1st Edition

Understanding Education Studies Critical Issues and New Directions

Edited By Mark Pulsford, Rebecca Morris, Ross Purves Copyright 2023
    222 Pages 24 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    222 Pages 24 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This book explores undergraduate education programmes in a new way. Written by those at the forefront of teaching and learning, it encourages students to delve beneath the surface of their degree subject and reveals important insights about the how, why and where next for education studies.

    With contributions from course leaders, tutors, current students and recent graduates, this book offers insights from nearly 60 authors based in 20 different institutions from five different countries. The chapters offer opportunities for readers to consider their own learning experiences in a wider context, enhance their understanding of the degree course and actively shape the education studies community of the future.

    Each chapter is written in an accessible way, with ‘questions to consider’ throughout and ‘recommended readings’ at the end to advance readers’ thinking and reflections. Chapters cover topics such as:

    • Education Studies’ development as a degree subject
    • Its evolving identity, values and purposes
    • Teaching and assessment approaches in undergraduate education programmes
    • How the subject develops students’ professional aptitudes and transferable skills
    • Possibilities for advancing inclusion, equity and justice in education at degree level

    These ‘behind the scenes’ factors are brought to the fore through case studies and examples of how lecturers and students make sense of their teaching and learning. With its unique approach to examining these issues, this book is essential for students of Education Studies at undergraduate level while also being relevant for staff and postgraduate students in education.

    1. Introduction

    Mark Pulsford, Ross Purves and Rebecca Morris

    Section 1: Positioning Education Studies

    Ross Purves

    2. Education Studies as an Undergraduate University Subject: A Short History

    Stephen Ward

    3. An International Insight into Education Studies

    David Menendez Alvarez-Hevia, Alejandro Rodríguez-Martín and Emilio Álvarez-Arregui

    4. Exploring the Identity of an Undergraduate Education Programme

    Jenny Elliott, Rupert Knight, Sharon Clancy and Colin Morley

    Section 2: Practices and Pedagogies of Education Studies

    Rebecca Morris

    5. Knowing Learning Matters

    Nick Pratt, Abigail O’Brien, Marlon Cole and Bethan Cillo

    6. Discovering your Philosophy of Education through Digital Storytelling

    Sophie Ward, Laura Mazzoli Smith and Teti Dragas

    7. Assessment for Transformation: Adopting a Humanist Approach to Assessment and Feedback on a BA Education Course

    Tristan Middleton, Rick Millican, Sian Templeton and Lynda Kay

    8. Student Achievement and Wellbeing: Understanding Motivation through Self-Determination Theory

    Mark Tymms

    9. Taking a Global Perspective: The Nature and Value of Comparative and International Education (CIE) in UK Universities

    Leanne Cameron, Rafael Mitchell, Gurpinder Lalli and Brendan Bartram

    10. Being ‘International’: The Opportunities and Challenges of Studying Education as an International Student

    Yutong Liu, Rebecca Morris, Tasha Peditto, Lingxi Peng and Ross Purves

    11. Learning about Research Methods: A Case Study

    Louise Gascoine and Laura Mazzoli Smith

    12. Education for Sustainability: Connecting Students to Outdoor Learning via Forest School

    Dave Cudworth

    13. The Role and Value of Arts-Based Learning for Education Studies

    Cheryl Cane

    Section 3: Challenge and Change in Education Studies

    Mark Pulsford

    14. Education and Democracy: The Public Sphere Reclaimed for Educational Study

    Ted Fleming

    15. The Role of Social Justice Theory in Education Studies

    Jenny Hatley

    16. Inclusive Curriculum Matters: Co-creating a Decolonised Education Curriculum Through Student Voices

    Jawiria Naseem and Hua Zhu

    17. Speaking through Silence: Embracing Fear and Shame in Anti-racist Education

    Heather Knight and Emma Jones

    18. Understanding Identity and Positionality through Student-Staff Interactions on an Education Studies Undergraduate Programme

    Talitha Bird and Rajvir Gill

    19. Men and Masculinities on Undergraduate Education Studies Degrees

    Mark Pulsford, Ryan Cazley, Abdullah Daya, Rowan Godfrey, Shenghao Lyu and Taiwo Okutubo

    20. Rebalancing Power Relations in Teacher-Student Co-creation

    Rosi Smith, Robyn Wall, Lucinda White, Emma Wright and Melissa Vernon

    Section 4: The Personal and Professional in Education Studies

    21. Employability and Pedagogies for Employability in Education Studies

    David Menéndez Álvarez-Hevia and Alexandra Hay

    22. Career Identity, Employability and Placements in Education Studies

    Catherine A. Simon

    23. Placements as Mediational Transitions: An Opportunity for Negotiated, Identity-shaping Make-belief Experiences

    Gisela Oliveira

    24. More than your Degree Title: Transferable Skills, Employability and Diverse Opportunities for Education Students

    David Thompson, Rachel Higdon and Charlotte Barrow


    Mark Pulsford is an Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies in the Department of Education Studies at the University of Warwick.

    Rebecca Morris is an Associate Professor in the Department of Education Studies at the University of Warwick.

    Ross Purves is an Associate Professor of Music Education at the Institute of Education, University College London’s Faculty of Education and Society.