1st Edition

Transforming University-based Teacher Education through Innovation A Norwegian Response to Research Literacy, Integration and Technology

    262 Pages 15 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This Norwegian-led, internationally relevant edited collection provides new insights into the transformation of teacher education programmes of the future by collating novel and cutting-edge innovations gleaned from ProTed, the Centre for Professional Learning in Teacher Education in Norway.

    Presenting research findings from a 10-year funded period of innovation and practice, the book discusses the implementation and dissemination of successful innovations to other teacher education institutions, both national and international. Led by direct experiences combined with empirical results, chapters explore a variety of methods that promote best practice within universities and higher education programmes. These include the progression and coherence in programme design, the relationship and partnerships between university campus and schools, teachers’ professional identities and communities, integrated teacher education, and the advantages of using video technology in teaching practice for a digital future.

    Ultimately serving as a useful tool for research-based knowledge to inform policy development, this book will be of interest to researchers, scholars, and postgraduate students in teacher education, higher education, and teacher reform more broadly. Those interested in research design will also find the book useful.


    Auli Toom


    Part 1– Development of integrated teacher education in Norway


    1.Transforming teacher education through innovation 

    Ida K. Riksaasen Hatlevik, Rachel Jakhelln, and Doris Jorde  


    2. Quality in Teacher Education Programs 

    Ida K. Riksaasen Hatlevik 


    3. Five-year integrated research-based teacher education for primary and secondary school  

    Ida K. Riksaasen Hatlevik, Rachel Jakhelln, and Doris Jorde  


    4. Coherence in teacher education – a case of research-based reform.   

    Inga Staal Jenset, Kirsti Klette, Karen Hammerness & Esther Canrinus 


    5. Transforming teacher education to the master’s degree level, an experiment  

    Rachel Jakhelln and Siw Skrøvset 


    Part 2 – Research Literacy in Teacher Education


    6. Using Research and Development to establish coherence in teacher education   

    Ove Gunnar Drageset, Kari-Anne Sæther, Yngve Antonsen, Annfrid Rosøy Steele, Siw Turid Killengreen and Astrid Unhjem 


    7. Relevance of the master’s thesis for becoming a professional teacher 

    Kari-Anne Sæther, Yngve Antonsen and Ove Gunnar Drageset 


    8. Student teachers as co-researchers. Connecting research and education in the Co-research model 

    Lisbeth M. Brevik 


    9. Multilingualism as a theme for the master’s thesis investigation  

    Joke Dewilde 


    10. Master thesis as boundary crossing mediating artefacts 

    Annelise Brox Larsen, Tove Elinor Holmbukt, Rachel Jakhelln, and Minjeong Son 


    Part 3 – Bridging the gap between campus and schools (theory and practice)


    11. Transformative partnerships with university schools 

    Ida K. Riksaasen Hatlevik, Tone Malmstedt Eriksen, Tove Seiness Hunskaar, Annfrid Rosøy Steele, Astrid Unhjem, and Gørill Warvik  Vedeler  


    12. School based mentoring tools combining research knowledge, student teachers’ needs and mentors’ professional judgement  

    Eli Lejonberg, Katrine Nesje, Tove Hunskaar, and Eyvind Elstad  


    Part 4 – Development of Professional Identity


    13. Promoting professional identity development: Teachers as mentors on campus  

    Ida K. Riksaasen Hatlevik and Eli Lejonberg 


    14. Shaping professional identity in the early days of teacher education 

    Anne Eriksen, Tove Leming and Siw Skrøvset


    Part 5 – Video as a means of connecting coursework to teaching practice


    15. Video as a tool to connect coursework to teaching practice: Learning to reason around specific teaching practices  

    Inga Staal Jenset  


    16. Using authentic practice videos in formative assessment in teacher education  

    Katrine Nesje and Torunn Aanesland Strømme 


    Part 6 – Epilog


    17. Epilog: Teachers as epistemic change agents

    Andreas Lund


    Ida K. Riksaasen Hatlevik is Professor of Pedagogy, University of Oslo, Norway.

    Rachel Jakhelln is Professor of Pedagogy, UiT The Arctic University of Norway, Norway.

    Doris Jorde is Emeritus Professor of Science Education, University of Oslo, Norway.