1st Edition

Trauma-Informed Practice in Montessori Classrooms An Essential Guide for Students and Teachers

    190 Pages
    by Routledge

    190 Pages
    by Routledge

    Trauma-Informed Practice in Montessori Classrooms provides important historical and contemporary evidence of the potential for Montessori schools to act as ‘healing’ environments for children and young people. Drawing upon fascinating archival evidence and contemporary trauma theory, it shows how authentic Montessori schools already have the infrastructure to promote and embed trauma-informed practice (TIP) in their classrooms.

    The book provides cutting-edge, interdisciplinary knowledge on trauma and highlights its potential to negatively impact the emotional, social, and cognitive functioning of children and young people.  It explains clearly and precisely the principles of TIP and how historically, these were woven into the fabric of the early Montessori schools resulting in their reputation as ‘Case della Salute’ or ‘Health Homes’. The book shows how this almost forgotten ‘healing’ element of Montessori schools can be revived, harnessed, and promoted in ways that would benefit the overall health and well-being of children and young people.

    This timely book is highly informative, hugely practical, and reader friendly. It includes features such as boxed chapter objectives, learner outcomes, vignettes, chapter summaries, and questions for group discussion. It provides an invaluable guide for Montessori teachers and students, for home-educators using the Montessori approach, and for non-Montessori educators and parents.



    Part 1: Montessori’s Early “Healing” Schools

    Chapter 1: Maria Montessori, a pioneer in mental health and trauma-informed pedagogy

    Chapter 2: Devising a ‘healing approach’


    Part 2: Trauma

    Chapter 3: What is trauma?

    Chapter 4:  The effects of trauma on emotional, social, and cognitive functioning

    Chapter 5: The prevalence and causes of trauma -The ACE Study


    Part 3: Trauma-Informed Practice

    Chapter 6: What is trauma-informed practice?

    Chapter 7: Trauma-Informed Practice in education


    Part 4: Contemporary Montessori Schools and Trauma-Informed Practice

    Chapter 8: How the 6 TIP principles are incorporated into Montessori schools

    Chapter 9: How the 4 TIP assumptions can be incorporated into Montessori schools

    Chapter 10: How contemporary Montessori schools can help trauma affected children




    Bernadette Phillips is based at Maynooth University, Ireland, and has authored several titles on Montessori, trauma, and trauma-informed practice (TIP).

    Catriona O’Toole is a Chartered Psychologist and Associate Professor at Maynooth University Department of Education.

    Sinéad McGilloway is Professor of Family and Community Mental Health and Founder Director of the Centre for Mental Health and Community Research at Maynooth University in Ireland.

    Stephen Phillips is an independent researcher who has co-authored four books on Montessori and human development.