272 Pages
    by CRC Press

    This book discusses toxic Microcystis and the toxins from various viewpoints such as classification, cultivation, occurrences in lakes, and relations to zooplankton. The text presents new information on the chemistry, analytical chemistry, toxicology, molecular modeling, and liver tumor promotion of the toxins. Microcystis species are described in relation to morphological features, allozyme genotype, and toxin content. Seasonal changes of Microcystis population are described with special references to toxic species and composition of the toxins. Chemical characteristics of microcystins are reviewed and the process for identification of microcystins is described.

    Toxic Microcystis and the Environment, W.W. Carmichael
    Isolation, Cultivation, and Classification of Bloom-Forming Microcystis in Japan, M. Watanabe
    Production of Microcystins, M.F. Watanabe
    Toxic Mycrocystis in Eutrophic Lakes, H.-D. Park and M.F. Watanabe
    Toxic Cyanobacteria and the Zooplankton Community, T. Hanazato
    Chemistry and Detection of Microcystins, K.-i. Harada
    NMR Characterization of Microcystins, T. Kusumi
    Toxicology of Microcystins, K. Kaya
    Carcinogenesis of Microcystins, H. Fujiki, E. Sueoka, and M. Suganuma
    Molecular Modeling of Microcystins, R.J. Quinn, C. Taylor, K.J. Embrey, and S.-A. Poulsen


    Mariyo F. Watanabe, Ken-ichi Harada; Wayne W. Carmichael; Hirota Fujiki