1st Edition

Visualizing Research A Guide to the Research Process in Art and Design

By Carole Gray, Julian Malins Copyright 2004

    Visualizing Research guides postgraduate students in art and design through the development and implementation of a research project, using the metaphor of a 'journey of exploration'. For use with a formal programme of study, from masters to doctoral level, the book derives from the creative relationship between research, practice and teaching in art and design. It extends generic research processes into practice-based approaches more relevant to artists and designers, introducing wherever possible visual, interactive and collaborative methods. The Introduction and Chapter 1 'Planning the Journey' define the concept and value of 'practice-based' formal research, tracking the debate around its development and explaining key concepts and terminology. ’Mapping the Terrain’ then describes methods of contextualizing research in art and design (the contextual review, using reference material); ’Locating Your Position’ and ’Crossing the Terrain’ guide the reader through the stages of identifying an appropriate research question and methodological approach, writing the proposal and managing research information. Methods of evaluation and analysis are explored, and of strategies for reporting and communicating research findings are suggested. Appendices and a glossary are also included. Visualizing Research draws on the experience of researchers in different contexts and includes case studies of real projects. Although written primarily for postgraduate students, research supervisors, managers and academic staff in art and design and related areas, such as architecture and media studies, will find this a valuable research reference. An accompanying website www.visualizingresearch.info includes multimedia and other resources that complement the book.

    Introduction; Chapter 1 Planning the journey: introduction to research in Art and Design; Chapter 2 Mapping the terrain: methods of contextualizing research; Chapter 3 Locating your position: orienting and situating research; Chapter 4 Crossing the terrain: establishing appropriate research methodologies; Chapter 5 Interpreting the map: methods of evaluation and analysis; Chapter 6 Recounting the journey: recognizing new knowledge and communicating research findings;


    Carole Gray is an artist, independent researcher and higher education consultant who works internationally.

    Julian Malins is Professor of Design Research at Norwich University of the Arts, Norfolk, UK, and CEO of Inntuito.

    Both have PhDs and extensive experience of supervising and examining research degrees in art and design and related areas. Both are practitioners with a belief in the creative relationship between practice, teaching and research.

    As committed practitioners, educators and researchers Carole and Julian continue to be excited by the challenges posed by research, and they continue to learn.

    'At last we have a book making sense of practice-based approaches to research in art and design. This should be essential reading for all masters and doctoral students in the field.' Professor Rachel Cooper, Director, Adelphi Research Institute for Creative Arts and Sciences, University of Salford, UK. 'It is written in a warm, refreshing and stimulating style...the writing style employed by the authors is very readable and, throughout the book, illustrations are used to good effect...The six chapters that make up this book cover a wide range of issues...A number of different techniques for data reduction and data presentation are considered...Although this book is intended to be a support aid for research students in Art and Design, there is a considerable amount of generic material embedded within it...it would make useful reading for other students embarking on research projects in other disciplines. It would also form a useful resource for people who are new to research supervision - it abounds with good advice and many useful references!' UKCGE (United Kingdom Council for Graduate Education) Newsletter