Kojo Koram


    Damon Barrett is a senior lecturer in human rights at the School of Global Studies, University of Gothenburg, Sweden. He is Co-Director of the International Centre on Human Rights and Drug Policy, based at the Human Rights Centre, University of Essex. His work has focused on what it means to adopt a human rights-based approach to drugs, with a particular focus on the rights of the child.

    Rick Lines is Professor of Criminology in the Faculty of Social Sciences at Swansea University in Wales, where he is Co-Director of Global Drug Policy Observatory. He has been called ‘a key figure in the emerging field of human rights and drug policy’ and is Chair of the International Centre of Human Rights and Drug Policy at the University of Essex and author of Drug Control and Human Rights in International Law. In 2022, he joined Public Health Wales where he leads national policy, programming and research on drug use and harm reduction.