3rd Edition

Using Music to Enhance Student Learning A Practical Guide for Elementary Classroom Teachers

    382 Pages 171 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    382 Pages 171 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Using Music to Enhance Student Learning: A Practical Guide for Elementary Classroom Teachers, Third Edition, provides Elementary Education students with the tools and pedagogical skills they need to integrate music into the general education classroom setting. The goal of this interdisciplinary approach is to increase student engagement in Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies—with minimal music theory involved—while stimulating social and emotional development. Supported by current research in an ever-changing field, the strategies and methods collected here are suitable for pre- and in-service teachers alike, highlighting intuitive musical pathways that are effective in maintaining a student’s attention, building motivation, and enhancing learning in all subjects.

    New to this edition:

    • A new chapter—"The Brain Connection"—detailing music’s impact on learning
    • Updated listening maps, unique to Using Music to Enhance Student Learning and its teaching method
    • A revised and comprehensive songbook as an appendix—no longer a separate booklet
    • Updated listening examples to reflect diverse populations
    • Modified references throughout to account for recent research

    A robust companion website features full-color animated listening maps, streaming audio tracks, sample syllabi and quizzes, assignment rubrics, links for additional resources, and more. Ideal for promoting learning experiences in both music and general classroom subjects, Using Music to Enhance Student Learning presents musical integration strategies that are practical, efficient, and easy to infuse into standard curricula.

    SECTION I. GETTING STARTED / Chapter 1. Organizing for Successful Teaching / Chapter 2. The Brain Connection / Chapter 3. A Framework for Teaching and Learning / Chapter 4. Inside the Music: The Basic Elements of Music / SECTION II. SOMOS MÚSICOS: DOING WHAT MUSICIANS DO / Chapter 5. Listening / Chapter 6. Performing / Chapter 7. Creating / SECTION III. INTEGRATING MUSIC INTO THE CLASSROOM / Chapter 8. Using Music to Enhance Learning in Language Arts / Chapter 9. Using Music to Enhance Learning in Science / Chapter 10. Using Music to Enhance Learning in Math / Chapter 11. Using Music to Enhance Learning in Social Studies / Chapter 12. Relating Music to the Other Arts / Chapter 13. Favorite Teaching Tips / Appendix 1. Songbook / Appendix 2. Songs for Recorder and Guitar / Appendix 3. Resources / Appendix 4. Sample Assignments / Appendix 5. Worksheets and Scale Practice / Appendix 6. Glossary / Appendix 7. Listening Maps


    Jana R. Fallin, PhD, was Professor of Music and Division Chair of Music Education at Kansas State University and was awarded the Coffman Chair for Distinguished Teaching Scholars in 2002. She is the former Director of the Center for Teaching & Learning at Kansas State University.

    Mollie Gregory Tower served 21 years as a Music Supervisor for Austin ISD. She taught in the School of Music at Texas State University and is founder of the Music Memory Program.

    Debbie Tannert taught elementary music in Austin ISD and currently teaches at Texas State University and St. Edward’s University.

    "Providing an excellent balance of necessary skills and methodology for teaching music in the elementary classroom, in addition to a wealth of useable and valuable materials, Using Music to Enhance Student Learning is current and modern with realistic expectations and strategies focusing on the use of music in the classroom, while maintaining the musical integrity."

    Sue Metz, Associate Professor of Music, Sacramento State University

    "This book is completely full of wisdom and understanding. You are indeed fortunate if you are going to study and benefit from this book. Thank you to the authors for compiling and sharing their knowledge of children, music, and education."

    Susan Smith, Collingswood Public Schools

    "Using Music to Enhance Student Learning is a wonderful resource for music methods classes. Students love the connections the authors make to other curriculums and the hands-on experiences to gain a better understanding of music."

    Connie Hale, Winthrop University