1st Edition

Understanding a Child the Occupational Therapy Way Recognizing and Communicating the Unique Potential of a Child

By Sabrina E. Adair Copyright 2022
    180 Pages 2 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    180 Pages 2 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This book uses an occupational therapy way of thinking to guide the reader towards observing, understanding, and communicating the needs of children to foster a supportive environment.

    Presented in accessible, everyday language, this book takes a holistic approach of looking at a child from what makes them a unique person, what activities they are trying to accomplish, and what environment they are in. Each chapter helps readers identify, describe, and clearly articulate a different aspect of the child’s environment and how it may affect them, the way that they process different sensory inputs, what their behaviors may be telling us, and how they learn. By recognizing each child’s unique story and effectively communicating their story to others, the reader can identify the most effective ways to support a child to meet a child’s needs and set them up for success.

    Therapists, educators, parents, and childcare workers will all benefit from the simple strategies outlined in this book to enrich a child’s learning.

    1. Introduction; 2. Occupational Therapy; 3. Understanding the Caregiver; 4. Understanding the Child; 5. Acknowledging the Sensory World; 6. Understanding How Children Learn; 7. Understanding Behaviours; 8. Helping a Child Find Balance; 9. Integrating into the Environment;10. Influence of Family/Caregiver Support; 11. Collaborative Problem Solving; 12. Communication with the School;13. Communication with Health Care Providers; 14. Conclusion; Bibliography; Appendix A; Index


    Sabrina E. Adair, MScOT, is a practicing occupational therapist, a mom to four unique and beautiful children, and a passionate advocate for parent empowerment.

    "Understanding a Child the Occupational Therapy Way is compelling and innovative in its focus on celebrating each child and how they experience the world, learn, and behave. Sabrina Adair has written a unique resource for students and parents, explaining complex concepts about development and occupational therapy clearly. She shares cogent stories to illustrate how the interrelationships between a child, their activities and their environment shape their participation in daily life. Building on solid conceptual frameworks, the book illustrates state-of the-art strategies to utilize a child’s strengths to facilitate change and help them reach their potential." — Mary Law, OC, PhD, Professor Emerita, McMaster University

    "This is a fabulous book for parents and other caregivers. Warm, wise, and compassionate, this book equips parents with in-depth knowledge and essential insights that helps them better understand and help their often complex and always wonderful children using the proven holistic and loving approach that the most effective occupational therapists use to help their young clients and families flourish and thrive." — Lindsey Biel, OTR/L, Occupational Therapist; co-author, Raising a Sensory Smart Child; author, Sensory Processing Challenges: Effective Clinical Work with Kids and Teens

    "As a parent to two young children with diverse and varying needs, I found this book to be a very helpful, informative, and enlightening read. It helped me to shift my focus from the challenge or difficult behavior my child might be exhibiting, to the root cause, and how I can best support my child. It encourages us as parents to ask more questions before we react. This book has helped me to look at my children as whole, complete people, and to guide and clarify my own role as their parent." —Pippa Elliott, mom of two children ages 4 and 6

    "Tired of fragmented approaches? Sabrina empowers families and professionals to see the whole and foster a shared vision. Her practical section on collaborating ensures everyone including the child, is working together in the child’s best interest. Families and professionals will be excited to delve in and find what works for each unique child and their unique situation. With a shared understanding and vision we can work together to ‘understand a child – to create a world where they belong.’" — Hilary Diouf, BA Social Studies, Certified Positive Discipline Trainer