1st Edition

Transforming New Technologies into Cash Flow Creating Market-Focused Strategic Paths for Business-to-Business Companies

By J David Lichtenthal, Roger More Copyright 2006
    260 Pages
    by Routledge

    260 Pages
    by Routledge

    Create market-focused strategies that make maximum use of your company’s technologies

    What separates the best from the rest among professional managers? The ability to constantly create, rethink, and revamp strategies by creating and applying powerful new concepts. But a major problem for managers in technology-intensive companies is how to successfully integrate their choice of technologies into competitive market strategies. Transforming New Technologies into Cash Flow develops and applies a simple but powerful new set of concepts to help managers in technology-intensive companies integrate their technology choices with marketing strategies that drive profits high and keep cash flowing.

    This unique book helps managers map and plan new strategic paths that successfully integrate bundles of technologies, product functionalities, end-user segments, and market networks to create market-focused strategies and competitive differentiation. The book uses case examples and provides a “Management Application Toolkit” of simple and tested maps, worksheets, and interactive cash flow spreadsheets to connect strategic path choices to long-term net cash flow that results in real financial success.

    Transforming New Technologies into Cash Flow examines:

    • a management process perspective
    • the importance of creating market focus
    • strategic paths; integrating technology choices
    • organizing management teams around strategic paths
    • major management problems with new technologies
    • strategic path mapping, analysis, and integration
    • managing the technology development and adoption processes
    • integrating strategic path bundles: managing transformation processes
    • creating powerful competitive differentiation
    • creating “hot” zones on strategic paths
    • driving cash flow with stategic paths
    • the critical role of pricing
    • and much more!
    Transforming New Technologies into Cash Flow is an essential professional resource for senior and middle multifunction managers in technology-intensive companies, technical, R&D, and engineering managers, and managers in executive education workshops. This book is part of The Foundation Series in Business Marketing, which also includes Fundamentals of Business Marketing Research and Fundamentals of Business Marketing Education: A Guide for University-Level Faculty and Policymakers (Series Senior Editor: J. David Lichtenthal, PhD, MBA, Zicklin School, Baruch College, City University of New York).

    • Preface
    • Acknowledgments
    • Chapter 1. Overview of the Book
    • A Management Process Perspective
    • The Role of Tools and Concepts in Management Process
    • Applying Management Processes
    • The Concept of Strategic Paths: Strategic Bundles
    • Developing the Strategic Paths Concept: A Grounded Management Research Process
    • Identifying Major Generic Strategic Choices and Questions
    • The Management Literature
    • Identifying Strategic Interactions: Transformation Processes
    • Conceptualizing Success for New Technologies and Products
    • Development of the Management Application Toolkit
    • The Management Application Toolkit
    • Using the Book
    • Chapter 2. Strategic Paths: Reconceptualizing Market Focus
    • Introduction
    • Managers’ Realities: New Technologies and Products
    • The Manager’s Dilemma: Two Different Management Worlds
    • Major Management Problems
    • The New Technology Development-Adoption Gap
    • The Need for New Management Processes, Concepts, and Tools
    • Critical Questions for Managers
    • Chapter 3. Creating Focused Strategic Paths: Managing the Four Critical Bundles
    • Introduction
    • Strategic Paths As Complex Strategic Bundles
    • Technologies Competitive Space: Choice of Technologies Bundle
    • Production Functionalities Competitive Space: Choice of Functionalities Bundle
    • Market Networks Competitive Space: Choice of Market Networks Bundle
    • End-User Segments Competitive Space: The Segments Bundle
    • Why Are These Four Strategic Choices So Critical?
    • Critical Questions for Managers
    • Chapter 4. Managing Strategic-Path Transformation Processes: Creating Hot Zones
    • Introduction
    • The Six Critical Transformation Processes
    • Integrating the Strategic-Path Processes
    • Creating Hot Zones
    • Managing T1
    • Managing T2
    • Managing T3
    • Managing T4
    • Managing T5
    • Managing T6
    • Transformational Processes As Strategic Triggers
    • Critical Questions for Managers
    • Chapter 5. Driving Fast Strategic-Path Adoption Through Market Networks
    • Introduction
    • The Challenge of Slow Strategic-Path Adoption
    • Theory and Reality
    • Managing Complex Market Networks
    • Mapping Market Networks
    • Understanding Company Choice/Rejection Behavior
    • Market Network Customers: Four Generic Stages in the Choice/Rejection Process
    • Buyer Choice/Rejection: The Critical Questions
    • Key Buyer Characteristics in Choice/Rejection Behavior
    • Creating Buyer Choice and Competitive Rejection
    • Creating Competitive Positioning for Differentiation
    • Four Competitive Zones for Positioning and Differentiation
    • Creating Fast Adoption
    • Critical Questions for Managers
    • Chapter 6. Strategic Paths: Driving Net Cash Flow
    • Introduction
    • Creating Net Cash Flow with Strategic Paths
    • The Overarching Financial Objective
    • Positive Cash Flow Drivers
    • Negative Cash Flow Drivers
    • Evaluating a Strategic Path: Net Cash Flow Profiles
    • The Cash Flow Dynamic
    • An Ideal Scenario
    • The Critical Role of Pricing
    • Calculating Key Sensitivities in Positive Cash Flow
    • The Low Units Danger Zone
    • Exploring Sensitivities in Fixed Costs and Investments
    • The Critical Importance of Market Network Adoption Rates
    • Estimating Strategic-Path Cash Flows
    • Summary
    • Critical Questions for Managers
    • Chapter 7. Managing Strategic Paths: Creating Project and Transformation Teams
    • Introduction
    • Understanding the Competitive Power of Market Focus
    • The Need for Strategic-


    Authored by Lichtenthal, J David; More, Roger