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1st Edition

Visualizing the Body in Art, Anatomy, and Medicine since 1800 Models and Modeling

Edited By Andrew Graciano Copyright 2019
    ISBN 9780367731847
    294 Pages
    Published December 18, 2020 by Routledge

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    ISBN 9781138544376
    294 Pages
    Published January 30, 2019 by Routledge

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    This book expands the art historical perspective on art’s connection to anatomy and medicine, bringing together in one text several case studies from various methodological perspectives. The contributors focus on the common visual and bodily nature of (figural) art, anatomy, and medicine around the central concept of modeling (posing, exemplifying and fabricating). Topics covered include the role of anatomical study in artistic training, the importance of art and visual literacy in anatomical/medical training and in the dissemination (via models) of medical knowledge/information, and artistic representations of the medical body in the contexts of public health and propaganda.

    Introduction: Models and Modeling in Art, Anatomy, and Medicine [Andrew Graciano]

    Part I: Anatomical Models in Artistic Training: Sculpted, Living, and Dissected

    1. Anatomy in the Drawing Room at Felix Meritis Maatschappij in Amsterdam: Between Skin and Bones, Theory and Practice [Andrew Graciano]

    2. Fabulations of the Flesh: Géricault and the Praxis of Art and Anatomy in France [Dorothy Johnson]

    3. Grecian Theory at the Royal Academy of Arts: John Flaxman and the Pedagogy of Corporeal Representation [Josh Hainy]

    Part II: Visual Models in Anatomy and Medicine: Illustrative, Radiographic, and Sculptural

    4. The Brain in Text and Image: Reconfiguring Medical Knowledge in Late Eighteenth-Century Japan [Wei Yu Wayne Tan]

    5. When Sight Penetrates the Body: The Use and Promotion of Stereoscopic Radiography in Britain, 1896–1918 [Antoine Gallay]

    6. Art in the Service of Medical Education: The 1939 Birth Series and the Use of Sculpture to Teach the Process of Human Development from Fertilization through Delivery [Rose Holz]

    Part III: Modeling Public Health: The Healthy Body in Art and Propaganda

    7. Painting the Revolutionary Body: Public Health and the Remaking of Mexican History in the Murals of Diego Rivera [Niria Leyva-Gutierrez]

    8. The Sick Man of Asia and the Anatomically Perfect Woman: Remodeling China’s (Body) Image through the Visual Arts [Amanda Wangwright]

    Part IV: Modeling Disease: The Pathologized Body in Art and Medicine

    9. The Model Patient: Observation and Illustration at the Musée Charcot [Natasha Ruiz-Gómez]

    10. The Fat Body as Anatomical and Medical Oddity: Lucian Freud’s Paintings of Sue Tilley [Brittany Lockard]


    Andrew Graciano is Professor of Art History and the Director of Graduate Studies (Studio Art, Media Arts, Art History, and Art Education) at the University of South Carolina’s School of Visual Art and Design.

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