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Translation, Politics and Society

About the Series

Translation is increasingly becoming a broad topic of scholarly reflection in the social sciences. In disciplines like sociology, anthropology, international relations, policy studies and human rights studies a new concern with the significance of translation in social life is emerging among interdisciplinary scholars who productively draw from accounts developed in postcolonial studies, translation studies, and science and technology studies. This heterogeneous body of research shares the following distinctive traits:

  • An association of translation with movement and transformation.
  • An attention to the key intervention of local actors and to spaces of contestation and resistance to the global diffusion of practices and norms.
  • A broad view of translation as relating not just to texts but to emerging social relations between previously unconnected people, materials and things.
  • A critical call to rethinking their disciplines through translation.

Translation, Politics and Society is a series providing an interdisciplinary space where different approximations to the role of translation in contemporary politics and society can flourish and productively interconnect, becoming more widely visible. The series publishes broad-ranging, accessible titles that will be of interest to advanced students and researchers with disciplinary backgrounds in sociology, political science, anthropology, international relations, human rights studies, cultural studies and translation studies.

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Translation and Decolonisation Interdisciplinary Approaches

Translation and Decolonisation: Interdisciplinary Approaches

1st Edition


Edited By Claire Chambers, Ipek Demir
May 31, 2024

Translation and Decolonisation: Interdisciplinary Approaches offers compelling explorations of the pivotal role that translation plays in the complex and necessarily incomplete process of decolonisation. In a world where translation has historically been a tool of empire and colonisation, this ...

A Translational Sociology Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Politics and Society

A Translational Sociology: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Politics and Society

1st Edition

By Esperança Bielsa
December 29, 2022

A Translational Sociology provides an interdisciplinary investigation of the key role of translation in society. There is a growing recognition of translation’s intervention in the intellectual history of sociology, in the international reception of social theory, and in approaches to the global ...

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