1st Edition

Trust, Organizations and the Digital Economy Theory and Practice

Edited By Joanna Paliszkiewicz, Kuanchin Chen Copyright 2022
    304 Pages 19 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    304 Pages 19 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

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    Trust is a pervasive catalyst of human and business relationships that has inspired interest in researchers and practitioners alike. It has been shown to enhance engagement, communication, organizational performance, and online activities. Despite its role to cultivate cooperation, knowledge-sharing, and innovation, trust through digital means or even trust in digital media has presented new opportunities and challenges in society. Examples include a wider and faster dissemination of trust-influencing messages, and richer options of digital cues that engage, disrupt, or even transform how trust is formulated. Despite that, trust helps people to live through risky and uncertain situations, and the many capabilities enabled on the digital platforms have made the formation and sustaining of trust very different compared to traditional means.

    Trust in today’s digital environment plays an important role and is intertwined with concepts including reliability, quality, and privacy. This book aims to bring together the theory and practice of trust in the new digital era and will present theoretical and practical foundations. Trust is not given; we must work to build it, but it is a very fragile and intangible asset once built. It is easy to destroy and challenging to rebuild.

    Researchers, academics, and students in the fields of management, responsibility, and business ethics will gain knowledge on trust and related concepts, learn about the theoretical underpinnings of trust and how it sustains itself through digital dissemination, and explore empirically validated practice regarding trust and its related concepts.

    Part I. Trust: theoretical foundations

    1. The meaning and interdisciplinary nature of trust in the digital economy – future directions

    Joanna Paliszkiewicz, Jerzy Gołuchowski, Kuanchin Chen

    2. The dimensions of trust in the digital era

    Barbara Kożuch

    3. Influence of political strategies on culture of social trust

    Joanna Wyleżałek

    4. The role of trust in business

    Elżbieta Kacperska, Katarzyna Łukasiewicz

    5. Establishing Trust in Artificial Intelligence in Education

    Maria Elena Corbeil, Joseph Rene Corbeil

    6. Virtual Organizations and Trust

    Wojciech Pizło, Andrzej Parzonko 

    7. CSR communication strategies in trust-building and customers engagement

    Jerzy Gołuchowski, Anna Losa-Jonczyk, Joanna Paliszkiewicz, Jeretta Horn Nord

    8. Trust and the Digital Economy: A Framework for Analysis

    Anna Jasiulewicz, Piotr Pietrzak, Barbara Wyrzykowska

    9. Trust in machine-learning systems

    Grzegorz Dziczkowski, Szymon Głowania, Bogna Zacny

    Part II. Trust in the digital economy: Issues and challenges

    10. Trust and modern Internet Technology solutions in the banking sector

    Ewa Stawicka

    11. Trust as a factor influencing the willingness to pay taxes

    Piroska Dobos, Katalin Takács-György

    12. The crucial role of trust in adapting logistics to the new conditions

    Konrad Michalski

    13. Mutual trust in the city strategy implementation

    Vesa-Jukka Vornanen, Josu Takala

    14. The role of trust in modern food production through blockchain and related technologies

    Sławomir Jarka, Agnieszka Biernat-Jarka, Monika Gębska

    15. The role of digital technologies in building trust in agriculture

    Henryk Runowski

    16. Influence of trust level on insurance decisions of farmers

    Adam Wąs, Ludwik Wicki,Piotr Sulewski

    17. Building trust and managing brand relationships with stakeholders

    Marek Matejun, Marcin Ratajczak

    18. Building trust for start-ups’ development

    Michał Borowy, Daria Murawska

    19. Trust building strategy among food listed companies in the digital economy era

    Magdalena Mądra Sawicka

    20. Building brand trust in managing relations between the company and the representatives of generation Z

    Anna Korombel, Olga Ławińska

    21. Trust as an element of building brand relations with environmental groups

    Agnieszka Werenowska, Ewa Jaska


    Joanna Paliszkiewicz is a Professor and Director of the Management Institute at Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Poland.

    Kuanchin Chen is a John W. Snyder Faculty Fellow, Professor of Computer Information Systems, and Co-director of the Center for Business Analytics at Western Michigan University, USA.