Tunnels and Underground Cities. Engineering and Innovation Meet Archaeology, Architecture and Art : Proceedings of the WTC 2019 ITA-AITES World Tunnel Congress (WTC 2019), May 3-9, 2019, Naples, Italy book cover
1st Edition

Tunnels and Underground Cities. Engineering and Innovation Meet Archaeology, Architecture and Art
Proceedings of the WTC 2019 ITA-AITES World Tunnel Congress (WTC 2019), May 3-9, 2019, Naples, Italy

ISBN 9781138388659
Published April 23, 2019 by CRC Press
436 Pages

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Book Description

Tunnels and Underground Cities: Engineering and Innovation meet Archaeology, Architecture and Art contains the contributions presented at the World Tunnel Congress 2019 (Naples, Italy, 3-9 May 2019). The use of underground space is continuing to grow, due to global urbanization, public demand for efficient transportation, and energy saving, production and distribution. The growing need for space at ground level, along with its continuous value increase and the challenges of energy saving and achieving sustainable development objectives, demand greater and better use of the underground space to ensure that it supports sustainable, resilient and more liveable cities. This vision was the source of inspiration for the design of the logos of both the International (ITA) and Italian (SIG) Tunnelling Association. By placing key infrastructures underground – the black circle in the logos – it will be possible to preserve and enhance the quality of the space at ground level – the green line. In order to consider and value underground space usage together with human and social needs, engineers, architects, and artists will have to learn to collaborate and develop an interdisciplinary design approach that addresses functionality, safety, aesthetics and quality of life, and adaptability to future and varied functions.

The 700 contributions cover a wide range of topics, from more traditional subjects connected to technical challenges of design and construction of underground works, with emphasis on innovation in tunneling engineering, to less conventional and archetypically Italian themes such as archaeology, architecture, and art. The book has the following main themes: Archaeology, Architecture and Art in underground construction; Environment sustainability in underground construction; Geological and geotechnical knowledge and requirements for project implementation; Ground improvement in underground constructions; Innovation in underground engineering, materials and equipment; Long and deep tunnels; Public communication and awareness; Risk management, contracts and financial aspects; Safety in underground construction; Strategic use of underground space for resilient cities; Urban tunnels.

Tunnels and Underground Cities: Engineering and Innovation meet Archaeology, Architecture and Art is a valuable reference text for tunneling specialists, owners, engineers, architects and others involved in underground planning, design and building around the world, and for academics who are interested in underground constructions and geotechnics.

Table of Contents

Archeology, Architecture and Art in underground construction

Reflecting the art, culture and history into the interior design of underground metro stations, case study: Dnipro metro extension line
B. Avanoğlu-Çetin & Ö. Öztürk

The Art Stations
F. Brenci

The outlets of the Albano and Fucine Lakes and their influence from Roman times up to the birth of modern tunnel engineering
C. Callari

Urban tunnelling under archaeological findings in Naples (Italy) with ground freezing and grouting techniques
F. Cavuoto, V. Manassero, G. Russo & A. Corbo

Integration of archaeology in architectural design of Milan Metro connection M2-M4 in St. Ambrogio Station
M.N. Colombo, A. Bortolussi & E. Noce

Tunnel warfare in World War I: The underground battlefield tunnels of Vimy Ridge, France
M. Diederichs & D.J. Hutchinson

Archaeology in underground construction: The experience acquired during construction of Italian high-speed railway lines
F. Frandi

The architecture of underground dwellings in Iran
S. Hashemi

Spiritual life and life after death in the undergrounds of ancient Iran
S. Hashemi

The Albinian way of design at the Milan Metro
Y. Kutkan-Öztürk

Mobilizing cultural resources: The functional role of heritage in metro projects
M. Laudato

The archeological evidences of the De Amicis Station in the Milan Metro line 4, Italy
G. Lunardi, G. Cassani, M. Gatti & S. Gazzola

Archaeology and tunnelling interaction in the railway project of Catania underpass in Sicily, Italy
E. Manfredi, F. Iannotta, F. Romano & S. Vanfiori

A workflow process for tunnels maintenance. The case of the Construction Method developed for Rhaetian Railways (UNESCO World Heritage Site)
F. Modetta, A. Arigoni, S. Saviani, K. Grossauer & M. Hohermuth

The First World War military tunnels of the Italian-Austrian front
S. Pedemonte & E.M. Pizzarotti

Metro Thessaloniki – intersecting microtunnels to support archeological findings at Sintrivani station
D. Rizos, G. Vassilakopoulou, P. Foufas & G. Anagnostou

Rome and its stratification
G. Romagnoli

Line C in Rome: San Giovanni, the first archaeological station
E. Romani, M. D’Angelo & V. Foti

The archaeological findings are changing Amba-Aradam station design in Rome Metro Line C
E. Romani, M. D’Angelo & R. Sorge

Underground car park in the ancient “Morelli” cavern in Naples
F. Rossano, A. Bellone & M.A. Piangatelli

Moncenisio, from Myth to history TELT – Tunnel Euralpin Lyon Turin and the collection of historic engravings on the Frejus tunnel
M. Virano, G. Dati, M. Ricci & G. Avataneo

Interdisciplinary research in geotechnical engineering and geoarchaeology – a London case study
F.K. Vonstad, P. Ferreira & D. Sully

Environment sustainability in underground construction

Environmental sustainability in the construction of the Isarco river underpass for the Brenner Base Tunnel
U.B. Bacchiega, S.T. Torresani & R.Z. Zurlo

Feasibility study for the thermal activation of Turin Metro Line 2
M. Barla, M. Baralis, A. Insana, F. Zacco, S. Aiassa, F. Antolini, F. Azzarone & P. Marchetti

Testing of an Enertun segment prototype in Turin metro line 1
M. Barla, A. Insana & F. Zacco

Online identification of the excavation materials on the Saint Martin La Porte site
A. Barrel & C. Salot

Construction of portals in difficult conditions in the Andes, Peru
M. Boisán, M. de Cabo & C. Quiroga

Tunnel design approach during Saudi Landbridge Railway Project
F. Caranti, M.E. D’Effremo, L. Utzeri, F. Sacchi, S. Ciufegni & E. Bianchini

Introduction of biopolymer-based materials for ground hydraulic conductivity control
I. Chang, A.T.P. Tran & G.-C. Cho

Management and use of materials excavated during underground works
L. D’Aloia Schwartzentruber & F. Robert

Tunneling projects: A focus on renaturalization
G. Dajelli

Management of the muck produced by EPB TBM tunnel excavation: Environmental aspects and consistency control for efficient handling
E. Dal Negro, A. Boscaro, A. Picchio & E. Barbero

Tunnel entrances integrated into a landscape: The example of the Gronda motorway bypass
E. Francesconi & R. Degni

Transporting asbestos: Disposing of excavation waste in an urban context
S. Frisiani, L. Messina & M. Mazzola

Passing through the valleys at Voltri: The technical challenges posed by asbestos and by the safeguard of the local territory
S. Frisiani & M. Pastorino

Tunnel excavation material – waste or valuable mineral resource? – European research results on resource efficient tunnelling
R. Galler

City Rail Link, New Zealand – reduction of land acquisition time and risk on the City Rail Link Project
R. Galli, T. Ireland & C. Howard

Site-specific protocols for evaluating environmental compatibility of spoil materials produced by EPB-TBMs
P. Grenni, A. Barra Caracciolo & L. Patrolecco

Monitoring of surface water resources and buildings due to tunneling, Uma Oya Project, Sri Lanka
A.H. Hosseini, A. Rahbar Farshbar & R.M.P.G.L.S. Gunapala

Hydrogeological investigation and environmental impact assessment during a large water inflow tunnel construction in Taiwan
F.Y. Hsiao, H.C. Kao & H.J. Shau

Use and management of sulphated excavation material from the Montcenis Base Tunnel
E. Hugot, J. Burdin, L. Brino, P. Schriqui & M.E. Parisi

Blasting method to reduce the adverse effect on the living environment around tunnel portals using electronic detonators
Y. Kitamura, Y. Tezuka, K. Fuchisaki & Y. Maeda

Environmental reclamation for the Gotthard Base Tunnel effects of spoil management on landscape
P. Lanfranchi, E. Catelli & T. Bühler

Habitats and protected species compensations for Alpine underground works: A pilot experience between France and Italy
E. Luchetti, S. Viat, H. Besançon, P. Grieco & S. Bellingeri

Water monitoring for Alpine underground works: Differences and similarities between France and Italy
E. Luchetti, S. Viat, H. Besançon, P. Grieco & S. Bellingeri

The role of Cairo metro in saving the social costs of air pollution
M.A. Madany

Compliant reuse of Terzo Valico excavation material: Design and operations
N. Meistro, G. Parisi, A. Scuderi, S. Pistorio & S. Genito

Management of tunneling machines excavation material
N. Meistro, G. Parisi, C. Zippo & L. Captini

Stockholm bypass: Environmental sustainability in the excavation of the Lovön rock tunnels
G.L. Menchini & S. Piscitelli

Utilization of microtunnelling technology for construction of the new gas pipeline between Azerbaijan and Europe
D. Mognol

Changes in tunnelling in the Big Data Era – The new Milan-Genoa high speed/high capacity
G. Morandini, A. Marcenaro, H.M. Dahir, E.G. Caci, A. Ferrari & G. Petito

Autarkic aggregate supply with recycled tunnel spoil at the Brenner Base Tunnel
R. Murr, T. Cordes, M. Hofmann & K. Bergmeister

Environmental risk assessment of conditioned soil: Some Italian case studies
S. Padulosi, F. Martelli, A. Sciotti, D.F. Putzu, M. Filippone & G. Mininni

Low energy nobilitation of clay waste from tunnelling
V. Perugini

Large civil works jobsites in densely populated urban areas
F. Poma, S.F. Caruso, F. Ruggiero, V. Bianco & L. Lampiano

Monitoring the water resources in the large railway projects: The Fortezza – Ponte Gardena case study, Southern Brenner Base Tunnel access
S. Rodani, G. Penna, F. Marchese, A. Scuri, F. Sciascia, D. Castioni, L. Piccinini, F. Cervi & G. Benedetti

Muck management in infrastructure projects
A. Sharma

Influence of bacteria inoculum and organic concentration on the biodegradation of soil conditioning agents in aqueous solutions
G. Vilardi, I. Bavasso, D. Sebastiani, S. Miliziano, L. Di Palma, M. Pirone, F. Carriero & R. Sorge

Tunnel dust control project
T.W. Warden & C.M. Warden

Geological and geotechnical knowledge and requirements for project implementation

Analysis of the vibrations induced by a TBM to refine soil profile during tunneling: The Catania case history
G. Abate, S. Corsico, S. Grasso, M.R. Massimino & A. Pulejo

The impact of saturation on the mechanical response of low porosity rocks and implications for tunnelling
M.T. Ahmed Labeid, E.L. Jaczkowski, W. Dossett, M.S. Diederichs & J.J. Day

Geological and geotechnical key-factors for tunnel design of the new Naples-Bari High-Speed railway line in Southern Italy
A. Amato, G. Quarzicci, A. Sciotti, A. Pigorini & A. Nardinocchi

In-situ stress measurements in TBM tunnels prone to rockbursts
R. Amici, G. Peach & M. Nadeem

Optimizing the excavation geometry using digital mapping
S. Amvrazis, K. Bergmeister & R.W. Glatzl

Return of experience following the excavation of “La Maddalena Reconnaissance Gallery” – TBM performance prediction in the Ambin Massif
E. Baldovin, A. De Paola, G.L. Morelli, P. Gilli & C. La Rosa

The use of real time monitoring systems to reduce execution risks during tunnel excavation in complex situations: The case of Stalvedro tunnel, Switzerland
G. Barbieri, M. Giani, M. Kündig & S. Motta

The role of direct investigations ahead of the tunnel face in the construction cycle of a conventional and mechanized tunnel
G. Barovero, S. Casale, H. Egger & E. Barnabei

Geotechnical characterization of an artificially frozen soil with an advanced triaxial apparatus
M. Bartoli, F. Casini & Y. Grossi

Geotechnical data standardization and management to support BIM for underground infrastructures and tunnels
M. Beaufils, S. Grellet, B. Le Hello, J. Lorentz, M. Beaudouin & J. Castro Moreno

Use of TBM parameters for assessing rock mass conditions during excavation: A feedback from the Tunnel 4, Angat Water Transmission Improvement Project (Philippines)
G.W. Bianchi, I. Andreis & S. La Valle

Numerical method for stability analysis of rock block of tunnel with multiple geological planes
S.J. Chen, M. Xiao & J.T. Chen

Case study of tunnel ground reaction modeling in horizontally bedded rock using continuum and fracture network models
D. Chesser, M.J. Telesnicki & J. Carvalho

Probabilistic Fault Displacement Hazard Analysis (PFDHA) of a Bhairabi tunnel in North East India
R.L. Chhangte, T. Rahman & A.I. Laskar

Drone based deformation monitoring at the Zentrum am Berg tunnel project, Austria Results and Findings 2017–2019
K. Chmelina, A. Gaich, M. Keuschnig, R. Delleske, R. Wenighofer & R. Galler

Necessary geological and geotechnical information for a metro project in an historical and urbanised city area. The case of “Metro Bucharest, Line 4 Extension”
V. Ciugudean Toma, C. Vajaeac, A. Arigoni & S.S. Saviani

Ante-operam v/s as-built data ARAT for a 15.965 m TBM-EPB, A1 Highway, Italy
M. Coli, E. Livi, A. Selleri & S. Comi

Mixed transitional ground impact on a TBM. The OCIT Experience in Akron, Ohio, USA
E. Comis, W. Gyorgak & D. Chastka

Geological and geotechnical main design aspects of two tunnels on Fortezza-Verona High Speed Line in Northern Italy
A. Corbo, A. Sciotti, S. Vagnozzi & S. Rodani

Torino Metro Line 1 extension: Working solutions
A. Damiani, L. Mancinelli, R. Crova & E. Avitabile

2D and 3D geological-geomechanical GIS model for underground projects: Collection, storage and analysis of geological and geomechanical data during the design and construction phases
R. De Paoli, F. Gobbi, L. Thum & F. de Martino

Contribution of continuous geophysical measurements to the success of tunnelling
T. Dickmann, D. Krueger & J. Hecht-Méndez

Study on judgment of tunnel face failure in soft surrounding rock and failure control measures
J. Du, Z. Mei, H. Gao, B. Zhang & W. Yuan

BIM-FEM interoperability for the modelling of a traditional excavated tunnel
S. Fabozzi, G. Cipolletta, E. Capano, D. Asprone, G. Dell’Acqua & E. Bilotta

Double-shield TBM performance analysis in clay formation: A case study in Iran
M. Fallahpour, M. Karami & T. Sherizadeh

The coseismic faulting of the San Benedetto tunnel (2016, Mw 6.6 central Italy earthquake)
P. Galli, A. Galderisi, M. Martino, G. Scarascia Mugnozza & F. Bozzano

Geotechnical monitoring: Application in a case history of Azienda Nazionale Autonoma delle Strade (the National Roads Authority)
R. Gandolfo, S. Majetta & M. Martino

Geotechnical monitoring: The control of infrastructure projects
R. Gandolfo, M. Martino & A. Umiliaco

Characterization of underground rock masses employing structure from motion: Application to a real case
R. García-Luna, S. Senent, R. Jurado-Piña & R. Jimenez

Design and construction of TBM tunnel lining crossing active fault in Thessaloniki Metro Project, Greece
E. Gavrielatou, D. Alifragkis & E. Pergantis

3D geological modelling for the design of complex underground works
F. Giovacchini, M. Vendramini, L. Soldo, M. Merlo, D. Marchisio, G. Ricci & A. Eusebio

Risk maps for cutter tool wear assessment and intervention planning
J.G. Grasmick & M.A. Mooney

Geotechnical challenges in design and construction of tunnels for Mumbai metro line –3
S.K. Gupta, M.G. Khare & G.V.R. Raju

Grand Paris: The exceptional line 16 Lot 1
T. Hugues Beaufond, A. Truphemus, R. Ndouop Molu, L. Samama, S. Ghozayel, T. Couttet, M. Ferrari & P. Hamet

Countermeasures against the deformation of the pilot tunnel of the Seikan Tunnel, Japan
H. Kakinuma, T. Okada, K. Yashiro & Y. Kobara

A numerical study on effect of wall penetration on basal heave stability during vertical shaft excavation in soft ground
S.J. Kang, E.S. Hong & G.C. Cho

Numerical study of portal displacement and stress-strain distribution mechanism at a tunnel portal
B. Khadvi Borujeni

Forensic study on tunnel collapse in deep and fractured rock
K.H. Kim, J.H. Jeong, J.H. Shin, S.H. Kim & S.S. Jeong

Comparative analysis of seismic refraction profiles with Drilled Borehole Data – Delhi Metro Rail Corporation – Phase-IV Corridor
U. Kumar & S. Pateriya

Consideration of heaving and deformation behavior of mountain tunnel in service
N. Kuramochi, S. Yamashita, K. Nakano, S. Kunimura, H. Watanabe & K. Nishimura

Loading magnitude for rock tunnel during earthquake estimated by dynamic measurement at an actual tunnel
A. Kusaka, S. Hara & N. Isago

Ensuring safety during construction of double-track subway tunnels in quaternary deposits
M.O. Lebedev, K.P. Bezrodny & R.I. Larionov

Response of tunnel surrounding rocks in heavily deformed ground: Case study of Dongao Tunnel, Taiwan
C.-S. Lin, H.-J. Shau, Y.-P. Chen & T.-T. Wang

A 3D numerical model for the evaluation of the tunneling water inflow: The Fortezza – Ponte Gardena case study
F. Marchese, S. Rodani, A. Sciotti, S. Vagnozzi, G. Bernagozzi, F. Sciascia, A. Scuri, L. Piccinini, L. Borgatti & G. Benedetti

Requirements for geo-locating transnational infrastructure BIM models
Š. Markič, A. Borrmann, G. Windischer, R.W. Glatzl, M. Hofmann & K. Bergmeister

Analysis of critical condition during the advancement into the “Argille a Palombini” formation
N. Meistro, A. Mancarella, A. Di Salvo, C. Iemmi & I. Larosa

Excavation of swelling rock by measuring the displacement under roadbed
K. Miyazawa, M. Fukushi, T. Akiyama & H. Kinashi

Rockburst evaluation in complex geological environment in deep hydropower tunnels
A.M. Naji, H. Rehman, M.Z. Emad, S. Ahmed, J.-J. Kim & H. Yoo

Adapting tunnel construction to hydrogeological conditions in a karst region
M. Neukomm, M. Mercier, P.-Y. Jeannin, A. Malard, D. Rickerl & E. Weber

Excessive deformations induced by twin EPBM excavations in soft and shallow grounds: The case of Otogar-Kirazli metro, Istanbul
I. Ocak & C. Rostami

The geological portal of the Turin-Lyon project
M.E. Parisi, L. Brino, D. Paletto & M. Cussino

Design and construction of hydraulic tunnels at Gibe III dam, Ethiopia
G. Pietrangeli, A. Pietrangeli, A. Cagiano de Azevedo, G. Pittalis & C. Rossini

Salamonde II undergound hydroelectric complex in the North of Portugal. Design and construction
R.S. Pistone, N. Plasencia & L. Gonçalves

Turning water into energy: A geological and geotechnical overview of the Venda Nova III hydropower project construction phase
N. Plasencia & P. Matos

A Rosette stone between geotechnical engineer and project manager for TBM tunneling
G. Potgieter & O. Yeni

Application of deflection curves, trend lines and displacement vector orientation in the evaluation of surface displacements in tunneling
A.L.C. Rissoli & A.P. de Assis

Geo-mechanical behaviour and monitoring system in the Ceneri Base Tunnel
M. Ruggiero, A. Malaguti & F. De Martino

Drained and undrained seismic response of underground structures
E.A. Sandoval & A. Bobet

How to strengthen a geotechnical campaign for tunnel’s secondary lining. Implementation and results
J.M. Santa Cruz, L. Roldan, G. Dankert, L. Sambataro, A.O. Sfriso & R.D. Bertero

Seismic prediction of the rock quality at the Brenner Base Tunnel
C. Schwarz

Geological investigation for urban tunnel portal in made ground
G. Senol, G. Alan Jatta, S. Aydogan & E.A. Tekyildiz

Importance of physical-mechanical properties of rocks for application of a raise boring machine
A. Shaterpour-Mamaghani, H. Copur, E. Dogan & T. Erdogan

Practical solutions to geotechnical problems related to Ituango hydropower tunnels, Colombia
M.C. Sierra, J. Ramos, D. Jurado & J.D. Herrera

Geotechnical investigations governing shaft excavations for metro projects – an approach for secant pile termination depths
A. Sindhwani, M.K. Chaudhary, A.K. Dey, A.H. Khan & V.M.S.R. Murthy

Angat water transmission and improvement project for Metro Manila – Philippines: Hydraulic tunnel design under severe seismic conditions
A. Socci, P. Galvanin, G.W. Bianchi & G. Bay

Correlation between TBM performance and RMR
S. Son, T. Ko, Y. Pak & T. Kim

Efficient communication of geologically related data and 3D models in tunneling projects
M. Svensson, O. Friberg, B. Brodic & A. Malehmir

A finite element analysis of tunnel response to permafrost thaw
D. Vo, L. Chung, J.S. Cho & Y. Salem

Acoustic emissions from flat-jack test for rock-burst prediction
A. Voza, L. Valguarnera, S. Fuoco, G. Ascari, D. Boldini & D. Buttafoco

An attempt to derive a method to estimate velocity during exploration ahead of the tunnel face
H. Yamamoto, M. Nakaya, S. Imamura & K. Ohta

A probabilistic approach to assess the risk of liner instability when tunnelling through karst geology using geotechnical baseline reports
K. Yau, C. Paraskevopoulou & S. Konstantis

A new face vulnerability index for mechanized tunneling in subsoil
M. Zare Naghadehi & A. Alimardani Lavasan

Settlements of immersed tunnel on soft ground: A case study
X. Zhang & W. Broere

Design of shaking table tests on atrium-style subway station models under seismic excitations
Z.M. Zhang, Y. Yuan, E. Bilotta, H.T. Yu & H.L. Zhao

Ground improvement in underground constructions

Permeation grouting and consolidation works to solve flooding problems in an old tunnel
A. Antonelli, A. Balossi Restelli & E. Rovetto

Dam rehabilitation for safety operation
O. Arghiroiu & S. Călinescu

Horizontal directional drilling technique applications in ground improvement from low pressure injections to jet grouting
B.B. Bosco & S. Carraro

Glassfiber reinforced polymer consolidation for enlargement of a railway underpass in Brandizzo, Italy
M. Bringiotti, S. Carraro, D. Stella & E. Piovano

A novel low enthalpy geothermal energy system based on ground freezing probes
A. Carotenuto, N. Massarotti, A. Mauro, G. Normino, A. Di Luccio, G. Molisso & F. Cavuoto

Field experiment on freezing rate of marine clay by artificial ground freezing method
H.-J. Choi, D. Lee, H. Lee, H. Choi & Y.-J. Son

Ground freezing and excavation of the Museum Island metro station under a river in central Berlin – challenges and experiences
J. Classen, P. Hoppe & J. Seegers

Influence of the fibreglass reinforcement stiffness on the mechanical response of deep tunnel fronts in cohesive soils under undrained conditions
C. di Prisco, L. Flessati, G. Cassani & R. Perlo

Analysis of jet-grouting-consolidation in wide and deep shafts in alluvial soil
M. Ferrero, S. Torresani & R. Zurlo

Jet grouting application for soft soil tunnels in Norwegian clay
D. Gächter & O. Besler

Tribunale Station of Naples Metro line 1. Design issues due to site subsoil conditions
S. Gobbi & F. Cavuoto

Brenner base tunnel & Isarco River underpass section: Several technical and operational solutions
P. Lunardi, G. Cassani, M. Gatti & L. Bellardo

The St. Antonino tunnel reconstruction after the great collapse that had occurred on December 2007
G. Luongo, R. Lapenta, A. Pirrotta, U. De Luca, P. Cosentino, A. Paravati, F. Crocetto, A. Antiga, P. Coppola & M. Lorenzi

Rock grouting and ground freezing for tunnelling at Duomo subway station in Naples
V. Manassero, F. Cavuoto & A. Corbo

Monitoring artificial ground freezing and relevant fundamental observations
V. Manassero

Ground improvement with accelerated micro-cement grout, Thessaloniki Metro, Greece
P.I. Maragiannis & P.G. Foufas

Thermal phenomena model for artificial ground freezing during a tunnel excavation for the Municipio Metro station in Naples, Italy
N. Massarotti, A. Mauro, G. Normino, A. Di Luccio, G. Molisso & F. Cavuoto

Design of an underground station within the Greater Paris metro line by conventional tunneling: Solutions and calculation methods
E. Misano, S. Minec, H. Sahnoun, A. Goulven & V. Dumoulin

Ground improvement carried out via an existing railway tunnel for the construction of a new underlying tunnel
A. Pauri

Optimization of the tunnel face bolt reinforcement
P. Perazzelli & G. Anagnostou

Consolidation using chemical grouting with mono and bicomponent resins to unlock a TBM in fault zone
P. Petrocelli, A. Bellone, F. Rossano & M.A. Piangatelli

The technical management of the permeation grouting works in the execution of the new Milan Metro Line 4
A. Pettinaroli, P. Caffaro, M. Lodico & A. Carrettucci

Design and construction of composite cut-off system at Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, Ethiopia
G. Pietrangeli, G. Pittalis, M. Rinaldi & R. Cifra

Design of artificial ground freezing for an access tunnel of a railway station in Switzerland
E. Pimentel & G. Anagnostou

Discussion of selection of ground improvement parameters from back analysis of monitored excavation in Singapore
G. Pittaro

Water loss solutions in construction of pressure shafts for Uma Oya Project, Sri Lanka
A. Rahbar Farshbar, F. Foroutan, D. Eccleston & D. Dodangeh

Constructing ground struts by means of ground improvement underneath existing box elements in large-scale renovation of a subway station under operation constructed by the Caisson method
S. Sakata, K. Okanoya, Y. Arai, M. Nishiaoki & T. Kondou

Rational design of jet grouted bottom plugs: The example of Tribunale station of Naples Metro Line 1
M. Saviano, A. Flora & F. Cavuoto

Centrifuge model tests on shallow overburden tunnels with pre-ground improvement to clarify seismic behavior
Y. Sawamura, K. Konishi, K. Kishida & M. Kimura

Excavation of a large diameter tunnel in sliding Carpathian flysch
F. Schiavone, F. Carriero, F. Bizzi & G. Orlati

Design of ground freezing for cross passages and tunnel adits
J.A. Sopko

Factor of safety in ground freezing design
J.A. Sopko

Stockholm bypass project – passage under the Lake Mälaren
B. Stille, F. Johansson, F. Ríos Bayona, R. Batres Estrada & M. Roslin

Deep intervention shaft excavation in Kuala Lumpur limestone formation with pre-tunnelling construction method
Y.C. Tan, K.S. Koo & D.I. Ting

Expansion of existing TBM tunnel by ground freezing method
Y. Tanaka & N. Takamatsu

3D Numerical modeling of artificial ground freezing in mining engineering
H. Tounsi, A. Rouabhi, M. Tijani & F. Guérin

Mechanical behavior of shallow embedded and large cross-section tunnel supporting using Freeze-Sealing Pipe-Roof method
D.M. Zhang & J. Pang

Frost heave control during excavation of Gongbei tunnel with freeze-sealing pipe roof as pre-support
T. Zhou, P.X. Shi, J. Zhang & J.L. Pan

Innovation in underground engineering, materials and equipment

Artificial intelligence technique for geomechanical forecasting
M. Allende Valdés, J.P. Merello & P. Cofré

TBM drive along curved alignments: Model based prognosis of shield movement
A. Alsahly, A. Marwan & G. Meschke

Soil conditioning adaptation to the heterogeneous volcanic geology of Mt. Etna, Sicily, Italy
A. Alvarez, S. Mancuso & N. Bona

Particularities of tunnel primary support modelling in BIM environment
M. Andrejašič, M. Huis, A. Likar, J. Likar & Ž. Likar

Design and construction of cast in-situ steel fibre reinforced concrete headrace tunnels for the Neelum Jhelum Hydroelectric project
B. Ashcroft, G. Peach, J. Mierzejewski, B. De Rivaz & M. Yerlikaya

Analysis of two-component clay sand backfill injection in Japan
P.J. Ashton, S. Takigawa, Y. Kano & Y. Masuoka

Durability of precast concrete tunnel segments
M. Bakhshi & V. Nasri

Relieved specific energy estimation using FLCM and PLCM linear rock cutting machines and comparison with rock properties
C. Balci, H. Copur, D. Tumac & R. Comakli

Performance based design for tunnels
K. Bergmeister

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Design of steel fiber reinforced concrete segment with curved radial joints
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The presumed relationship between an accident on the surface and the NSS tunnel
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Fully integrated BIM in Norwegian Railway project
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Building information management for tunneling
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Logistic challenges for TBM operation during Sofia Metro Line 3 extension
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An innovative method of large space underground construction in soft and shallow ground using concrete arch pre-supporting system
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Passive fire protection for road tunnel structures
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The use of artificial intelligence for a cost-effective tunnel maintenance
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Two-component grouts with alkali-activated binders
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Tuen Mun – Chek Lap Kok Link in Hong Kong – Innovative solutions for construction of an outstanding Subsea Tunnel
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BIM implementation – Brenner Base Tunnel project
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Building information modeling in Warsaw metro extension project
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Influence of consistency index on soil conditioning in EPB-TBM tunneling
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Use of robots in road tunnel inspection
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Realisation of a single-shell drained segmental tunnel lining by means of a water-permeable annular gap fill
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Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic (GFRP) permanent rockbolts
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Digital twin of tunnel construction for safety and efficiency
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Investigation on the geotechnical properties of a chemically conditioned spoil from EPB excavation, a case study
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Immersive tunnel monitoring by data driven navigation in 3D
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Investigation of deformation of shield tunnel based on large-scale model test
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Construction of bifurcations of underground urban expressway
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Riachuelo Lote 3 – Innovative method for the construction of the sea outfall
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Innovation through in-situ machining for repair and maintenance of silt flushing tunnel gates of underground Nathpa Jhakri Hydro Power Station (1500 MW), India
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Stability analysis for tunnel faces supported by means of polymer solutions
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The development and in-situ use of fiber optic continuous strain monitoring for tunnel support elements
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Microtunnelling in South Africa – a competitive solution
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Study on pull-out test of longitudinal joints of shield tunnel
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Real-time sensing technology of excavated material in earth pressure balanced shield tunnelling construction
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3D simulations for the Brenner Base Tunnel considering interaction effects
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Artificial neural networks in streamlining serviceability assessment of single shell TBM tunneling
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Digitalization of data management and quality assurance in ground and tunneling works
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New advancement in durable segments for combined sewer overflow tunnels, USA
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Intelligent attitude control during shield tunneling in soft soils based on big data
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The composite lining total safety factor design method and cases study
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Pressure infiltration of sandy foam during EPB shield tunnelling in saturated sand
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Research on new prefabricated technology of metro station
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Seismic deformation method for longitudinal bending deformation of underground structure
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Site assembly technologies of super-large slurry TBM
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A BIM-based emergency analysis method and application for utility tunnel
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Numerical simulation and case analysis of new construction method for multi-arch tunnel
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Experimental study on a novel fire-protection cement-based composite material for tunnel linings
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Deep learning-based instance segmentation for water leakage defects of Metro Shield Tunnel
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Rectangular TBM application in utility tunnel
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Shield machine cutterhead tools real-time wear monitoring system
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Long and deep tunnels

Long and deep single shield TBM in very complicated geology under the Alps. Saint Martin La Porte
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Experimental setup for studying tunnels in squeezing ground conditions
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Brenner Base Tunnel – challenges of gripper TBM application for the 15 km long exploratory tunnel Ahrental in challenging rock mass
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Risk management for the Brenner Base Tunnel
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The second Gotthard tunnel tube
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Dubai Strategic Sewerage Tunnel – challenges to infrastructure at unprecedented depths in the region
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The hugest and more complex belt conveyor system in the longest tunnel under construction in the world: Brenner Base Tunnel
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CERN (HL-LHC): New underground & surface structures at Point 1 & Point 5
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Engineering challenges of the Snowy 2.0 pumped storage project
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Public communication and awareness

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Strategic use of underground space for resilient cities

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Investing in urban underground space – maximising the social benefits
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Shafts and drainage tunnels as a sustainable and preventive measure to mass movements of saturated soils in Bucaramanga, Colombia
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Effective use of underground space for sustainable cities
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Noisy-Champs station: Coordinating underground, design and engineering
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Managing knowledge for future-proof tunnels in The Netherlands
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Greater Beirut Water Supply Augmentation Project
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Enabling underground transport construction Guatemala City, Central America
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The A2 Maastricht Project: A joint action plan
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Tunnel alignment design of “Ligne 15 Est” in East Paris
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Operational resilience of traffic tunnels: An example case study
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Improving the safety of urban underground transport areas due to the use of new energy carriers
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Genoa underground: Solidity, usefulness and beauty of the Grazie Bassa Tunnel during 100 year service life
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Istanbul Airport Express Line: Design and built of the new strategic mass transit underground connection system
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Tunneling challenges in the business capital of India
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Compound use of underground space for integrated campus-urban development: A case study from Tsinghua University, China
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Urban Tunnels

Geomechanical behavior evaluation of a bio-constructed limestone in an urban tunnel
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Vibration-oriented tunnel design
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Long-term behavior of the tunnel under the loads of consolidation and tunnel temperature
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Identifying the geological hazards during mechanized tunneling in urban areas – the case of Tehran alluvium conditions
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Studying the effects of gypsum karst cavities in tunneling
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Surface settlement induced by shield tunneling–complete 3D numerical simulation on two case studies
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South extension of the metro Line 14 in Paris – focus on Limestone quarries grouting
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High density slurry for shallow bored tunneling in Singapore
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Microtunneling machine completes a 110m radius curve in dense urban context
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Risk management for tunneling-induced deformations in relation to the Eurocodes
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Assessment of geotechnical capacities of spread footings due to settlements induced by tunnelling and excavation
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Milan Metro Line 4: The Dateo underground station
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A new analytical method to define the confinement pressure operation range for a closed TBM
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TBM Selection for tunneling beneath urbanized areas at shallow depth. A practical case: The machine selection for the excavation of Metro Gran Paris Line 15 Section 2C
M. Concilia

Settlement reduction in clean sandy soils with EPB – good practice for backfilling grout injection and soil conditioning. The case of Warsaw Metro Line 2
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Bucharest line 5: 3D numerical modelling of tunnelling beneath operating station
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Innovative station design for the second tramway line in Nice
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Synthetic aperture radar interferometry applied to tunneling projects monitoring: The ATLAS processing chain
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Undercrossing live tunnels in parallel below the water table in an urban environment
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Seismic analysis of an urban subway structural system composed by shield tunnels, a cross passage and a vertical shaft for the evaluation of the structural unsafe zones
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Design and construction of N1 Shaft for Dudullu-Bostanci Metro Line
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Technical solutions when designing the new bus terminal in Slussen, Stockholm, Sweden
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Caltanissetta Tunnel – project implementation according to safety issues
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The use of the “Pipe Arch” technique for under-crossing in urban areas
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Effect of excavation stages and lining sequences on ground settlement in a twin tunnel
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Tunnel design and construction in swelling ground with low overburden and hydrothermal ground water conditions
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Drilling and blasting in close vicinity – monitoring of metro station Odenplan
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Design and construction method of reinforcement around the lining concrete openings due to construction of additional evacuation tunnels in service
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Seismic performance of steel fiber reinforced concrete segmented lining tunnels
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3D numerical back-analysis on an experimental conventional tunnel in Paris Sanoisian “Green” Clay
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Time dependent modeling of salt-cavern natural gas storage
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Influence of pile row under loading on existing tunnel
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Did the selection of TBMs for the excavation of the Follo Line project tunnels satisfy the expectations?
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Construction of a mountain tunnel in the neighboring of residential areas
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Building responses due to deep excavation for Muzium Negara MRT Station, Kuala Lumpur
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Record-breaking results through teamwork on Istanbul’s Dudullu-Bostancı Metro Line
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Ensuring the safety of the existing buildings during the construction of the underground in Moscow
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Tunneling under existing Metro Line and Indian Railway Line for Mandi House – ITO Corridor of Phase-III, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Limited
U. Kumar

Lessons learned from excavation of the Pinchat tunnel in loose ground in an urban environment
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DSSI-MTS-01 Tunnels in Doha (Qatar) – a showcase of construction techniques for tunnels, shafts, galleries and junctions between them
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Settlement prediction of an urban shield tunnel using artificial neural networks
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TBM launch under the protection of a closed steel sleeve: A case study
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Red Line tunnels in Israel – engineering highlights
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Embedded barriers as a mitigation measure for tunnelling induced settlements: A field trial for the Line C in Rome
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Grand Paris Express, Line 15 East – predictive damage analysis combining continuous settlement trough modelling, risk management, automated vulnerability checks and visualization in GIS
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Digital project: Practical application of an integrated process in TBM tunnel design
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Ground response to mini-tunnelling plus ground improvement in the historical city centre of Rome
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A record of constructing a ramp section of an expressway by the underground widening excavation method
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Brescia Driverless Metro Line – San Faustino Station: A joint work example between client, superintendence, designer and P&CM during the construction phase
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A case study of excavation induced displacements in dense urban area
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Conventional tunneling in urban areas
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Effect of changing methodology of tunnel final lining on the construction duration of a metro project
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SCL vs squareworks – timberless tunnelling in future LU Station upgrade projects?
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Challenges in tunneling underneath houses in Contract T217 of Thomson East Coast Line of Singapore
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Integrated functional metro station design using BIM tools
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Limestone cavern influence to primary lining analysis for tunnel Soroška, Slovakia
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Tunnel support design by geo-structure interaction approach
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Numerical analysis on performance of EPB shield TBM by discrete element method
B. Park, S.H. Chang, S.W. Choi, C. Lee & T.H. Kang

Sequential excavation method in soft ground: Monitoring and modelling
T.P. Perez

Northeast Boundary Tunnel: Applied lessons learned from the Anacostia River Tunnel Project, Washington, USA
M. Pescara, N. Della Valle, D. Nebbia & M. Gamal

Theoretical analysis of ground deformation due to tunnelling through weak deposits of phosphatic chalk in area of the proposed Stonehenge tunnel
J. Pettit & C. Paraskevopoulou

Excavation of connecting tunnels in Centrum Nauki Kopernik underground train station on line II in Warsaw
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Case study of a shallow tunnel construction underneath an operating metro and railway in fine grained soil environment
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The response of underground structures to seismic loading
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Metro tunnelling in Singapore – Thomson Line tunnelling in close proximity to existing railway lines
A. Raedle, S.S. Marican & C.N. Ow

Crossing of tunnels between the piles of operational metro station
A. Raj & A. Kumar

The Fereggiano River Diversion in Genoa
P. Redaelli & M. Bringiotti

The T3 stretch of Line C in Rome: TBM excavation
E. Romani, M. D’Angelo, V. Foti & A. Magliocchetti

Estimated settlements on buildings and facilities. An application to Grand Paris metro
M. Russo & S. Bonaccorsi

Study on the influence of closely crossing tunnel on existing underground subway station by 3D-FEM models
M.H. Sadaghiani & M.R. Asgarpanah

Use of DInSAR technique for the integrated monitoring of displacement induced by urban tunneling
V. Santangelo, D. Di Martire, E. Bilotta, M. Ramondini, G. Russo, A. Di Luccio & G. Molisso

Innovative methods for excavation and ground improvement in Oslo
S. Santarelli & P. Ricci

Forrestfield airport link project in Perth, Western Australia – precast concrete segmental lining
S.C. Scaffidi, A. Anders, S. Porto & E. Torres

The need for development of station’s design for reducing risks and disturbance during construction
H. Schwarz & L. Banlin

Design and construction of artificial tunnels in urban context
S. Sdoga, S. Giovenco & R. de Falco

Design methodology of permanent linings of junctions at Crossrail project contract C121 (the Elizabeth line)
E.J. Sillerico, J. Suarez & R. Brierley

Twin tunnels excavated in mixed face conditions
M.A.A.P. Silva, F.L. Gonçalves, A.A. Ferreira & H.C. Rocha

Effect of new structures and construction activities on old metro lines
E.V. Silva Espiña, L. Gil López & S. Sánchez Rodríguez

Soft ground tunneling below a mixed foundation building
D. Simic & B. Martínez-Bacas

Small shield operation for pre-support method at underground space enlargement
M. Sugimoto, T.A. Pham, J. Chen, T.N. Huynh, L.G. Le, A. Miki & K. Kayukawa

Evaluation and numerical interpretation of measured pipe umbrella deformations
A. Syomik, R. Rex, A. Zimmermann & G. Anagnostou

Special design considerations for underpinning systems of existing structures due to tunnelling
Y.C. Tan, W.S. Teh & C.Y. Gue

Arcueil-Cachan, Grand Paris Express Metro Station
S. Telhawi, L. de Saint-Palais, G. Chapron, J.-P. Vaysse, B. Mougel & J. Royer

Design concept of a large TBM tunnel having extensive diameter with pioneering three deck orientation under extreme water pressure conditions
H.T. Tunçay & K. Elmalı

Introduction of an extra-large undersea shield tunnel in composite ground: Maliuzhou traffic tunnel in Zhuhai, China
S.Y. Wang, H.M. Wu, Y. Bai & C. Zhou

Research on the construction control for the metro tunnel under passing buildings in Jinan
X.Y. Xie, Y.L. Zhang, B. Zhou & L. Zeng

Undergrounding the railway line and mending an extremely anthropized territory maintaining the railway in operation
F. Zambonelli & G. Li Puma

A simulation study on the interaction between backup structure and surrounding soil in a large section pipe curtain-box jacking project
X. Zhang, L.S. Chen, Z. Zhang, Y.H. Liu, J. Niu & Y. Bai

Responses of an existing metro station to adjacent excavations in soft clay: Case Study
D.M. Zhang & X.H. Bu

Numerical investigation of vertically loaded pile on adjacent tunnel considering soil spatial variability
J.Z. Zhang, H.W. Huang & D.M. Zhang

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Daniele Peila is Associate Professor at the Department of Environment, Land and Infrastructure Engineering at the Politecnico di Torino, Italy.

Giulia Viggiani is Professor at the Department of Engineering at Cambridge University in the UK.

Tarcisio Celestino is Professor in the Department of Geotechnics at the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil.