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Voices in Development Management: Voices in Development Management

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The Voices in Development Management series has provided a forum in which grass roots organisations and development practitioners could voice their views and present their perspectives along with the conventional development experts. Many of the volumes in the series contain explicit debates between various voices in development and permit the suite of neglected development issues such as gender and transport or the microcredit needs of low income communities to receive appropriate public and professional attention. After a successful run of almost 12 years, we are no longer accepting new submissions to the series.

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Women Miners in Developing Countries Pit Women and Others

Women Miners in Developing Countries: Pit Women and Others

1st Edition

By Martha Macintyre, Kuntala Lahiri-Dutt
November 15, 2016

Contrary to their masculine portrayal, mines have always employed women in valuable and productive roles. Yet, pit life continues to be represented as a masculine world of work, legitimizing men as the only mineworkers and large, mechanized, and capitalized operations as the only form of mining. ...

Social Exclusion and the Remaking of Social Networks

Social Exclusion and the Remaking of Social Networks

1st Edition

By Robert Strathdee
March 14, 2005

How do young people make effective transitions into work? This question has occupied the minds of parents and young people, and also researchers and policy makers, as they face up to challenges presented by globalization and technological change. The foremost governmental response to this ...

Building on Batik The Globalization of a Craft Community

Building on Batik: The Globalization of a Craft Community

1st Edition

By Michael Hitchcock, Wiendu Nuryanti
November 10, 2016

The word ’batik’ is possibly of Malay origin from the word ’tik’ meaning ’to drip’ or ’to drop.’ The term is applied to a resist dye technique invented independently in locations as diverse as Ancient Egypt, Japan and Turkestan. Batik is a remarkably flexible textile technique and is suited to ...

The Dominance of Management A Participatory Critique

The Dominance of Management: A Participatory Critique

1st Edition

By Leonard Holmes
November 10, 2016

This book offers a controversial reanalysis of the rise and dominance of managerialist approaches to development. Linking two British inner-city community development projects with projects in the developing world it shows how ’managed development’ runs counter to participatory values and ...

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