1st Edition

Towards Posthumanism in Education Theoretical Entanglements and Pedagogical Mappings

Edited By Jessie A. Bustillos Morales, Shiva Zarabadi Copyright 2024
    232 Pages 24 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This edited volume presents a post-humanist reflection on education, mapping the complex transdisciplinary pedagogy and theoretical research while also addressing questions related to marginalised voices, colonial discourses, and the relationship between theory and practice.

    Exhibiting a re-imagination of education through themed relationalities that can transverse education, this cutting-edge book highlights the importance of matter in educational environments, enriching pedagogies, teacher-student relationships and curricular innovation. Chapters present contributions that explore education through various international contexts and educational sectors, unravelling educational implications with reference to the climate change crisis, migrant children in education, post-pandemic education, feminist activists and other emergent issues. The book examines the ongoing iterations of the entanglement of colonisation, modernity, and humanity with education to propose a possibility of education capable of upholding heterogeneous worlds.

    Curated with a global perspective on transversal relationalities and offering a unique outlook on posthuman thoughts and actions related to education, this book will be an important reading for students, researchers and academics in the fields of philosophy of education, sociology of education, posthumanism and new materialism, curriculum studies, and educational research.

    1 Posthuman Educational Mappings: Knotting Plateaus of Care

    Shiva Zarabadi and Jessie A. Bustillos Morales


    PART 1: Posthuman Pedagogical Becomings 


    2 Gratuitous (Post)humanism in Education: ‘There is No Thought Not Yet Thought’

    And Pasley, Alejandra Jaramillo-Aristizabal, and Noah Romero


    3 Towards Posthuman Pedagogic Practices in Citizenship

    Education: Becoming-Citizen

    Dianne Mulcahy, Sarah Healy, and Martin Awa Clarke Langdon


    4 Writing as Unforeseeable Posthuman Inquiry in Education

    Ruth Vinz


    PART 2: Posthuman Pedagogical Diffractions 


    5 A Posthumanist Pedagogical Praxis of Diffraction: Teaching Elsewhere

    Sarah A. Shelton


    6 Affective Refusals, More-than-human Identities and De-Colonisation in Early Childhood Education

    Giovanna Caetano-Silva, Alejandra Pacheco-Costa, and Fernando Guzmán-Simón


    7 Neoliberal and (Post-)Pandemic Irruptions: Reconceptualising Critical Pedagogies for More-Than-Human Crisis Times

    Evelien Geerts and Delphi Carstens  


    PART 3: Posthuman Pedagogical Matterings 


    8 Pedagogies of Mattering in Higher Education: Thinking-with Posthumanist and Feminist Materialist Theory-Praxis

    Nikki Fairchild, Karen Gravett and Carol A. Taylor


    9 Response-Able Feminist Activism in a Neoliberal School Context: Plaiting to Re-think Progress

    Hanna Retallack and Tabitha Millett


    10 An Artist-Teacher-Researcher Rethinking Pedagogy as Material-Discursive Intra-Actions

    Samira Jamouchi 


    11 Love Letters as Ways of Thinking About Relational Pedagogies of Assessment

    Ana Vicente Richards, Mark Ingham, Liz Bunting, Vikki Hill. (AMLV)


    PART 4: Postuman Affective Eco-Pedagogy 


    12 Affective Attachments to Carbon Within Youth Cultures

    Anna Hickey-Moody and David Rousell


    13 Transcultural Eco-pedagogy Meets Posthumanist Philosophy: Staging the Climate Crisis

    Hedwig Fraunhofer and Laurenz Volkmann


    Jessie A. Bustillos Morales is Senior Lecturer in the Education Division at London South Bank University (LSBU), UK.

    Shiva Zarabadi holds a doctorate in Education, Gender, Feminist New Materialism and Posthumanism from UCL Institute of Education, and works as a visiting lecturer at UCL Institute of Education and University of Westminster, UK.