1st Edition

Video Recording Technology Its Impact on Media and Home Entertainment

By Aaron Foisi Nmungwun Copyright 1989

    Video recording has recently become an important phenomenon. Although the majority of American homes have at least one video recording set, not much is known about video recording's past and about its continual effect on affiliated industries. This text documents the history of magnetic recording, stressing its importance in consumer as well as commercial applications from the advent of magnetism through the invention of such new technologies as Digital Audio Tape (DAT), High Definition Television (HDTV), and a multitude of sophisicated Digital Video Cassette Recorders.

    Contents: Introduction. Reproducing the Sound of the Living World. The Origin of Magnetic Recording. Introduction of Tape Development and the German Magnetophon. Nonmagnetic Methods of Recording Television. The Advent of the Videotape Recorder. The Home Video Revolution. VCR Market Growth. Videodisc Systems. Portable Video Recorders. The Impact of Video Technology on Related Industries.


    Aaron Foisi Nmungwun

    "...a very useful addition to the literature which, on this topic, is quite limited to date. The author explains often complex processes or equipment quite clearly."
    Communication Booknotes

    "The author provides an interesting and useful overview...it will serve well as a detailed sourcebook for persons teaching history of electronic media or anyone interested in a close look at the history, development and impact of the VCR."
    Journalism Quarterly