1st Edition

Watershed Models

Edited By Vijay P. Singh, Donald K. Frevert Copyright 2010
    678 Pages 190 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Watershed modeling is at the heart of modern hydrology, supplying rich information that is vital to addressing resource planning, environmental, and social problems. Even in light of this important role, many books relegate the subject to a single chapter while books devoted to modeling focus only on a specific area of application. Recognizing the need for a broad, comprehensive overview of the various types of watershed models, renowned experts Singh and Frevert carefully selected several highly popular and useful models to produce this groundbreaking reference.

    Watershed Models comprises seven sections that encompass 24 models chosen for a variety of characteristics, such as physical bases, mathematical sophistication, comprehensiveness, broad-based applicability, and use of modern tools. After a concise introduction, the book examines the history and evolution of watershed modeling derived from the Stanford Watershed Model along with regional calibration of models. The following six sections explore large watershed, streamflow, water quality, urban watershed, agricultural watershed, and planning and management models. Each chapter contains a wealth of information on model parameters, the strengths of each model for particular purposes, and examples of applications.

    Offering an up-to-date review of models used worldwide, Watershed Models supplies broad, integrated knowledge necessary for solving the complex and ongoing problems involved in resource and environmental water management.

    Introduction; V.P. Singh and D.K. Frevert
    History and Evolution of Watershed Modeling Derived from the Stanford Watershed Model (SWM); A.S. Donigian, Jr. and J. Imhoff
    Regional Calibration of Watershed Models; R.M. Vogel

    Large Scale Hybrid Watershed Modeling; M.M. Aral and O. Gunduz
    Simulation of Water and Energy Budgets Using a Macroscale Hydrological Model for the Upper Mississippi River Basin; R. Srinivasan and V. Lakshmi

    Gridded Surface/Subsurface Hydrologic Analysis (GSSHA) Model: A Model for Simulating Diverse Streamflow-Producing Processes; C.W. Downer, F.L. Ogden, J. Neidzialek, and S. Liu
    USGS Modular Modeling System (MMS) - Precipitation-Runoff Modeling System (PRMS); G.H. Leavesley, S.L. Markstrom, and R.J. Viger
    The Xin'anjiang Model on Digital Basin Platform; L. Ren and F. Yuan

    A First Principle, Physics-Based Watershed Model: WASH123D; G-T. Yeh, G. Huang, H-P. Cheng, F. Zhang, H-C. Lin, E. Edris, and D. Richards
    Flexible Integrated Watershed Modeling with MIKE SHE; D.N. Graham and M.B. Butts
    Better Assessment Science Integrating Point and Nonpoint Sources (BASINS); P.B. Duda, J.L. Kittle Jr., A.S. Donigian and R. Kinerson
    MEDIFIS: A Physically Based, Spatially-Distributed Runoff and Erosion Model for Extreme Rainfall Events; J.P. Nunes, G.N. Vieira and J. Seixas
    BAYMOD: Modeling Irrigated Catchments Using the Streamflow Integral Approach; L.D. Connell, M. Gilfedder, and R. Mein

    EPA Storm Water Management Model, SWMM5; W.C. Huber, L.A. Rossman, and R.E. Dickinson
    IDEAL: Integrated Design and Evaluation Assessment of Loadings Model; B.J. Barfield, J.C. Hayes, S.L. Harp, K.F. Holbrook, and J. Gillespie
    SEDIMOT III Model; B.J. Barfield, J.C. Hayes, E. Stevens, S.L. Harp, and A. Fogle

    The SPAW Model for Agricultural Field and Pond Hydrologic Simulation; K.E. Saxton and P.H. Willey
    The APEX Model; J.R. Williams and R.C. Izaurralde
    GAMES: The Guelph Model for Evaluating the Effects of Agricultural Management Systems on Erosion and Sedimentation; R.P. Rudra

    Use of Distributed Models for Watershed Management: Case Studies; M. Arabi, R.S. Govindaraju, M. Sophocleous, and J.K. Koelliker
    RiverWare; E.A. Zagona, T. Magee, H.M. Goranflo, T. Fulp, D.K. Frevert, and J.L. Cotter
    A Parsimonious Watershed Model; J.F. Limbrunner, R.M. Vogel, and S.C. Chapra
    MODSIM: River Basin Management Decision Support System; J.W. Labadie
    Water Rights Analysis Package (WRAP) Modeling System; R.A. Wurbs
    Hydrological River Basin Environment Assessment Model (Hydro-BEAM); T. Kojiri
    The State of Colorado's Stream Simulation Model (StateMod); R. Alvarado and R. Bennett


    Vijay P. Singh, Donald K. Frevert