1st Edition

Lesson Study with Mathematics and Science Preservice Teachers Finding the Form

    232 Pages 8 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    232 Pages 8 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This insightful volume offers an overview of the fundamentals of lesson student practice in US teacher education as well as examples from math and science teacher educators using lesson study in their local contexts.

    The number of teacher educators using lesson study with preservice teachers is small but growing. This book is aimed at teacher educators who may want to try lesson study in university contexts without the challenge of translating the practice from the K-12 context on their own. In this volume, lesson study is broadly overviewed, attention is given to its constituent steps, and examples of lesson study in preservice contexts are shared. Given the broad array of teacher education program designs, numerous contingencies guide teacher educators in their implementation of lesson study, given their contextual affordances and limitations.

    The lesson study descriptions and cases in this book will support teacher educators and scholars across subject specialities and geographic lines, as they seek instructional frameworks to advance their pedagogical goals.

    Introduction: Tracing Lesson Study’s Use with Preservice Teachers: From Origins to Present Day

    Sharon Dotger, Gabriel Matney, Jennifer Heckathorn, Kelly Chandler-Olcott, and Miranda Fox

    Section 1: Lesson Study and Preservice Teacher Education

    1. Contextualizing Teacher Education and Lesson Study in the United States

    Jennifer Heckathorn and Sharon Dotger

    2. Preservice Mathematics Teachers’ Decision-making during Lesson Study

    Nadia Stoyanova Kennedy and Jesse Wilcox

    3. Mentor Teachers’ Four Intertwined Roles when Leading Lesson Study with Mathematics Preservice Teachers

    Gloriana González, Omar Hernández-Rodríguez, and Wanda Villafañe-Cepeda

    Section 2: Lesson Study Steps in Preservice Teacher Education

    4. The Prepare Step: Setting the Stage for Successful Lesson Study with Preservice Teachers

    Jenifer Hummer and Kristin Lesseig

    5. The Study Step: Building Preservice Teachers’ Knowledge in Content and Pedagogy

    Rachelle Meyer Rogers, Ryann N. Shelton, and Trena L. Wilkerson

    6. The Plan Step: Extending Learning to Preservice Teachers in a Full Lesson Study Cycle

    Kevin J. Reins and Matthew Melville

    7. The Teach Step: Engaging Preservice Teachers in Effective Practice

    Rosemarie Michaels and Nicole Glen

    8. The Reflect Step: Consolidating Learning and Setting Future Goals

    Sharon Dotger and Kelly Chandler-Olcott

    Section 3: Lesson Study for Advancing Access and Equity

    9. Preservice Teacher Learning About Equitable Practices Through Lesson Study

    Melissa Graham and Amy Roth McDuffie

    10. Lesson Study’s Capacity to Develop Novice Teachers’ Practice of Anti-Racist Pedagogies

    Curtis A. Taylor, Kristin Komatsubara, and Daisy Sharrock

    11. Promoting Torres’ Rights of the Learner with Elementary Preservice Teachers through Lesson Study

    Crystal Kalinec-Craig, Keely Hulme, Karisma Morton, Colleen Eddy, Fardowsa Mahdi, Dittika Gupta, and Mark S. Montgomery

    Section 4: Additional Examples of Lesson Study in Preservice Teacher Education

    12. Using Lesson Study to Build Interdisciplinary STEM Collaborations at an Urban Commuter University

    Janelle M. Johnson, Nursen Konuk, and Mark Koester

    13. The Use of Lesson Study in the Online Teaching Environment to Support Preservice Science Teacher Learning

    Rita Hagevik and Irina Falls

    14. Use of Structured Video Reflection to Develop Teacher Noticing during Lesson Study

    Gillian Roehrig and Jennifer Suh

    15. Promoting Interdisciplinary Connections and Mathematics Collaborations through Literacy-centered Lesson Study

    Hanna Haydar, Meral Kaya, and Joanna Weaver

    16. Adapting Lesson Study for Preservice Teachers’ Instruction and Learning

    Joanna Weaver and Gabriel Matney

    17. Mathematics Lesson Study for Early Professional Learning with Novel Partnerships

    Christopher Nazelli and S. Asli Özgün-Koca

    Conclusion: Finding Connections through Form

    Sharon Dotger, Gabriel Matney, Jennifer Heckathorn, Kelly Chandler-Olcott, and Miranda Fox


    Sharon Dotger is a professor of science education in the Syracuse University School of Education and the faculty director of teacher education and undergraduate studies. She teaches courses in elementary and secondary science methods and courses in curriculum, learning theory, teacher professional development, and science education research.

    Gabriel Matney is a professor of mathematics education in the College of Education and Human Development at Bowling Green State University. He teaches mathematics education and methods courses for K-12 teaching programs.

    Jennifer Heckathorn is an instructor in teacher education at Syracuse University. Her research focuses on teachers’ decision-making about their professional development experiences. She has prior experience as a public school teacher and administrator.

    Kelly Chandler-Olcott is Laura J. & L. Douglas Meredith Professor for Teaching Excellence and dean of the Syracuse University School of Education.

    Miranda Fox is a secondary mathematics teacher in Ohio. She has a master’s in curriculum and teaching with a computer technology endorsement from Bowling Green State University. In graduate school, Miranda facilitated lesson study and conducted research on PSTs experience with lesson study in Thailand.

    From a European perspective, we have massively enjoyed reading this timely book about the use of Lesson Study in pre-service teaching and teacher training in U.S. contexts. Because of the widespread school contexts in the U.S., this book is an attempt to structure and provide guidance for teacher educators. Lesson Study provides a framework for naming that diversity and acting as a connecting link. This book is highly recommended for any teacher educator with a broad interest in other cultures.

    Sui Lin Goei (VU Amsterdam), Nellie Verhoef (Twente University), Siebrich de Vries (Groningen University), founders of Lesson Study NL, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

    This book is a 'must' for anyone running or teaching pre-service mathematics or science teacher education courses who either wants to introduce lesson study into their programme or who wants to enrich the way they are currently using lesson study.  Each chapter provides a deep-dive into a particular aspect of lesson study, experienced with pre-service teachers and presented in ways that address the challenges and key rewards each account offers. As a result, this book will dramatically increase the success such new programmes can have from the outset and the potential for emerging science and mathematics teachers to gain significantly and lastingly from early lesson study experiences in pre-service teacher education programmes everywhere.

    Peter Dudley, Associate Professor of Learning and Leadership, Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge and Immediate Past President of the World Association of Lesson Studies.

    Grounded in research and practice, this book develops a framework of adapted lesson study with preservice teachers, illustrates each phase of the framework, and shows cases of how lesson study can help develop preservice mathematics and science teachers’ competencies for addressing various challenges in their future teaching. It is a must-read book for those who care about preparing high quality teachers in STEM education.

    Rongjin Huang, Professor of Mathematics Education, Middle Tennessee State University, USA.