176 Pages
    by Routledge

    176 Pages
    by Routledge

    Translators want to take their readers into account, but traditional translation theory does not offer much advice on how to do that. User-Centered Translation (UCT) offers practical tools and methods to help empower translators to act for their readers. This book will help readers to:

    • Create mental models such as personas;
    • Test translations with usability testing methods;
    • Carry out reception research.

    Including assignments, case studies and real-life scenarios ranging from the translation of user instructions and EU texts to literary and audiovisual translation, this is an essential guide for students, translators and researchers.

    1. Introduction: A Proposal for a User-Centered Model of Translation  2. Usability and User Experience  3. Users and Using Texts  4 Textual Elements of Usability  5. Mental Models of the User  6. Usability Heuristics and Translation  7. Empirical Usability Methods  8. Reception Research in Translation Studies  9. User-Centered Translation in the Translation Industry  10. Conclusion


    Tytti Suojanen is Senior Lecturer and Head of Technical Communications Programme at University of Tampere, Finland

    Kaisa Koskinen is Professor of Translation Studies, University of Eastern Finland, Finland

    Tiina Tuominen is Acting Professor of Translation Studies, University of Tampere, Finland