1st Edition

Transformative Digital Technology for Disruptive Teaching and Learning

Edited By P Kaliraj, G Singaravelu, T Devi Copyright 2024
    278 Pages 32 B/W Illustrations
    by Auerbach Publications

    278 Pages 32 B/W Illustrations
    by Auerbach Publications

    Generation Z students are avid gamers and are always on social media. Smart like their phones, they must be educated in a smart manner, which involves the use of digital tools. Transformative Digital Technology for Disruptive Teaching and Learning provides smart education solutions and details ways in which Gen Z learners can be educated. It covers such digital learning strategies as blended learning, flipped learning, mobile learning, and gamification. It examines creative teaching–learning strategies to encourage modern learners to learn more quickly. The book discusses ways to accelerate the capabilities of teaching and learning transactions. It also covers innovative teaching and learning processes to meet the challenges of digital learners.

    Starting with an overview of digital learning resources and processes as well as their advantages and disadvantages, the book then discusses such approaches and strategies as follows:

    • Learner-oriented and learner-friendly approaches
    • Blended learning
    • Active learning
    • Experiential learning
    • Virtual learning
    • Applications of Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence
    • Gamification
    • LMS challenges and techno-pedagogical issues for modern life

    As digital technology is disrupting teaching and learning, especially the skill development of students in the era of Industry 4.0 and 5.0, this is a timely book. It provides methods, approaches, strategies, and techniques for innovative learning and teaching. It discusses how to leverage new technology to enhance educators’ and learners’ abilities and performance. A comprehensive reference guide for educational researchers and technology developers, the book also helps educators embrace the digital transformation of teaching and learning.

    1. Digital Learning Resources: An Overview
    E.Suganya and S.Vijayarani

    2. Disruptive Teaching Approaches and Strategies for Learners in the New Normal

    3. Disruptive Teaching and Learning Strategies for Modern Learners
    K. Vijayarani

    4. Effective Use of Learning Management Systems for Changing Education Scenarios
    K. E. Soudha and Nalina Kumari

    5. Blended Learning: A Novel Approach in Pedagogy
    A.Tholappan and A.Ajumunisha Ali Begam

    6. Blended Approach in Education: An Overview
    A. Sivakumar

    7. Blended Teaching and Learning Strategies to Cope with Education 4.0
    G. Thirumoorthy and A. Sivakumar

    8. Gamification: An Engaging Module for the Future Learners
    Madhurima Chakraborty and V. Ambedkar

    9. Gamification for Teaching and Beyond for Creative Learners
    A. Sivakumar

    10. Gamification: Future Innovations in Education
    Narendra Kumar, Tamisha, and Sheetal Prajapati

    11. Flipped Learning: A Strategy for Focused Group and Personalised Learning
    M. Poorani

    12. Need-Based Mobile Education and Care for The Differently-Abled Students: Facilitating Flexible Learning
    Shiba Khatoon and Vanitha C.

    13. M-Learning: A New Definition in The Technology Based Learning
    Swapna Sikha Das and Nil Ratan Roy

    14. Augmented Reality in Education: Modern Technologies and Educational Potentials
    M. Balasubramaniam

    15. Educational Augmented Reality Working Methodology: Opportunities and Apps
    R. Amsaveni and M. Punithavalli

    16. Teaching and Learning Mathematics Using Augmented Reality
    P. Dhanalakshmi and E. Shrilekha

    17. Artificial Intelligence in Teaching-Learning Process: A Paradigm Shift in Teacher’s Role
    Pranjal Das and Nil Ratan Roy

    18. Cloud Computing on Education
    A. Sivakumar and G. Singaravelu

    19. Mobile Learning in Higher Education
    P. Subramanian


    Prof. P. Kaliraj is the vice-chancellor of Bharathiar University, India.

    Dr.G.Singaravelu is a former professor and head in the Department of Education, Director in charge of UGC-HRDC, and Senate member of Bharathiar University.

    Dr. Prof. T. Devi is a professor and head at the Department of Computer Applications, Bharathiar University.