1st Edition

Towards Rural Education for the Common Good Resisting Capitalist and Neoliberal Priorities in Rural Schooling in the United States

By Jason A. Cervone Copyright 2023

    This book examines the current and future state of rural education in North America through the lens of Franco Berardi’s Futurability.

    Through critical examination of examples and current trends toward corporatization and privatization of rural education, the volume highlights how future possibilities and social imagination in rural spaces have been limited by neoliberal forces, capitalist interests, and workforce education. Cervone demonstrates how Berardi’s concept of creating future can be embraced to foster critical thought, challenge injustices, and open opportunity. With this line of analysis, the book ultimately supports an ethos of a return to education for the common good.

    Bringing an important perspective to the field of rural education scholarship, this work will be of interest to scholars and researchers in sociology of education and education policy.

    Introduction 1. Rural Futurability: Education for Power, Potency, and Possibility 2. Spatial Futurability: Creating Differential Rural Spaces for an Anti-Capitalist Future 3. Power: Neoliberalism and the Shaping of Rural Education 4. Potency: Transformative Change and Neoliberal Resistance in Rural Spaces 5. Possibility: Critical Education for a Rural Future Conclusion: Revisiting a Right to the Rural


    Jason A. Cervone completed his PhD in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, USA. He is currently the UCLA Northeast Region Project Director for UCLA Center X.