1st Edition

Transforming School Counseling A Special Issue of Theory Into Practice

Edited By Susan Jones Sears Copyright 2005

    First Published in 2005. This is Volume 41 of the Theory Into Practice series, with focus on Transforming School Counseling, featuring guest editor Susan Jones Sears. This issue showcases a close examination of educational practices in schools serving low-income and minority students with disturbing trends. The articles discuss the findings that students in high-poverty and high-minority schools see little connection between what is being taught and a better future for themselves. Also contained are a variety of proposed reasons to explain why many school counselors are not considered to be change agents.

    Chapter 1 This Issue; Chapter 2 Transforming School Counseling: A National Perspective, Patricia J. Martin; Chapter 3 Preparing School Counselors to be Leaders and Advocates: A Critical Need in the New Millennium, Reese M. House, Susan Jones Sears; Chapter 4 Recruiting Leaders to Transform School Counseling, Charles Hanson, Carolyn Stone; Chapter 5 Transforming School Counselor Preparation Programs, Richard L. Hayes, Pamela O. Paisley; Chapter 6 Inducting the Transformed School Counselor Into the Profession, C. Marie Jackson, Brent M. Snow, Susan R. Boes, Paul L. Phillips, Rebecca Powell Stanard, Linda C. Painter, Mary Beth Wulff; Chapter 7 The Transformed School Counselor in Action, Sue Musheno, Mary Talbert; Chapter 8 Transforming the Rural School Counselor, Peggy La Turno Hines; Chapter 9 Additional Resources for Classroom Use;


    Susan Jones Sears