Understanding Structures : An Introduction to Structural Analysis book cover
1st Edition

Understanding Structures
An Introduction to Structural Analysis

ISBN 9781420068610
Published July 10, 2008 by CRC Press
368 Pages 588 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Before structural mechanics became the common language of structural engineers, buildings were built based on observed behavior, with every new solution incurring high levels of risk. Today, the pendulum has swung in the other direction. The web of structural mechanics is so finely woven that it hides the role of experience in design, again leading to high levels of risk.

Understanding Structures brings the art and science of structures into the environment of a computer game.  The book imparts a basic understanding of how buildings and bridges resist gravity, wind, and earthquake loads. Its interactive presentation of topics spans elementary concepts of force in trusses to bending of beams and the response of multistory, multi-bay frames.

Formulate Graphical and Quantitative Solutions with GOYA

The companion software, GOYA, runs easily on any java-enabled system. This interactive learning environment allows engineers to obtain quick and instructive graphical and quantitative solutions to many problems in structures.

Simulation is critical to the design and construction of safe structures. Using GOYA and the tools within Understanding Structures, engineers can enhance their overall understanding of structure response as well as expedite the process of safe structure design.

Table of Contents

What is a Truss?
Bar in Tension or Compression
Symmetrical Truss with Two Elements of Equal Size at 90°
Symmetrical Truss with Two Elements at Various Orientations
Unsymmetrical Truss with Two Elements
Truss with Three Members
Hands-on Approach to Truss Design
Analysis of Statically Determinate Trusses
Stable Trusses
Building a Truss
Moments and Deflections in Cantilever Beams
What is a Bending Moment?
What is a Shear Force?
What is a Distributed Load?
What is a Couple?
The Effects of Moment on Stresses in a Beam
The Effects of Moment on Strains in a Beam
Deformation of a Beam—Spring Model
Deformation of a Beam—Continuously Deformable Model
Moment and Deflections in Simply Supported Beams
The Effect of a Concentrated Load on Shear, Moment, and Deflection
The Effect of Several Concentrated Loads on Shear, Moment, and  Deflection
Similarities between Beam and Truss Response
Construction and Test of a Timber Beam
Bending and Shear Stresses
First Moment
Second Moment and Section Modulus
Construction and Test of a Styrofoam Beam
Shear Stress
Introductory Concepts
A Simple Bent
A Portal Frame
Statically Indeterminate Frame
Multistory Frame
Three-Hinged Frame
Simple Models
Continuously Deformable Model
List of Symbols

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