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Translation Studies in Translation

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Translation Studies in Translation is a book series dedicated to providing high-quality scholarly translations into English of previously untranslated works on translation- and interpreting-related phenomena primarily from the Global South. Welcoming a variety of formats, ranging from monographs to collections and anthologies, the series seeks to model best practices in scholarly translation while also broadening our understanding of who counts as a translation theorist and what constitutes translation theory.

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Anthology of Arabic Discourse on Translation

Anthology of Arabic Discourse on Translation

1st Edition

Edited By Tarek Shamma, Myriam Salama-Carr
September 25, 2023

This anthology brings the key writings on translation in Arabic in the pre-modern era, extending from the earliest times (sixth century CE) until the end of World War I, to a global English-speaking audience. The texts are arranged chronologically and organized by two historical periods: the ...

Fedorov's Introduction to Translation Theory

Fedorov's Introduction to Translation Theory

1st Edition

Edited By Brian James Baer
September 26, 2022

This is the first English translation of Andrei V. Fedorov’s classic 1953 text Vvedenie v teoriiu perevoda / Introduction to Translation Theory. Fedorov was the first to argue that translation theorizing should be based on linguistics, due to the fact that language is the common denominator of...

Translation in the Arab World The Abbasid Golden Age

Translation in the Arab World: The Abbasid Golden Age

1st Edition

By Adnan K. Abdulla
August 01, 2022

The Translation Movement of the Abbasid Period, which lasted for almost three hundred years, was a unique event in world history. During this period, much of the intellectual tradition of the Greeks, Persians, and Indians was translated into Arabic—a language with no prior history of translation or...

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