1st Edition

Tropical Residual Soils Engineering

Edited By B.B.K. Huat, See Sew Gue, Faisal Haji Ali Copyright 2004

    Focused on tropical areas and their unique problems and issues, this work examines all aspects of residual soils engineering, including both theoretical and practical aspects. This book gives the practitioner a thorough understanding of the characteristics of these soil types, their formation and their material properties, while guidelines on application, stabilization and assessment, reveal how this knowledge can be used in the field. The authors have extensive expertise with this type of ground engineering, and include a case study to illustrate the technical aspects. Graduate students, researchers and professionals in soil and rock mechanics, and geotechnical engineers working in tropical regions will find this an invaluable resource.

    1. Origin, formation and occurence of tropical residual soils H.Singh & Bujang B.K.Huat  2. Sampling and testing of tropical residual soils Bujang B.K.Huat, A.Alias & S.Jamaludin  3. Index, engineering properties and classification of tropical residual soils S.Maail, Bujang B.K.Huat & S.Jamaludin  4. Unsaturated residual soil F.H.Ali & H.Rahardjo  5. Slope failures in tropical residual soil L.Shaw-Shong  6. Slope assessment and management A.N.Hussein, H.Omar & S.Jamaludin  7. Guidelines for development on hill-sites G.See-Sew & T.Yean-Chin  8. Characterization of tropical soils in the design of material as natural foundation and fill T.W.Hui & R.Nithiaraj  9. Stabilization of tropical residual soils Bambang I.Siswosoebrotho, M.Hossain, A.Alias & Bujang B.K.Huat  10. Slope stability and stabilization T.Yean-Chin & C.Chee-Meng  11. Soil erosion and sedimentation assessment, control and management plan for the tropical region R.Z.Abidin & T.K.Hui  12. Geoenvironmental aspects of tropical residual soils M.R.Taha, K.Ahmad, A.A.Aziz & Z.Chik  13. Development and appliation of a spatial database for residual soils A.R.Mahmud, A.R.Mohamed Shariff & S.B.Mansor  14. Country case study: engineering geology of tropical residula soils in Malaysia B.K.Tan  Index


    B.B.K. Huat, See Sew Gue, Faisal Haji Ali