1st Edition

Water and Wastewater Examination Manual

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ISBN 9780873711999
Published October 27, 1989 by CRC Press
264 Pages

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Book Description

This new manual is an indispensable working lab guide and reference for water/wastewater quality analysis. Based on procedures from "Standard Methods" and "Methods for Chemical Analysis of Water and Waste (EPA)," and other pertinent references the Water and Wastewater Examination Manual is an excellent complement to these references-that you will want to keep at your fingertips. Written especially for use by water quality laboratory technicians and water/wastewater operators, managers and supervisors-who will use this practical manual every day. Procedures are included for parameters frequently used in water quality analysis.

Table of Contents

INTRODUCTION. Safety. Quality Control and Quality Assurance. Precision Statements. Daily Replicate Sample Analyses. Accuracy Statements. Daily Spiking Sample Analyses-Accuracy. Sample Preservation. Suggestions for Filtering of Water Samples. Use of Volumetric Glassware. Making Standard Solutions. Preparation of Acidic and Alkaline Solutions. How to Wash Laboratory Glassware. Abbreviations and Terms Used. PHYSICAL PROPERTIES. Specific Conductance. Residue I: Nonfilterable Residue. Residue II: Total and Total Filterable. Settleable Matter (By Weight). Turbidity (Nephelometric Method). METALS. Calcium (EDTA Titrimetric Method). Hardness (EDTA Titrimetric Method). Hexavalent Chromium (Colorimetric Method). Preparation of Samples for the Determination of Metals. INORGANICS, NON-METALS. Acidity (Titrimetric, Potentiometric). Alkalinity (Potentiometric, Colorimetric). Boron (Carmine Method). Residual Chlorine (Amperometric Titration Method) Residual Chlorine (DPD Method). Cyanide (Titrimetric, Ion Selective Electrode Method). Fluoride (SPADNS Method). Low Level Fluoride (Ion-Selective Electrode). Ammonia (Preliminary Distillation Step) (Nesslerization; Titrimetric). Ammonia (Indophenol: Low-Level o High-Level). Nitrate-Manual (Diazotization Method). Nitrate-Manual (Cadmium-Reduction Method). Nitrate; Nitrite (Colorimetric, Automated Cadmium Reduction). TKN, Total Kjeldahl and Organic Nitrogen (Digestion, Distillation, Nesslerization). Total Nitrogen (Persulfate Method). Dissolved Oxygen (Winkler with Azide Modification). Reactive (Ortho) Phosphate (Ascorbic Acid or Murphy-Riled Technique). Total Phosphorus. Total Phosphorus in Sediments (Persulfate Digestion). Silica (Molybdosilicate Method). Sulfate (Turbidimetric Method). Sulfate (Gravimetric Method with Drying of Residue). Sulfite (Titrimetric). ORGANICS. Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD). Chemical Oxygen Demand (Manual Method: Dichromate Reflux). Chemical Oxygen Demand (Ampule Method). Oil and Grease (Partition-Gravimetric Method). Preparation of Samples for Trihalomethane Determination (Gas Chromatography Technique). BIOLOGICAL. Plankton and Periphyton Pigments: Chlorophyll (Spectrophotometric Technique). Plankton and Periphyton Pigments: Chlorophyll (Fluorometric Technique). Membrane Filter Techniques for 1) Total Coliform and 2) Fecal Coliform. Standard Plate Count.

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