1st Edition

Value Engineering A Plan for Invention

By Richard Park Copyright 1999

    After more than 50 years as a manager and VE pioneer, Richard J. Park presents Value Engineering: A Plan for Invention. Park demonstrates how to adopt VE as a thinking process that can enable you to increase your problem solving skills, cultivate innovation, reduce costs, improve productivity, and more.


    BACKGROUND: Fire to Fight
    MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS: Tools for the Toolbox
    THE TOOLBOX: The Application Benefit Matrix
    COST AND ITS ELEMENTS: The Driving Force
    Goals and Objectives
    Components of Cost and Price
    Cost Analysis-Methods and Applications
    Benchmarking, Pareto and Comparative Analysis
    Cost as a Measurement Tool, Models and Criterial Analysis
    Cost Estimates and Time
    Cost Reduction-Risks and Benefits
    FUNCTION, The Foundation of Clarity
    Function is the Key
    The Link-Function and Creativity
    Define the Function
    VALUE, A Matter of Opinion
    History and Meaning of Value
    Economic and Social Value
    Measuring Economic Value
    Defining and Measuring Social Value
    Determining and Setting Values
    Motivation and Value
    Value, an Opinion
    QUALITY, A Major Component of Value
    Measuring Quality
    Quality and Profit
    Quality and Value
    COMMUNICATIONS, a Two-Way Street
    Information Collection
    Listening-Restrictive Habits and How to Improve Body Language and Facial Expressions
    Meetings and Productivity
    MOTIVATION, Different Things Move Different People
    Why We Act-Pleasure and Pain
    Awareness to Our Environment
    Wants and Needs: Conflicts With Management Goals
    Motivation-Action and Reaction
    Maslow, and Graves
    Stress, Action and Reaction
    TEAMS AND TEAMWORK, A Synthesized Knowledge Group
    Why a Team?-The Specialist Society
    Team Composition and Structure to Compensate for The Specialist Society
    Team Building and Development
    Outlook and Goals
    Ideas and Action
    Group Problem-Solving and its Benefits
    CREATIVITY, The Innate Drive to Change
    Meaning and Definition
    The Environment-Need, Potential, and Conflict
    The Individual
    The Creative Process
    Blocks to Creativity
    Creativity Boosters
    Creative Games
    VALUE ENGINEERING, a Total System
    Performance and Function
    The Job Plan-A Step-by-Step Process
    The Argus System-A Logical Organization Method
    Decision Making-Screening and Evaluation of Alternatives
    Concept Identification and Development
    Recommendations to Management
    ORGANIZATION AND IMPLEMENTATION: Organization of the Basic Elements Into a Practical System
    Goal for Achievement
    Understand the Principles
    Develop an Organization
    Education-Management and Staff
    Project Selection
    Keep Score
    EXAMPLES, Winning Results
    Manufacturing Process
    Resource Consumption
    Product Analysis
    Organization Analysis
    Community Affairs
    Personal Planning


    Park, Richard

    "Park's book gives you useful tools to approach complex problems in systems or components, but more importantly he encourages you to approach those problems from a new point of view.

    His techniques take you step by step away from the old ways of problem solving which gave us old types of solutions. His way of approaching things forces you to look at the same issues from a new perspective, something required for breakthrough discoveries." -Jeffery B Higgs, Executive Vice President - Corporate Planning, Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group

    "By far the most comprehensive book and the best primer on Value Engineering available. The Catalog of Functions included in the Appendix alone is worth the price of the book to the Value Engineering veteran as well as someone new to the process."-E. R. Heussner, President
    Comp-U-Tense , Inc.

    "This is a marvelous, well-written understandable book. It is just what Value Engineering (VE) has needed.
    It brings VE into the modern world and shows VE to be essential to today's business and social environment."-John H. F. Hoving, Sr. Vice President, Ret. Federated Department Stores, SAVE International Counsel

    "The VE process provides the disciplined technique required to challenge basic assumptions that limit insights necessary for innovative breakthroughs.

    Mr. Park has defined the concepts and provided examples, which facilitate technical problem solving and stimulate critical analysis required in evaluations and decisions we make daily."-Richard Darios, Training and Development Specialist