1st Edition

Tried and Tested Primary Science Experiments Practical Enhancements for Science in the Primary Curriculum

By Kirsty Bertenshaw Copyright 2019
    136 Pages 10 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    136 Pages 10 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

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    The modern world needs more scientists and engineers, and good science education is key to filling this gap. Especially in the current climate of rapid curriculum changes, a lack of emphasis on training can result in unconfident teaching and monotonous lessons. To rectify this, this book offers methods to deliver the National Curriculum aims at primary school in an interesting, hands-on and fun fashion.

    Tried and Tested Primary Science Experiments provides a practical step-by-step guide for all year groups, helping teachers to create more engaging and fun science lessons in the classroom. All experiments are simple to follow, fail-safe and are designed to enthuse and inspire students. It includes:

    • tried and tested guides to running successful science experiments;
    • clear instructions that outline the simple equipment required, how to carry out the experiments and what results to expect;
    • suggestions for adapting each activity to the special needs and interests of the students.

    Aimed at primary school teachers and trainee teachers, this illustrated guide refers directly to the new curriculum and is an essential resource for every primary classroom.

    Contents  Year 1  Plants  Growing plants  Seasons  Classification fo trees  Deciduous and evergreen  Animals including humans  Identifying common animals  Materials  Grouping materials  Testing materials  Seasonal changes  Making a wind meter  Barometer  Rain gauge  Year 2  Living things and their habitats  Living , dead and never alive  Living things and their habitats  Food chains  Plants  Growing plants  Growing conditions  Animals including humans  Animals and their offspring  Keeping something alive!  Investigating the international space station  Uses of everyday materials  Testing materials  Further testing comparing materials  Year 3  Plants  Model plants  Conditions for growth  Transport of water in plants  The flower life cycle  Animals including humans  Animals and their food  Investigating skeletons and muscles  Rocks  Sorting rocks  Investigating soil  Modelling a fossil  Light  Mirror magic  Viewing the sun safely with pinhole cameras  Light – shadow puppets  Forces and magnets  Attracting magnetic materials  Year 4  Living things and their habitats  Grouping living things  Design your own classification key  Environmental change  Animals including humans  Modelling the digestive system  Modelling teeth  States of matter  Solids, liquids and gases  Changing state with cholocolate  Puddle practicals  Sound  Listening to sounds  Straw flutes  String instrument demonstration  Recycled instruments  Electricity  Circuits conductors and insulators  Year 5  Living things and their habitats  Life cycles  Flower dissection  Animals including humans  Changes as humans age  Properties and changes of materials  Dissolving and solutions  Separating mixtures  Testing uses of materials  Materials for insulation  Reversible and irreversible changes  Earth and space  Model solar system  The Earth and the Moon  Forces  Egg drop challenge  Homemade friction boards  Catapults  Year 6  Living things and their habitats  Classifying animals  Animals including humans  Model of the blood  Model of the blood vessels  Heart dissection  Lifestyle and body functions  Evolution and inheritance  Giraffes then and now!  Dinosaurs  Parent and offspring  Adaptations  Light  Shadows  Seeing objects  Electricity  Circuit symbol snap  Series circuit  Index


    Kirsty Bertenshaw is an award-winning science teacher and is founder and director of STEMtastic education consultancy. She is a regular columnist for Education Today and has also delivered a training session for the Science Learning Centre in York.