1st Edition

Views Beyond the Border Country Raymond Williams and Cultural Politics

Edited By Dennis Dworkin, Leslie Roman Copyright 1993
    376 Pages
    by Routledge

    378 Pages
    by Routledge

    This collection examines the influence of Raymond Williams on the work of radical intellectuals. It especially looks at the limitation of Williams' political vision and commitment.

    Introduction: The Cultural Politics of Location, Dennis L. Dworkin, Leslie G. Roman; Part I Culture Is Ordinary; Chapter 1 Autobiography and the “Structure of Feeling” in Border Country, Laura Di Michele; Chapter 2 Cultural Studies and the Crisis in British Radical Thought, Dennis L. Dworkin; Chapter 3 Placing the Occasion: Raymond Williams and Performing Culture, Loren Kruger; Chapter 4 Realisms and Modernisms: Raymond Williams and Popular Fiction, Jon Thompson; Part II Education from Below?; Chapter 5 Rebuilding Hegemony: Education, Equality, and the New Right, Michael W. Apple; Chapter 6 Raymond Williams, Affective Ideology, and Counter-Hegemonic Practices, Wendy Kohli; Chapter 7 Williams on Democracy and the Governance of Education, Fazal Rizvi; Chapter 8 “On the Ground” with Antiracist Pedagogy and Raymond Williams’s Unfinished Project to Articulate a Socially Transformative Critical Realism, Leslie G. Roman; Part III Culture’s Others: Culture or Cultural Imperialism?; Chapter 9 Raymond Williams and British Colonialism: The Limits of Metropolitan Cultural Theory, Gauri Viswanathan; Chapter 10 Country and City in a Postcolonial Landscape: Double Discourse and the Geo-Politics of Truth in Latin America, Julie Skurski, Fernando Coronil; Chapter 11 Raymond Williams and the Inhuman Limits of Culture, Forest Pyle; Chapter 12 Cultural Theory and the Politics of Location, R. Radhakrishnan;


    Dennis L. Dworkin, Leslie G. Roman