1st Edition

Unsaturated Soils, Two Volume Set Experimental Studies in Unsaturated Soils and Expansive Soils (Vol. 1) & Theoretical and Numerical Advances in Unsaturated Soil Mechanics (Vol. 2)

    Unsaturated soil mechanics is now increasingly recognized as an integral part of mainstream soil mechanics, and the importance and relevance of unsaturated soil mechanics for the broad field of geotechnical engineering no longer needs to be emphasized. The two volumes making up Unsaturated soils include papers from the 4th Asia Pacific Conference on Unsaturated Soils (Newcastle, NSW, Australia, 23-25 November 2009). Experimental Studies in Unsaturated Soils and Expansive Soils contains contributions which describe field and laboratory studies in unsaturated soils and expansive soils. The keynote and overview lectures, and the contributions on theoretical and numerical advances in the field, are published in the companion volume, Theoretical and Numerical Advances in Unsaturated Soil Mechanics. Both volumes will proof to be invaluable to academics and research students in unsaturated soil mechanics.

    Experimental Studies in Unsaturated Soils and Expansive Soils
    Mechanical characterization
    Unconfined compressive strengths of unsaturated soil prepared from slurry, M. Shimizu and K. Kageyama
    Volume change of slurry-consolidated expansive clay under suction controlled triaxial
    testing conditions,
    Muawia A. Dafalla and Mosleh A. Al-Shamrani
    Effects of matric suction and loading rate on the stiffness-strain behaviour of kaolin, T.T. Nyunt, E.C. Leong, and H. Rahardjo
    On the preparation of soil samples with variable degrees of bonding, M.A. Hezmi, S.J. Wheeler, and D. Gallipoli
    The effects of anisotropy on the mechanical behaviour of unsaturated kaolin, V. Sivakumar, J.L. Brown, J.A. Black, and D. Glynn
    Small strain behavior of unsaturated plastic material in suction control RCTS test, M. Biglari, A. d’Onofrio, C. Mancuso, A. Shafiee, and M.K. Jafari
    One-dimensional compression behavior of unsaturated Shirasu, R. Shiraishi, Y. Takemura, E.C. Leong, K. Tateyama, and R. Kitamura
    Influence of microstructures on the mechanical properties of unsaturated clays, N. Kochmanova and H. Tanaka
    Characterisation, mechanical and microstructural behaviour of an unsaturated silt, G. McCloskey, M. Sanchez, and E. Romero
    Mechanical properties of methane hydrate-bearing sand and its deformation during dissociation of methane hydrate, M. Hyodo, Y. Nakata, N. Yoshimoto, J. Yoneda, and R.P. Orense
    Cyclic loading
    Cyclic behaviour of unsaturated silt in suction-controlled simple shear apparatus, K.B. Chin, E.C. Leong, and H.Rahardjo
    Performance of clay fill under repeated loading, P. Cairns, V. Sivakumar and R. Thom
    Measurement of volume response of unsaturated soils in cyclic triaxial testing, D. Hu, S.R. Lo, N. Khalili, S. Kacavenda, and C. Patel
    Structural changes of compacted marls subjected to suction cycles, R. Cardoso and E.E. Alonso
    On the volumetric response of a compacted clay subjected to wetting and drying cycles, A. Ferrari, C. Airo Farulla, and E. Romero
    Shear strength and shear stiffness
    Study on dynamic structural characteristics of unsaturated loess in different regions, Y. Luo, Z. Wang, and Y. Yang
    Effects of suction on elastic shear modulus for unsaturated soil, S. Kawajiri, S. Kato, S. Shibuya, and T. Kawaguchi
    Evaluation of apparent cohesion of an unsaturated soil, T. Nishimura, H. Toyota, and J. Koseki
    Strength behavior of undisturbed volcanic cohesive soil under unsaturated conditions, Y. Kiyohara, M. Kazama, and R. Uzuoka
    Comparison between the measured and predicted shear strength behaviour of four unsaturated sands, S.K. Vanapalli, and F. Lacasse
    Shear strength of unsaturated sand under plane strain conditions, J. Alabdullah, Y. Lins and T. Schanz
    Application of suction stress to shear strength in direct shear test for unsaturated soil under low confining pressure, B.S. Kim, S. Shibuya, and S. Kato
    The influence of drying on the small strain shear modulus for static compacted Boom clay, V. Merchan, J. Vaunat, and E. Romero
    Thermal effects
    Influence of heating and water-exposure on liquid limit of GMZ01 and MX80 bentonite, Y.-M. Liu
    Effect of temperature changing during curing periods on strength gain of lime treated soil, A.A. Nasrizar, M. Muttharam, and K. Ilamparuthi
    Influence of freeze-thaw action on soil water characteristics of crushable volcanic coarse-grained soil, T. Ishikawa, K. Ito, and S. Miura
    Development of experimental methods
    A calibration chamber for unsaturated soils, M. Pournaghiazar, A. Russell, and N. Khalili
    Development of method to measure degree of saturation of various sandy model grounds by image analysis, N. Yoshimoto, K. Nishio, Y. Nakata, M. Hyodo, and R.P. Orense
    Development of triaxial apparatus for permeability test of unsaturated soil using pressure membrane method, T. Tokoro, T. Ishikawa, and S. Miura
    Variations in mid-plane pore water pressure and anisotropic shear stiffness during suction equalization, J. Xu and C.W.W. Ng
    Performance of Modified Volumetric Pressure Plate, KunSun Yoo and H. Rahardjo
    Soil water characteristic curve and suction measurement
    Experimental study of the soil-water characteristics of a decomposed soil using the relative humidity (RH) control technique, A.K. Leung and C.W.W. Ng
    Use of CO2 gas to improve saturation of High Capacity Tensiometer (HCT), A.S. Acikel and C. Mancuso
    Issues for calibration of thermal dissipation sensors for measuring matric suction, A. Sawangsuriya, C.H. Benson, and X. Wang
    Evaluation of filter paper calibrations for laboratory estimating of soil suctions, K.V. Bicalho, G.W. Nunes, F.A.M. Marinho, J.-M. Fleureau, A. Gomes Correia, and S. Ferreira
    Direct measurement of the relationships between total soil suction, free strain and moisture content, N.S. Beal
    Laboratory versus field SWCC data, D.J. Williams
    Use of SWCCs to describe the dewatering of product coal, D.J. Williams
    Main factors affecting soil-water characteristic curve, D.A. Sun and J. Li
    Soil water characteristic curve and consolidation of fine grained soils, Y. Al-Badran and T. Schanz
    SWCCs and permeability functions for coarse-grained soils, L.M. Zhang, X. Li, and D.G. Fredlund
    Soil water characteristic curves of expansive clays of Chennai, K. Premalatha and Pa. Suriya
    Soil-water retention curves of some silty soils and their relations to fabrics, A. Jotisankasa, H. Vathananukij, and M.R. Coop
    Experiences gained using various axis translation technique apparatus to determine soil water retention curve, X. Zhang, M. Mavroulidou, M.J. Gunn, and Z. Cabarkapa
    Field testing and slope stability
    Field measurements and their numerical simulations for infiltration and evaporation behaviour in unsaturated soil, S. Widiastuti, Y. Matsuzaki, R. Kitamura, and Y. Miyamoto
    Conductivity test on fissures development in unsaturated expansive soil, L. Chen, Y.K. Gong, Y. Liang, and M.J. Gao
    An in situ investigation of the swell-shrinkage behaviour of clayey soils, M. Chretien and R. Fabre
    Tree water use, soil suctions and reference evapotranspiration in a semi-arid climate, D.A. Cameron and K.G. Mills
    In situ measurement of the soil moisture content profile at a decomposed granite cut-slope, A. Tohari and M. Nishigaki
    Seismic response of partially saturated slopes, R.P. Orense, N. Yoshimoto, and M. Hyodo
    Rainfall infiltration in cracked soil and its effect on slope stability analysis, H. Zhang and W.W. Zhang
    Alternative measures for soil slope stability using capillary barrier of soil, T. Morii, Y. Takeshita, M. Inoue, and S. Matsumoto
    Horizontal drains in residual soil slopes, V.A. Santoso, H. Rahardjo, E.C. Leong, Y.S. Ng, and C.P.H. Tam
    Pore-water pressure characteristics of two instrumented residual soil slopes, H. Rahardjo, V.A. Santoso, E.C. Leong, Y.S. Ng, and C.P.H. Tam
    Remediation of a creeping slope comprised of highly expansive clays, M.B. Addison
    Field test for expansive soil slope reinforcement by covering geo-membrane on slope surface, J.P. Yuan, J.H. Wu, and Z.Z. Yin
    Expansive soils and collapsible soils
    Study of permeability and seepage deformation of unsaturated expansive soils, L. Miao, Y. Cui, and H. Pan
    Mechanism and magnitude of collapse settlement in sands and clays, R.A. Moyle, G.A. Hackney, and P.G. Redman
    Effectiveness of pre-wetting and pre-loading technique in solving wetting collapse settlement, M.J.Md. Noor, I.B. Mohamed Jais, and M.A. Hafez
    Characterising the collapsible response of an in-situ compacted silt, R. Gomez, E. Romero, A. Lloret, and J. Suriol
    A study of the Atterberg limits effects on the behavior of collapsing soils, K. Abbeche, F. Hammoud, and T. Ayadat
    Research on the expansion characteristics of Mengzi remolded expansive soil, Z.-q. Li, R.-l. Hu, and L.-C. Wang
    Hydro-mechanical characterisation of a compacted expansive clay by suction controlled oedometer tests A.N. Ta, A.M. Tang, and Y.J. Cui
    A large-scale infiltration test on compacted expansive clay, A.N. Ta, A.M. Tang, Y.J. Cui, and J. Thiriat
    Three-dimensional swelling pressure and chemical influence on deformation of a compacted bentonite, B. Qin and Z.H. Chen
    Swelling property and its anisotropy of reconstituted and undisturbed samples, M. Suzuki, K. Fujii, and J. Konishi
    Investigation of crack desiccation in soil from a flood protection embankment, A. Atique, M. Sanchez, and E. Romero
    Study on the mesostructural evolution of unsaturated special soils with CT-triaxial apparatus, Z.H. Chen, S.J. Wang, Y.Q. Zhu, and Z.H. Lu
    Cyclic swell-shrink behavior of lime column stabilized expansive soil, S. Bhuvaneshwari, R.G. Robinson, and S.R. Gandhi
    Shrinkage development during soil desiccation, S. Costa and J. Kodikara
    Consolidation behaviour of a desiccated expansive soil, B. Soundara and R.G. Robinson
    Bearing capacity and settlement behavior of a strip footing on an unsaturated coarse-grained soil, Y. Lins, T. Schanz, and S.K. Vanapalli
    Degradation of partially saturated argillaceous rocks: Influence on the stability of geotechnical structures, J.A. Pineda, M. De Gracia, and E. Romero
    Pre- and post-construction characterization of an embankment fill material, J.C. Rojas, C. Mancuso, and D. Danese
    Potential use of induced soil-water repellency technique to improve the performance of landfill’s alternative final cover systems, E. Dell’Avanzi, A.P. Guizelini, W.R. da Silva, and L.M. Nocko
    An evaluation of horizontal membrane barriers in controlling longitudinal cracking: Final comments, C.R. Clarke and J.B. Nevels, Jr.
    Overview of the swelling problem in relation to injection of expanding resin in expansive soils, O.P. Buzzi, S.G. Fityus, and S.W. Sloan
    Unsaturated behaviour of tailings during deposition and desiccation cycles with reference to closure design, P.J. Chapman, D.J. Williams, and T.K. Rohde
    Application of vacuum and surcharge preloading combined method for soft ground improvement in City Ring Expressway of Ningpo,  M.J. Gao, Y.H. Chen, T. Zhang, and Y.B. Gao
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    Theoretical and Numerical Advances in Unsaturated Soil Mechanics
    Keynotes and overview lectures
    Constitutive modeling: From isothermal to non-isothermal behavior of unsaturated soils, Y.-J. Cui, and D.A. Sun
    Elasto-viscoplastic constitutive modeling of the swelling process of unsaturated clay, F. Oka, S. Kimoto, Y. Higo, and H. Feng
    Coupled THMC modeling of unsaturated swelling clays: Constitutive formulation and boundary value problems, L do N. Guimaraes, A. Gens, M. Sanchez, and S. Olivella
    What’s up with clay and water molecules? A view into molecular interactions and molecular responses in swelling clays, D.R. Katti, K.S. Katti, and S.M. Pradhan
    Effective stress and drying response in a double porosity aggregated soil, N. Khalili, and A. Bagherieh
    The mega South-to-North Water Transfer Project in China – Unsaturated soil mechanics aspects, C.W.W. Ng, J. Xu, and L.T. Zhan
    Laboratory characterization of unsaturated soils for slope stability studies, H. Rahardjo, E.C. Leong, and R.B. Rezaur
    Shear strength of unsaturated soils and its applications in geotechnical engineering practice, S.K. Vanapalli
    Paradigm shifts to facilitate the practice of unsaturated soil mechanics, D.G. Fredlund
    Some issues in constitutive modelling of unsaturated soils, A. Gens
    Constitutive modelling of unsaturated soils
    Modeling of suction effect on fabric yielding and kinematic hardening of reconstituted soils, C. Zhou
    Numerical study of a new THM damage model for unsaturated geomaterials, C. Arson and B. Gatmiri
    A bounding surface plasticity-type model on unsaturated soils, M. Morvan, H. Wong and D. Branque
    A cyclic plasticity model for unsaturated geo-materials, Y. Kohgo
    A unified constitutive model for unsaturated soils based on Generalized Plasticity Theory, D. Manzanal, M. Pastor, and J.A. Fernandez Merodo
    A new approach to constitutive modelling of unsaturated soils using evolutionary polynomial regression, A.A. Javadi, A. Johari, A. Ahangar-Asr, A. Faramarzi, and D.G. Toll
    Generalised elasto-plastic stress-strain and modified suction-degree of saturation relations of a fully coupled model
    M. Lloret, M. Sanchez, and S.J. Wheeler
    Modelling of overconsolidated unsaturated soils, A. Tsiampousi, L. Zdravkovic, and D.M. Potts
    Extension of the Barcelona Basic Model considering subloading concept, M.P. Cordao-Neto, M. Sanchez, M. Karstunen, and M.M. de Farias
    Insights into the links between microstructure and Bishop’s χ parameter for unsaturated soils, J.M. Pereira and E.E. Alonso
    Critical state behaviour of a compacted unsaturated silty clay, A.R. Bagherieh, G. Habibagahi, and A. Ghahramani
    Gas diffusion coefficient in variably saturated peat soil: Measurements and test of prediction models, K. Kawamoto, M. Unno, K. Iiduka, P. Moldrup, and T. Komatsu
    Implementation and numerical modelling of unsaturated soils
    Comparison of explicit and implicit integration schemes for the Barcelona Basic Model, W.T. Sołowski, M. Hofmann, and G. Hofstetter
    A finite element simulator for mechanical behavior of unsaturated earth structures exposed to evaporation and moisturization, S.-I. Kanazawa, K. Kawai, A. Iizuka, S. Ohno, S. Tachibana, P. Thirapong, and T. Takeyama
    Numerical simulation of an expressway embankment slope failure, Y. Nakata, D. Liu, M. Hyodo, N. Yoshimoto, and Y. Kato
    Numerical modeling on parametric study of multi-layer caps to restrict oxygen transport over mine waste, H. Kim and C.H. Benson
    Finite element evaluation of deep-seated swell, K.D. Walsh, S.L. Houston, W.N. Houston, and A.M. Harraz
    Shear strength and stiffness of unsaturated soils
    A simple model for predicting the shear modulus of unsaturated sandy soils, W.T. Oh and S.K. Vanapalli
    Elastic wave propagation in unsaturated soils; theoretical extensions, I. Ashayeri, M. Kamalian and M.K. Jafari
    Evaluation of shear strength equations for unsaturated soil, S.G. Goh, H. Rahardjo, and E.C. Leong
    Impact of stress state on the dynamic shear modulus of unsaturated, compacted soils during drying, A. Khosravi and J.S. McCartney
    A comparative study of shear strength equations for unsaturated soils, D. Sheng and A.N. Zhou
    Establishing unique relationship between minimum mobilised friction angle and axial strain for anisotropic soil settlement model, I.B. Mohamed Jais and M.J.Md. Noor
    Soil-water-environment interactions
    Predictions of temperature and water content changes due to ground-atmospheric interactions, K.V. Bicalho and Y.J. Cui
    A soil water characteristic curve transfer function of sands, E. Imre, K. Rajkai, R. Genovese, and S. Fityus
    Estimation of water characteristic curve based on the measurement of drying characteristic curve of unsaturated sandy soil, K. Kamiya and M. Inoue
    Evaluation of pedotransfer functions for soil-water characteristic curves of Japanese sandy soils, M. Tani, E.C. Leong, and K. Tateyama
    Effect of soil hydraulic conductivity on slope stability at a hillslope of weathered granitic soil formation, M. Mukhlisin and M.R. Taha
    Modelling of the water phase in unsaturated soils, Y. Wang, G. Wu, and C. Melbourne
    Empirical evaluation of the relationship between rainfalls and the degree of saturation of shallow soils, R. Valentino, L. Montrasio, and G.L. Losi
    Basis for a coupled flow-deformation model in unsaturated soils, M. Oeser and N. Khalili
    Coupled problem of saturated-unsaturated seepage flow and internal erosion of soils, K. Fujisawa, D. Niina, A. Murakami, and S. Nishimura
    A consideration on the fitting parameter of KITA-SAKO model, K. Sako and R. Kitamura
    Influence of the temperature on the water content curves: A micromechanical approach, X. Chateau and T.B. Viet
    Volume change behaviour of unsaturated soils
    Analysis of the collapse behaviour of a natural soil by using the Barcelona Basic Model, M.M.A. Mascarenha, M.P. Cordao Neto, P. Murrieta, and E. Romero
    Yielding surface model of volume change characteristics for unsaturated fine grained soils, Y. Al-Badran and T. Schanz
    Collapse behavior simulation of granular material under general stress state with three dimensional DEM analyses, S. Kato, M.S. Jung, Y. Kuriyama, J.G. Chae, and T. Sakakibara
    Yield stress and volume change behaviour of unsaturated soils, A.N. Zhou and D. Sheng
    Evolution of the compaction process: Experimental study – preliminary results, N. Kurucuk, J. Kodikara and D.G. Fredlund
    Applications of unsaturated soils
    Effects of reservoir level fluctuations on embankment stability based on the constitutive model of unsaturated soils, C. Yong, L. Defu, and W. Shimei
    Modified slope stability analysis for estimation of change in apparent cohesion, E. Calo, Y. Inagaki, R. Kitamura, and K. Sako
    Modeling of shallow slope failure using curved-surface envelope extended Mohr-Coulomb model, M.J.Md. Noor, B.A. Hadi, and M.A. Hafez
    Slope stability charts for shallow rainfall induced slope failure, M.J.Md. Noor, I.B. Mohamed Jais, and B.A. Hadi
    Influence of suction on the bearing capacity, Z. Cabarkapa
    Lateral earth pressure on a wall in expansive soils, G.T. Hong, C.P. Aubeny, and R.L. Lytton
    The MUSE network: Research outcomes, D.G. Toll, D. Gallipoli, C.E. Augarde, V. De Gennaro, C. Mancuso,
    A. Tarantino, J. Vaunat, and S.J. Wheeler
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    Buzzi, Olivier; Fityus, S.; Sheng, D.