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WALS-Routledge Lesson Study Series

About the Series

This series aims to provide opportunities for researchers and practitioners in Lesson Study to share their work beyond the boundaries of their countries to an international audience. Lesson Study is increasingly popular as a tool for improving the quality of education and schools around the world. As many countries are adapting and contextualizing Japanese Lesson Study to their own needs in response to educational and curriculum reforms cognizant that what matters most is what happens in classrooms and its impact on teachers and students. As Lesson Study originates from Japan, there is also a need for English Language readers around the world to understand more deeply the underlying philosophies, policies and practices of Japanese Lesson Study in the cultural contexts of their schools and classrooms. As well as original works in English from leading figures in Lesson Study, this series will also make available outstanding Lesson Study publications originally written in Japanese but extended and revised for an English audience.

6 Series Titles

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Educators' Learning from Lesson Study Mathematics for Ages 5-13

Educators' Learning from Lesson Study: Mathematics for Ages 5-13

1st Edition


Edited By Akihiko Takahashi, Thomas McDougal, Shelley Friedkin, Tad Watanabe
June 30, 2022

Offering voices from the field – the first of its kind outside of Japan – this guide to teaching and learning elementary mathematics highlights real case examples from teachers and educators who share what they have learned through Lesson Study. The teachers’ reports provide vivid examples of ...

Changing Teaching, Changing Teachers 21st Century Teaching and Learning Through Lesson and Learning Study

Changing Teaching, Changing Teachers: 21st Century Teaching and Learning Through Lesson and Learning Study

1st Edition


By Keith Wood, Saratha Sithamparam
May 30, 2022

A unique feature of this book is its focus on engaging teachers themselves in changing teaching as a way to bring about teacher change through lesson study and learning study. The sequence – changing teaching, changing teachers – is significant. This approach to professional development is not ...

Reforming Lesson Study in Japan Theories of Action for Schools as Learning Communities

Reforming Lesson Study in Japan: Theories of Action for Schools as Learning Communities

1st Edition

By Yuta Suzuki
March 31, 2022

This book elucidates the formation and development of theories of action in school reforms for Schools as Learning Communities (SLC) during ten years from its inception in 1998 in select Japanese elementary schools, junior high schools, and one secondary school. While growing international interest...

Lesson Study-based Teacher Education The Potential of the Japanese Approach in Global Settings

Lesson Study-based Teacher Education: The Potential of the Japanese Approach in Global Settings

1st Edition

Edited By Jongsung Kim, Nariakira Yoshida, Shotaro Iwata, Hiromi Kawaguchi
May 27, 2021

The philosophy of Lesson Study in Japan—teacher ownership, teacher professionalism, student learning-focused dialogue, teacher collaboration, and teacher professional community—has attracted educators and researchers worldwide. However, Lesson Study does not have the same meaning as its original ...

Lesson Study in Inclusive Educational Settings

Lesson Study in Inclusive Educational Settings

1st Edition

Edited By Sui Lin Goei, Brahm Norwich, Peter Dudley
April 13, 2021

Lesson Study has been shown to be a systematic way of building teachers’ knowledge by allowing them to share their knowledge with each other. While much has been written about the benefits of Lesson Study in science and mathematics education, this book analyses its impact on education for children ...

Stepping up Lesson Study An Educator’s Guide to Deeper Learning

Stepping up Lesson Study: An Educator’s Guide to Deeper Learning

1st Edition

Edited By Aki Murata, Christine Kim-Eng Lee
November 27, 2020

This is a much-needed book for educators who want to learn more than just the surface features of lesson study, to deepen the process and learning. Bringing together current knowledge and resources from lesson study practitioners and researchers all over the world, this book provides models and ...

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