1st Edition

Using Lean for Faster Six Sigma Results A Synchronized Approach

    176 Pages
    by Productivity Press

    Which is the right approach for effective continuous improvement? While much has been written on merging Lean and Six Sigma initiatives, this is the first book to detail a logical alternative - a no-nonsense strategy for maintaining the best of both initiatives without diluting either.

    In Using Lean for Faster Six Sigma Results, Mark Nash, Sheila Poling, and Sophronia Ward lay out the differences between Lean and Six Sigma, define the distinct power and focus of each, and detail why and how to use them together in a synchronized and complementary way. While Lean focuses on the elimination of waste, Six Sigma addresses variability and reliability. Organizations that initiate Lean early in their continuous improvement efforts create culture change, immediate results, and streamlined processes, paving the way for faster and more effective Six Sigma results.

    This practical, easy read shows how to choose the right projects, approach, people, and toolset to achieve bottom-line results faster. Readers will benefit from the authors' years of experience implementing Lean with Six Sigma, through detailed case studies from both manufacturing and service companies.
    If you are struggling with the dilemma of how to integrate Lean and Six Sigma, or deciding which approach to use, read this practical, down-to-earth book to inspire and guide your strategy.

    Chapter 1. Purpose of a Lean or Six Sigma Initiative
    Chapter 2. The Power and Focus of Lean
    Chapter 3. The Power and Focus of Six Sigma
    Chapter 4. Lean and Six Sigma ARE Different Initiatives
    Chapter 5. Creating the Culture for Successful Change
    Chapter 6. Faster Six Sigma Results come from a Lean Culture
    Chapter 7. Lean or Six Sigma: Applying the Right Methodology
    Chapter 8. The Two-Pronged Approach: Synchronizing and Six Sigma
    Chapter 9. Beyond Lean and Six Sigma: From Project Focused to Future Focus Improvement


    Mark Nash (Author) ,  Sheila R. Poling (Author) ,  Sophronia Ward (Author)