1st Edition

Virtual Educational Therapy A Case Study of Clinical Supports and Advocacy

By Marion E. Marshall Copyright 2023
    96 Pages 4 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Virtual Educational Therapy presents a board-certified educational therapist’s year-long case study of clinical supports and advocacy for a student with learning disabilities who is attending school remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic. With online and blended learning, now the norm in K–12 education, educational therapists need new models of intervention, treatment, and relationship-building for their child-age clients. This book offers detailed single-case research focused on a middle-school student who is learning virtually while challenged with ADHD as well as visual and verbal memory issues, but who is nonetheless found ineligible for special education services. Across eight chapters, author and renowned educational therapist Marion E. Marshall describes the neuropsychological principles, research-based techniques, personal interactions, clinical approaches, and advocacy efforts that led to a vulnerable student’s significant gains in academic skills and outcomes.

    1. The Case of MayaBackground 2. Engagement and Learning 3. Writing Beyond Her Direct Experience 4. More Sustained Reading and Writing 5. Applying Other Strategies 6. Superheroes & Greek Gods and Goddesses 7. The Final Three Months 8. The Case of Maya: Summary


    Marion E. Marshall, MS, BCET, FAET, is Emerita Professor, former Director of the Educational Therapy Program, and Founding Faculty Member in the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning at Holy Names University, USA. A Board-Certified Educational Therapist, Credentialed Special Educator, and Independent School Learning Specialist, she was Clinical Director of the Raskob Day School and Learning Institute in Oakland, California.

    "This is a marvelous and exemplary case study by an outstanding clinician. I’m blown away by the choice of case, the brilliant analysis of appropriate interventions, the author’s assessment and engagement with the client, and the splendid outcomes. A wonderfully useful and readable book and a huge contribution to educational therapy literature. What a gift to our training programs and budding practitioners!"
    Dorothy Ungerleider, Founding President of the Association of Educational Therapists (AET) and author of Educational Therapy in Action

    "Virtual Educational Therapy makes significant contributions to the practice of educational therapy for educational therapists at all levels. This case study is solidly based upon both the specifics of the individual case and on theory of how we do what we do. It is readable, engaging, and believable because of the authenticity of the client chosen and the timeliness of the methods used to address her needs, particularly given the concerns and demands we often face in virtual practice. Marion Marshall establishes a compelling narrative of the evolving treatment of her client while masterfully taking advantage of each teachable moment to inform her ET readers about research-based methods and principles of educational practice. As a bonus, she provides useful background on the mechanics and practice of IEP law at the District level, as it is relevant to this particular case. This book is a welcome and timely addition to the body of literature on educational therapy."
    Ann Parkinson Kaganoff, Board Certified Educational Therapist, Past President of the Association of Educational Therapists, and author of Best Practices in Educational Therapy

    "I absolutely love this book. More than a dry case study, it makes evident the author’s genuine connection to the student, Maya, and the creative ways in which she motivated, engaged, and taught her. Marion Marshall shares her thought processes so clearly, it is exemplary of what skilled educational therapy can achieve and how it differs from tutoring. Bravo!"
    Nan Freund, Board Certified Educational Therapist, Past President of the Association of Educational Therapists, and Founding Partner at Educational Services Associates

    "[Dr. Marion] Marshall beautifully describes the complex thinking, planning, and compassionate understanding involved in the educational therapy process as it evolves over time. The book focuses on the experience of one educational therapist with one student in a virtual environment and provides both insight and practical guidance. . . . This excellent and readable book is a valuable resource for educational therapists working with students virtually or in person and for college students or academic researchers interested in qualitative research methods."
    Kaye Ragland, Board Certified Educational Therapist and Past President of the Association of Educational Therapists, for The Educational Therapist (Volume 44, Number 1)