20 Pages
    by David Fulton Publishers

    This innovative series is designed to help teachers bring history topics to life through imaginative creative arts activities. Each pack includes 10 laminated, double-sided cards, printed in full color. Every card describes in detail activities that recreate aspects of life in a particular historical period, using art, drama and dance. All activities are based on historically researched authentic practices of the time. Ideal for whole class or small group sessions, the packs are an inspiration for busy teachers looking for new ways to approach project work at Key Stage 2 - and can also easily be used with Key Stage 1 classes.

    Viking activities in this pack include recreating a Viking celebration through drama and dance; writing kennings and drapas; making Viking jewelry, brooches and armbands; runic writing to recreate magical charms; dyeing wool with plants and weaving tapestries; Viking food - making festival loaves; and Viking games - morels and chess.

    1: Miniature messages; 2: Kennings and drapas; 3: A Viking celebration; 4: Building a settlement; 5: Jewellery; 6: Games; 7: Leather bags, runic charms; 8: Festival loaves; 9: Washing and dyeing wool; 10: Weaving and tapestries


    Jane Bower is a practising primary teacher and in service education provider based in Cambridge.