2nd Edition

Toxicology of the Liver

Edited By Gabriel L Plaa, WR Hewitt Copyright 1998

    This second edition looks at the physiologic, biochemical, and morphologic characteristics of hepatotoxicity and includes an analysis of techniques in molecular biology and immunochemistry, among others contributing to the growth in understanding of the toxic events involved. It focuses on clinical characterization of chemical hepatotoxicity, microscopic characteristics of the mechanisms by which chemicals can produce liver injury and experimental models useful for the study of liver dysfunction.

    1. Drug-induced Hepatic Disease Hyman Zimmerman 2. Morphological Characteristics of Chemical-induced Hepatotoxicity in Laboratory Rodents Paul Newberne and James Newberne 3. Chemical Induced Hepatocarcinogenesis James Klaunig and Kyle Kolaja 4. An Overview of Peroxisome Proliferation Jeffrey Lawrence and Patrick Eacho 5. Acetaminophen-induced Hepatotoxicity Steven Cohen, Debie Hoivik and Edward Khairallah 6. Evaluation of Chemical-induced Oxidative Stress as a Mechanism of Hepatocyte Death Donald Reed 7. Lipid Peroxidation as a Mediator of Chemical-induced Hepatocyte Death Mario Comporti 8. Immunologic Meditation of Chemical-induced Hepatotoxicity Sylvia Furst Jay Gandolfi 9. The Role of Nonpharenchymal Cells and Inflammatory Macrophages in Hepatotoxicity Debra Laskin and Carol Gardner 10. Cholestatic Properties of Steroid Glucuronides Mary Vore and Kim Brouwer 11. Mechanisms Involved in Bile Acid-induced Cholestasis Ibrahim Yousef, Guylaine Bouchard, Beatriz Tuchweber and Gabriel Plaa 12. Cholestasis Produced by Combinations of Manganese and Bilirubin Gabriel Plaa, Alexandra Duguay, Lena King and William Hewitt 13. Evaluation of Chemical-induced Bile Duct Proliferation Claude Barriault, Alexis Desmouliere, Andrea Monte Alto Costa, Ibrahim Yousef and Beatriz Tuchweber. Guylaine Bouchard, University of Montreal, Canada, Kim Brouwer, University of North Carolina, USA, Steven Cohen, University of Connecticut, USA, Mario Comporti, University of Siena, Italy, Andrea Monte Alto Costa, Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Alexis Desmouliere, Institut de Biologie et Chimie des Proteines, France, Alexandra Duguay, University of Montreal, Canada, Patrick Eacho, Lilly Research Laboritories, USA, Sylvia Furst, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, USA, Jay Gandolfi, University of Arizona, USA, Carol Gardner, Rutgers University, USA, William Hewitt, SmithKline Beecham Pharmaceuticals, USA, Debie Hoivik, Texas A&M University, USA, Edward Khairallah, Deceased, Lena King, Parke Davis Research Institute, Canada, James Klaunig, Indiana University School of Medicine, USA, Kyle Kolaja, Indiana University School of Medicine, USA, Debra Laskin, Rutgers University, USA, Jeffrey Lawrence, Merck Research Laboratories, USA, James Newberne, University of Cincinatti, USA, Paul Newberne, Boston University School of Medicine, USA, Gabriel Plaa, University of Montreal, Canada, Donald Reed, Oregan State University, USA, Beatriz Tuchweber, University of Montreal, Canada, Mary Vore, University of Kentucky, USA, Ibrahim Yousef, University of Montreal, Canada, Hyman Zimmerman, George Washington University, USA.


    Gabriel L Plaa, WR Hewitt