1st Edition

Using the Expressive Arts with Children and Young People Who Have Experienced Loss A Pocket Guide

By Juliette Ttofa Copyright 2021

    This guidebook has been created to be used alongside the storybook, The Girl Who Lost the Light in Her Eyes. Using a relational approach, it explores the themes of the story and offers guidance to the adult as they use expressive arts to give the child or young person a creative outlet for their emotions. The gentle guidance offered makes this an ideal tool for non-specialists working with children experiencing loss or bereavement. It guides the adult to respond appropriately and sensitively to the grief of the child, whilst helping them journey through the grieving process.

    This book must be used alongside the illustrated storybook, The Girl Who Lost the Light in Her Eyes. Both books are available to purchase as a set, Supporting Children and Young People Who Experience Loss. The full set includes:

    The Girl Who Lost the Light in Her Eyes, a colourfully illustrated and sensitively written storybook, designed to encourage conversation and support emotional literacy.

    Using the Expressive Arts with Children and Young People Who Experience Loss, a supporting guidebook that explores a relational approach and promotes creative expression as a way through loss or bereavement.

    Perfectly crafted to spark communication around a difficult topic, this is an invaluable tool for practitioners, educators, parents, and anybody else looking to support a child or young person through loss or bereavement.

    Introduction  About Loss  Helping Children and Young People Through Loss  Working non-Directively Using the Expressive Arts  Using the Expressive Arts Directively  Using the Expressive Arts S.A.F.E.L.Y  And Finally … A Brave New World  References


    Juliette Ttofa is a specialist educational psychologist with a long-standing interest in the complex issues surrounding trauma, attachment needs and emotional resilience.

    She specialises in supporting children and young people, their schools and families in understanding and responding to social, emotional and mental health needs through training, therapeutic support, and assessment and consultancy.

    She is a Registered Sandplay Therapist and is passionate about using the expressive arts to support the mental health and wellbeing of all children and young people.