1st Edition

Towards the Private Funding of Higher Education Ideological and Political Struggles

Edited By David Palfreyman, Ted Tapper, Scott Thomas Copyright 2018
    192 Pages 20 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    202 Pages 20 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    An almost universal driving force for contemporary change in universities is the shifting view of higher education as more of a private than a public good. Towards the Private Funding of Higher Education presents a contemporary global picture of this move towards the privatisation of higher education, and examines how these shifts in ideology and funding priorities have significant policy implications.

    The resulting developments, such as the imposition and escalation of student tuition fees and the emergence of online providers of higher education, emerge out of a combination of economic, political and ideological pressures, further enhanced by technological changes. By using multiple international and regional examples to analyse the various pressures for privatisation, this book examines the different forms privatisation has taken, whilst offering an analytical interpretation of why the privatisation drive emerged, why it has been resisted in some instances and what forms it is likely to assume in the future.

    Towards the Private Funding of Higher Education illustrates and challenges the emergence of a new relationship between the university, government and society. It is an essential read for higher education professors, university managers and higher education policy makers across the world.

    Contents Page  Chapter One: The Funding of Higher Education; The Oscillating Balance between the Public and Private Financing of the University  Chapter Two: Distance Learning and the Rise of the MOOCs: The more Things Change; the more they Stay the Same  Chapter Three: The Ecology of State Higher-Education Policymaking in the U.S.  Chapter Four: The Australian Hybrid: Public and Private Higher Education Funding  Chapter Five: The United Kingdom Divided: Contested Income-Contingent Student Loans  Chapter Six: The Robust Privateness and Publicness of Higher Education: Expansion through Privatization in Poland  Chapter Seven: Germany: Resistance to Fee-Paying  Chapter Eight: Is Higher Education in Latin America a Public Good? Issues of Funding, Expansion, Stratification and Equity  Chapter Nine: Higher Education Development in China: Fast Growth and Governmental Policy since the Chinese Economic Reform of 1978  Chapter Ten: Whither the Japanese System of Higher Education? Higher Education as a Public and Private Good – Differentiation and Realignment  Chapter Eleven: How Inexorable is the Shift from the Public to the Private Funding of Higher Education?


    David Palfreyman is Director of the Oxford Centre for Higher Education Policy Studies (OxCHEPS), New College, University of Oxford, UK.

    Ted Tapper is a Visiting Fellow at the Oxford Centre for Higher Education Policy Studies (OxCHEPS), New College, University of Oxford, UK.

    Scott Thomas is Professor and Dean of the College of Education and Social Services at the University of Vermont, USA.