1st Edition

Trends and Issues in Interdisciplinary Behavior and Social Science Proceedings of the 5th International Congress on Interdisciplinary Behavior and Social Science (ICIBSoS 2016), 5-6 November 2016, Jogjakarta, Indonesia

    Trends and Issues in Interdisciplinary Behavior and Social Science contains papers presented at the 5th International Congress on Interdisciplinary Behavior and Social Science 2016 (ICIBSoS 2016), held 5-6 November 2016 in Jogjakarta, Indonesia. The 24 papers cover every discipline in all fields of social science, discussing many current trends and issues 21st century society is facing, especially in Southeast Asia. The topics include literature, family culture studies, behavior studies, psychology and human development, religion and values, social issues such as urban poverty and juvenile crisis, driving behavior, well-being of women, career women, career performance, happiness, social adjustment, quality of life among patients, job stress and religious coping etc. The issues are discussed using scientific quantitative or qualitative methods from different academic viewpoints.

    Healing experiences of Malaysian young adults recovering from major depressive disorder: A preliminary study
    S.L. Chan, F. Hutagalung & P.L. Lau

    Determinants of corporate social responsibility disclosure: Panel data analysis
    H. Medyawati & M. Yunanto

    Lean thinking and Industry 4.0 competitiveness strategy: Sustainable food supply chain in the European Union
    V. Pilinkienė, V. Gružauskas & V. Navickas

    Influence of autonomy and task significance on engagement: Experiment
    J. Prochazka & D. Kerekes

    Perceived performance as predictor of satisfaction: Experiment
    J. Prochazka, M. Heinigova, K. Kamenicky, L. Lukasova, A. Sedlakova & M. Vaculik

    Real estate investment and financing: Crowdfunding
    S. Vojtovic, D. Ditkus & V. Navickas

    Employers’ feedback on the job performance of HRM graduates
    S.S. Felicen & J.D. Borbon

    Employability of bachelor of science in tourism graduates from 2010 to 2012
    S.S. Felicen

    Application of interactive and mobile devices in mathematics and computer science
    M. Žáček & V. Ferdiánová

    Running head: Play therapy with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) preschoolers
    D.L. Baranovich, L.P. Li, M. Zhagan & Z.B.M. Isa

    A businessman’s modern assistant
    L.F. Garifova & E.A. Grigoreva

    Urban morphology of Tamansari Yogyakarta
    Y.A.W. Wardhana

    Adoption of neuroscience in social science research: Current status and future trends
    T. Pipitwanichakarn & N. Wongtada

    Effective factors towards enhancement of environmental awareness in a Thai public company
    P. Tilokwan & S. Limjirakan

    Integration of medical tourism industry with International Product Lifecycles (IPLC)
    N. Wongtada & M. Czinkota

    Urban poverty issues and their relationship to the juvenile crisis
    H. Sulaiman & S.H. Halili

    Maqasid Syariah in relation to cooperatives’ contracts and operations
    A.R. Safawi, W.C. Wan Mohd Yusof, O. Rohana, A.A. Nooraslinda & M.M. Marziana

    Social policy of the Russian Federation, aimed at supporting low-income households
    A.S. Vedikhina, V.M. Zagidullina, E.V. Fakhrutdinova & D.A. Myasnikov

    Human resource management strategy of the regional children’s multidisciplinary clinic (Gause DRKB MZ RT)
    A.Y. Vafin, E.V. Fakhrutdinova, O.V. Kulikov & R.F. Shavaliev

    Household survey in the Russian Federation
    R.R. Sadyrtdinov, D.V. Yurkov, E.V. Fakhrutdinova & A.S. Vedikhina

    The measurement of poverty in modern Russia
    D.V. Yurkov, R.R. Sadyrtdinov, E.A. Karasik & A.S. Vedikhina

    Quality assessment at an institution of higher education in Mexico
    J.A. Martínez-Arroyo & M.A. Valenzo-Jiménez

    Top ten logistics competitiveness in Latin America
    M.A. Valenzo-Jiménez & J.A. Martínez-Arroyo

    Barriers to innovation development of Russian entrepreneurship under current conditions
    I.B. Teslenko, A.G. Bezdudnaya & A.M. Gubernatorov

    Sugar cane farmers’ income sensitivity to sugar productivity and price and their readiness to support the sugar industry
    S. Ratnaningtyas, Y. Makbul, P. Dwiyantoro & R. Nugraha

    Job stress and psychological well-being: The moderating role of religious coping
    N.P. Noviati & N. Triwigati

    Development of the Work-Related Quality of Life (WRQoL) scale for Indonesia
    A. Fahmie & A. Sujarwo

    The effectiveness of sabr (patience) and salat (prayer) in reducing psychopathological symptoms after the 2010 Merapi eruption in the region of Yogyakarta, Indonesia
    Q. Uyun & E. Witruk

    Testing the spillover and crossover effect of work–family interference on the personal and family domain among families with work separation
    E. Zulaifah

    How do Indonesian college students spend their time?
    S.P. Nugraha

    Happiness among Chinese and Indonesian students
    W.K. Dewi

    The relationship between happiness and social adjustment of Indonesian and Chinese students: A cross-cultural study
    U. Gusniarti, S. Rahaju, A. English, A. Dewi & J.J. Xin

    The influence of competence and work motivation on innovativeness and their impact on performance of mathematics teachers at technical senior school in Central Java

    Re-entry adjustment of Indonesian returnees in terms of demographic characteristics
    S. Andrianto & M. Jianhong

    Students’ college choice in the Faculty of Islamic Studies, Islamic University of Indonesia
    Y. Andriansyah, S.R. Rigawati, M. Sanusi, B. Nudin, A.N. Lutfiana, A.H. Prasaja, A. Budiwati, L. Sa’adah & H.A. Hanif


    Dr. Ford Lumban Gaol received his B.Sc. in Mathematics, Master of Computer Science, and his Doctorate in Computer Science from the University of Indonesia, in 1997, 2001 and 2009, respectively. He is currently Associate Professor Informatics Engineering andInformation System, Bina Nusantara University, Indonesia. He is the Vice Chair of Ph.D. Program and Research Interest Group Leader "Advance System in Computational Intelligence and Knowledge Engineering" (Intel- Sys) Bina Nusantara University. Dr. Ford is the officer of IEEE Indonesia section for International and Professional Activities. He is the Chair SERSC: Science and Engineering Research Support Society Indonesia Section. Dr. Ford was the ACM Indonesia Chapter Chair and is involved in several projects related to Technology Alignment in several multinational companies such as Astra, United Tractors, Telkom, Sony Erickson. Dr. Ford was Visiting Professor to Hong Kong University in 2011, and to the Kazan Federal University 2014-2015.