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    by CRC Press

    Vanilla is a legacy of Mexico and, like chocolate, it is a major global delicacy representing almost a half-billion Euros in profits each year. Written under the editorial guidance of renowned field authorities Drs. Eric Odoux and Michel Grisoni, Vanilla presents up-to-date reviews on the cultivation, curing, and uses of vanilla. It provides unique and comprehensive coverage of the biology of the vanilla vine, the properties of its aromatic beans, and production processes worldwide.

    Written by 45 International Experts with Vast Experience in their Respective Fields

    This globally relevant resource discusses biotechnology aimed at finding novel production methods of vanilla and horticultural studies for improving yields and increasing plant resistance. It analyzes entomological issues related to pollination, studies on the chemistry and biochemistry of the curing process, and the advanced analytical chemistry needed to identify adulterations such as vanillin-spiked pods and synthetic vanillin. It also explores the relationship between fruit development anatomy and flavor quality.

    Vanilla is a universally appreciated flavor that is consumed worldwide. This book will no doubt serve for many years to come as the definitive resource on the topic and the standard reference for those interested in this delicate crop, including producers, flavorists, researchers, and consumers.

    Vanilloid Orchids: Systematics and Evolution Kenneth M. Cameron
    Evolutionary Processes and Diversification in the Genus Vanilla
    Séverine Bory, Spencer Brown, Marie-France Duval, and Pascale Besse
    Conservation and Movement of Vanilla Germplasm
    Michel Roux-Cuvelier and Michel Grisoni
    Vanilla in Herbaria
    Marc Pignal
    Biotechnological Applications in Vanilla
    Minoo Divakaran, K. Nirmal Babu, and Michel Grisoni
    Cultivation Systems
    Juan Hernández Hernández and Pesach Lubinsky
    Virus Diseases of Vanilla
    Michel Grisoni, Michael Pearson, and Karin Farreyrol
    Fungal Diseases of Vanilla
    Mesak Tombe and Edward C.Y. Liew
    Bio-Ecology and Control of an Emerging Vanilla Pest, the Scale Conchaspis angraeci
    Serge Quilici, Agathe Richard, and Kenny Le Roux
    Anatomy and Biochemistry of Vanilla Bean Development (Vanilla planifolia G. Jackson)
    Fabienne Lapeyre-Montes, Geneviève Conéjéro,Jean-Luc Verdeil, and Eric Odoux
    Vanilla Curing
    Eric Odoux
    Developing the Aromatic Quality of Cured Vanilla Beans
    Eric Odoux
    Morphological, Chemical, Sensory, and Genetic Specificities of Tahitian Vanilla
    Sandra Lepers-Andrzejewski, Christel Brunschwig,François-Xavier Collard, and Michel Dron
    Microbial Safety of Cured Vanilla Beans
    Samira Sarter
    Authentication of Vanilla Products
    Jens-Michael Hilmer, Franz-Josef Hammerschmidt, and Gerd Lösing
    Vanilla Use in Colonial Mexico and Traditional Totonac
    Patricia Rain and Pesach Lubinsky
    Vanilla’s Debt to Reunion Island
    Raoul Lucas
    Recognizing the Quality and Origin of Vanilla from Reunion Island: Creating a PGI "Vanille de L’île de la Réunion"
    Bertrand Côme
    Vanilla Production in Indonesia
    Robber Zaubin, Mesak Tombe, and Edward C.Y. Liew
    Vanilla Production in India
    Y.R. Sarma, Joseph Thomas, B. Sasikumar, and S. Varadarasan
    Vanilla Production in East Africa: Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, and Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo
    Clemens Fehr
    Vanilla Production in Mexico
    Juan Hernández Hernández and Pesach Lubinsky
    Vanilla Production in China
    Hengcang Zhou, Yunyue Wang, Hongyu Wang, Xurui, and Dexin Chen
    Vanilla Production in French Polynesia
    Sandra Lepers-Andrzejewski and Michel Dron


    Eric Odoux graduated in biochemistry and had a career in Cirad (French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development) since 1988. He successively worked on coffee, cocoa, aromatic plants and tropical fruits processing in Cameroun (and other West Africa Countries) and in France before to develop a research project on vanilla curing in 1996 in Reunion Island and Madagascar. His main research axis has focused on vanilla aroma development related to curing practices. He received his PhD degree in Food Sciences from University of Montpellier II (France) in 2004. His work led to research in partnership with industry, to consultancy reports and to scientific articles.

    Michel Grisoni graduated in agronomy and holds a PhD degree in Plant pathology from Montpellier SupAgro (France). He has been conducting a carreer as agro-virologist for CIRAD (French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development) since 1984 in Colombia, French Polynesia and Reunion Island. His research on vanilla focused primarilly on pests and diseases then moved towards the caracterization, preservation and development of genetic resources, in particular to improve the resistance of vanilla plants to diseases.

    He is presently in charge of a research program on "Vanilla genetics and certification" in Reunion Island and curator of the Vanilla collection of the Center of Biological Resources (VATEL).