1st Edition

Virtues and Virtue Education in Theory and Practice Are Virtues Local or Universal?

Edited By Catherine A. Darnell, Kristján Kristjánsson Copyright 2021
    264 Pages
    by Routledge

    264 Pages
    by Routledge

    Virtues and Virtue Education in Theory and Practice explores questions about the locality versus the universality of virtues from a number of theoretical and practical perspectives. Written by leading international scholars in the field, it considers the relevance of these debates for the practice of virtue and character education.

    This volume brings together experts from education, philosophy, and psychology to consider how different disciplines might learn from each other and how insights from theory and practice can be integrated. It shows that questions about virtue relativity or universality have not only theoretical significance but also important practical ramifications. The chapters explore different complexities of virtue ethics and different approaches to nurturing virtue and beyond, questioning how well virtues travel across geographical and cultural borders.

    By examining the philosophical literature and making links between theory and practice in an original way, the book offers scholarly research-informed suggestions for practice. It will be of great interest to researchers and academics and students in educational philosophy, character education, ethics, and psychology.



    Introduction to the Volume

    Section One: Philosophical Issues

    Chapter 1: Moral Relativism and Virtue

    Christian Miller

    Chapter 2: Meeting the Challenges to the Universality of Virtue

    Jonathan Jacobs

    Chapter 3: Socratic Piety and the Universality of Virtue

    Randall Curren

    Chapter 4: Evaluative Attitudes as the Motivational Structures of Ethical Virtues

    Jonathan Webber

    Chapter 5: The Essential Sociality of Aristotelian Virtue

    Jennifer Rothschild

    Chapter 6: Neo-Aristotelianism, the Universality of Virtues, and the Challenge of Germline Genome Editing

    Nancy E. Snow

    Section Two: Psychological Issues

    Chapter 7: Morality as a Basic Psychological Need: Preliminary Evidence.

    Eranda Jayawickreme, Mike Prentice & William Fleeson

    Chapter 8: Virtue and the Specificity Principle: An Integrative Approach to Understanding Character.

    Elise D. Murray & Jonathan M. Tirrell

    Chapter 9: Diversity, Deviance, and Virtue within Imperfect Moral Communities.

    Jennifer Cole Wright

    Section Three: Practical and Educational Issues

    Chapter 10: Educating Virtues in a Plural World: MacIntyre, Williams, and Nussbum on Moral Education

    James MacAllister

    Chapter 11: Education and Upbringing in a Superdiverse Society: On the Cultivation of the Double Gaze

    Doret de Ruyter

    Chapter 12: Between the Local and Global: Placing the Virtuous Professional Practitioner in Context

    Sarah Banks

    Chapter 13: Social Work in a Pluralistic Society—Realising the Universal Claim of Phronesis

    Dieter Weber & Heidrun Wulfekühler

    Chapter 14: Local Virtues: The Case of the Circus

    Ron Beadle & Angus Robson

    Chapter 15: Confucian Virtue Ethics and Confucian Character EducationYi-Lin Chen



    Catherine A. Darnell is a Lecturer in Cognitive Psychology at the University of Birmingham, UK.

    Kristján Kristjánsson is Professor of Character Education and Virtue Ethics at the University of Birmingham, UK.