Understanding Violence  book cover
3rd Edition

Understanding Violence

ISBN 9780805860917
Published August 25, 2006 by Psychology Press
256 Pages

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Book Description

In this third edition of Understanding Violence, author Elizabeth Kandel Englander draws on contemporary research and theory in varied fields to present a uniquely balanced, integrated, and readable summary of what we currently know about the causes and effects of violence, particularly its effect on children. The goal of this textbook is to give a critical review of the most relevant and important areas of research on street and family violence, examining why it is that people become violent.
Between 1994 and 2004 the United States benefited from a dramatic decline in rates of violent crime. However, as the economy has weakened in recent years and tougher times have returned, the crime rate has shown signs of a modest increase. Understanding Violence comes at this important juncture. The text is arranged into two sections, one of which focuses on broader issues, and another centering on specific types of abuse.
This new edition will be a powerful text for all those interested in violent offenders and their victims.

Table of Contents

Contents: Preface. Introduction: The Problem of Violence. Part I: General Issues. The Numbers: How Common Is Violent Behavior Today? Social Causes of Violence. Biological and Psychological Bases of Violent Behavior. Developmental Factors and Social Learning. Media Exposure and Violence. The Biosocial Model. Part II: Special Issues. Substance Abuse and Violent Behavior. Youth Violence. Sexual Assault. Spouse Homicide. Child Abuse and Physical Punishment. Victims: The Consequences of Family Violence. Epilogue: Preventing and Controlling Violence.

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“What makes ordinary people become violent? Elizabeth Englander presents an enormous body of theory and research data in a well organized, smoothly fl owing, and folksy style that makes for surprisingly easy and enjoyable reading. Her third edition is a major contribution to the fi eld, pulling together disparate theories while presenting current data on such timely topics as youth violence and school shootings.”

—Karen Franklin, Ph.D.                                                                                           Forensic Psychologist

“Elizabeth Englander has assembled and integrated a remarkable array of stateof-the-art research and theory on what is perhaps the most important problem facing the world today. Understanding Violence is an important sourcebook for theorists, researchers, activists, and practitioners.”

—Christopher Kilmartin, Ph.D                                                                                       University of Mary Washington

“Professor Englander has produced an outstanding overview of the factors implicated in a broad range of violent acts from child abuse to gang warfare, from school shootings to spousal homicide. The new edition will appeal not only to college students but to intelligent lay people as well; it brings us up to date in an insightful and accessible review of an incredibly important topic.”

—Jack Levin, Ph.D.                                                                                                        The Brudnick Professor of Sociology & Criminology at Northeastern University