Ultrafast Dynamics at the Nanoscale : Biomolecules and Supramolecular Assemblies book cover
1st Edition

Ultrafast Dynamics at the Nanoscale
Biomolecules and Supramolecular Assemblies

ISBN 9789814745338
Published December 21, 2016 by Jenny Stanford Publishing
528 Pages 64 Color & 35 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Ultrafast Dynamics at the Nanoscale provides a combined experimental and theoretical insight into the molecular-level investigation of light-induced quantum processes in biological systems and nanostructured (bio)assemblies. Topics include DNA photostability and repair, photoactive proteins, biological and artificial light-harvesting systems, plasmonic nanostructures, and organic photovoltaic materials, whose common denominator is the key importance of ultrafast quantum effects at the border between the molecular scale and the nanoscale. The functionality and control of these systems have been under intense investigation in recent years in view of developing a detailed understanding of ultrafast nanoscale energy and charge transfer, as well as fostering novel technologies based on sustainable energy resources.

Both experiment and theory have made big strides toward meeting the challenge of these truly complex systems. This book, thus, introduces the reader to cutting-edge developments in ultrafast nonlinear optical spectroscopies and the quantum dynamical simulation of the observed dynamics, including direct simulations of two-dimensional optical experiments. Taken together, these techniques attempt to elucidate whether the quantum coherent nature of ultrafast events enhances the efficiency of the relevant processes and where the quantum–classical boundary sets in, in these high-dimensional biological and material systems. The chapters contain well-illustrated accounts of the authors’ research work, including didactic introductory material, and address a multidisciplinary audience from chemistry, physics, biology, and materials sciences. The book is, therefore, a must-have for graduate- and postgraduate-level researchers who wish to learn about molecular nanoscience from a combined spectroscopic and theoretical viewpoint.

Table of Contents


Excited States of Single-Stranded DNA Revealed by Femtosecond Transient Absorption Spectroscopy

Bern Kohler

Ultrafast Light-Induced Processes in DNA Photolyase and Its Substrate-Bound Complex

Klaus Brettel, Martin Byrdin, and Marten H. Vos

Dynamics and Mechanisms of Ultraviolet-Damaged DNA Repair by Photolyases

Zheyun Liu, Lijuan Wang, and Dongping Zhong

Photoactive Yellow Protein: Converting Light into a Metastable Structural Change

Marie Louise Groot and Klaas J. Hellingwerf

Energy Transfer Mechanisms in Nanobiohybrid Structures Based on Quantum Dots and Photosensitive Membrane Proteins

Svetlana V. Sizova, Vladimir A. Oleinikov, Nicolas Bouchonville, Michael Molinari, Pavel Samokhvalov, Alyona Sukhanova, and Igor Nabiev

Ultrafast Functional Dynamics in Proteins: Local Molecular Reporters and Femtosecond 2D Spectroscopy

Andrea Cannizzo, Jérémie Léonard, and Stefan Haacke


Ultrafast Exciton Dynamics in Correlated Environments

Peter Nalbach

Excitation Energy Transfer in Light-Harvesting Systems: Theory, Models, and Application

Pengfei Huo and David F. Coker

Bridging the Gap between Coherent and Incoherent Resonance Energy Transfer Dynamics by Quantum Master Equations in the Polaron Picture

Seogjoo Jang

Theory of Metal Nanoparticle--Affected Optical and Transport Properties in Supramolecular Complexes

Yuan Zhang, Yaroslav Zelinskyy, Gerold Kyas, and Volkhard May

Ultrafast Energy and Charge Transfer in Functional Molecular Nanoscale Aggregates

Hiroyuki Tamura, Keith H. Hughes, Rocco Martinazzo, Jan Wahl, Robert Binder, and Irene Burghardt

Ultrafast Spectroscopy: Quantum Information and Wave Packets

Joel Yuen-Zhou, Jacob J. Krich, Ivan Kassal, and Alán Aspuru-Guzik

Simulating the Nonlinear Optical Response of Multichromophore Complexes

Arend G. Dijkstra and Yoshitaka Tanimura

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