1st Edition

Translanguaging and Transformative Teaching for Emergent Bilingual Students Lessons from the CUNY-NYSIEB Project

    330 Pages
    by Routledge

    330 Pages
    by Routledge

    A critical and accessible text, this book provides a foundation for translanguaging theory and practice with educating emergent bilingual students. The product of the internationally renowned and trailblazing City University of New York-New York State Initiative on Emergent Bilinguals (CUNY-NYSIEB), this book draws on a common vision of translanguaging to present different perspectives of its practice and outcomes in real schools. It tells the story of the collaborative project’s positive impact on instruction and assessment in different contexts, and explores the potential for transformation in teacher education. Acknowledging oppressive traditions and obstacles facing language minoritized students, this book provides a pathway for combatting racism, monolingualism, classism and colonialism in the classroom and offers narratives, strategies and pedagogical practices to liberate and engage emergent bilingual students. This book is an essential text for all teacher educators, researchers, scholars, and students in TESOL and bilingual education, as well as educators working with language minoritized students.

    Foreword: Danling Fu

    Overviewing with CUNY-NYSIEB Lentes y Emergent Pasos

    Ofelia García


    SECTION I: Foundations: Translanguaging Theory/Practice and a Project


    Conceptualizing Translanguaging Theory/Practice Juntos

    Ofelia García

    Ricardo Otheguy


    Constructing Translanguaging School Policies and Practices

    Kate Menken

    Ofelia García


    The Backdrop and Roadmap of a Translanguaging Project

    Tatyana Kleyn

    Maite T. Sánchez


    SECTION II: Evolving Juntos Structures


    Different Leaderships: Different times

    Ivana Espinet

    Nelson Flores

    Maite T. Sánchez

    Kate Seltzer


    Emergent Bilingual Leadership Teams: Distributed Leadership in CUNY-NYSIEB Schools

    Maite T. Sánchez

    Kate Menken



    Working Juntos and Across: Bilingual Education, English as a Second Language, English Language Arts and Community Engagement

    Brian Collins

    Meral Kaya

    Liza Pappas

    Karen Zaino

    [Teacher/Researcher Box #6.1: Lauren Ardizzone]



    SECTION III: Shifting Educational Spaces


    Developing Translanguaging Pedagogical Material

    Sara Vogel

    Kate Seltzer

    Kathryn Carpenter

    Ann E. Ebe

    Christina Celic

    Kahdeidra Martin

    [Teacher/Researcher Box #7.1: Elyn Ballatyne-Berry]

    [Teacher/Researcher Box #7.2: Alexandra (Ali) Cabrera-Terry]



    Fostering Bilingual Reading Identities in Dual Language Bilingual Classrooms

    Gladys Y. Aponte

    Ivana Espinet

    Kate Seltzer

    [Teacher/Researcher Box #8.1: Jason Horowitz and Tim Becker]


    Multilingual Ecologies in CUNY-NYSIEB schools

    Kate Menken

    Vanessa Pérez-Rosario

    Luis Guzmán Valerio

    [Teacher/Researcher Box #9.1]




    SECTION IV: Literacies Juntos: Instruction and Assessment

    CHAPTER 10

    Translanguaging and Emergent Literacy in Early Childhood Education

    Zoila Morell

    Dina López

    [Teacher/Researcher Box #10.1: Maeva López-Kaseem]

    CHAPTER 11

    Translanguaging Literacies: Children’s literature and literacy instruction

    Carla España

    Luz Yadira Herrera

    [Teacher/Researcher Box #11.1: Hulda Yau]

    CHAPTER 12

    Building on Strengths: Translanguaging and Writing

    Cecilia M. Espinosa

    Laura Ascenzi Moreno

    Sara Vogel

    [Teacher/Researcher Box #12.1: Nicole Nichter]

    CHAPTER 13

    Leveraging the ‘Learning Edge’: Translanguaging, Teacher Agency, and Assessing Emergent Bilinguals’ Reading

    Laura Ascenzi-Moreno

    [Teacher/Researcher Box #13.1: Andy Brown]




    SECTION V: Inquiry en Comunidad

    CHAPTER 14

    Interrogating Language Ideologies in the Primary Grades: A Community Language Inquiry Unit

    Ivana Espinet

    Gladys Y. Aponte

    Maite T. Sánchez

    Diane Cardenas Figueroa

    Ashley Busone-Rodríguez

    [Teacher/Researcher Box #14.1: Annabelle Maroney and Rebeca Madrigal]

    CHAPTER 15

    Hand in Hand: Parent Collaboration in the Classroom Context

    Ivana Espinet

    Khánh Lê

    [Teacher/Researcher Box #15.1: Elizabeth (Liz) Menéndez and Sabrina Poms]



    SECTION VI: Transforming Teacher Education

    CHAPTER 16

    Transforming Urban Teacher Education: The City University of New York

    Cecilia M. Espinosa

    Laura Ascenzi-Moreno

    Tatyana Kleyn

    Maite T. Sánchez

    [Teacher/Researcher Box #16.1: Olivia Mulcahy]

    CHAPTER 17

    Different Places, Different Issues: Teacher Education Reimagined through the CUNY-NYSIEB Experience

    Heather Woodley

    María Cioè-Peña

    Sarah Hesson

    Cristian R. Solorza

    [Teacher/Researcher Box #17.1: Valentina Carbonara and Andrea Scibetta]

    CHAPTER 18

    Reimagining Teacher Education for Emergent Bilinguals: Going Upstate

    Erin Kearney

    Kate Mahoney

    [Teacher Box #18.1: János Imre Heltai and Bernadett Jani-Demetriou]


    This book is co-written by the CUNY-NYSIEB (CUNY-New York State Initiative on Emergent Bilinguals) team. CUNY-NYSIEB is made up of scholars, researchers, teacher educators, doctoral students, teachers and school administrators. It draws its work and inspiration from the students, parents and community members with whom they work.