1st Edition

Weaving Knowledge Together Writing Centers and Collaboration

    First published in 1998. In a 1996 review article in College English, Elizabeth Rankin contrasted the method and epistemology of two recent books on writing pedagogy, describing one as "grounded in the experience of student writers and teachers" and the other as "academic." Rankin’s labels highlight one of the leading sources of tension in composition research—the tension between practice and theory—a tension that echoes in writing center research and publications. This collection of chapters seeks to build on the inherent collaborativeness of writing centers, capturing the voices of the student writers and tutors who are at the core of writing center work.

    Contents: C.P. Haviland, M. Notarangelo, L. Whitley-Putz, T. Wolf, Introduction. C. Connolly, A. DeJarlais, A. Gillam, L. Micciche, Erika and the Fish Lamps: Writing and Reading the Local Scene. P.B. Childers, J. Laughter, M. Lowry, S. Trumpeter, Developing a Community in a Secondary School Writing Center. L. Johnson-Shull, S. Wyche, B.Q. Griffith, The "Butterfly Effect": A Multiperspective Narrative of the Effects of Assessment on a Writing Center. S. Blythe, M. Harris with S. Pollert, A. Stellmach, A Discussion on Collaborative Design Methods for Collaborative Online Spaces. D. Enriquez, C.P. Haviland, C. Olson, D.J. Pizurie, To Define Ourselves or to Be Defined? T.M. Conroy, N. Lerner with P.J. Siska, Graduate Students as Writing Tutors: Role Conflict and the Nature of Professionalization. J. Mullin, N. Reid, D. Enders, J. Baldridge, Constructing Each Other: Collaborating Across Disciplines and Roles. E. Sommers, L. Stering, C. Tan, B. Diskin, Do You Know Who(m) You're Talking to? Critical Pedagogy and English as a Second Language Tutoring. N. Grimm, M. Penti with J. Barrett, R. Townsend, S. Islam, Rethinking Agency. C.P. Haviland, M. Notarangelo, L. Whitley-Putz, T. Wolf, What Can Collaborating Teach Us About Writing Centers and About Collaboration? J. Mullin, One Reader Reading.


    Carol Peterson Haviland (Edited by) ,  Maria Notarangelo (Edited by) ,  Lene Whitley-Putz (Edited by) ,  Thia Wolf (Edited by)