1st Edition

Webcasting Worldwide Business Models of an Emerging Global Medium

Edited By Louisa S. Ha, Richard J. Ganahl Copyright 2007
    464 Pages
    by Routledge

    464 Pages
    by Routledge

    Webcasting Worldwide tackles one of the most timely topics in mass communication today—the delivery of audio and video content via the Web, or webcasting—employing a global perspective to explore the subject. It is unique in providing a theoretical framework by which to analyze business models of emerging media, and it also examines the business practices of leading webcasters in the world’s most developed broadband markets. With webcasting in its early development, the approaches discussed in this volume set the standards for the webcasting industry.

    Representing the major broadband markets in the world, this text is an authoritative and valuable reference for both researchers and practitioners. The chapters relate the business practices of webcasting to the media market environment and established media industries, such as television and radio, as well as government and non-profit organizations. Downloadable resources offer PowerPoint charts for use in training, education, and research, along with tables, graphs, screenshots, and hyperlinks.

    Webcasting Worldwide is essential reading for academic researchers and media industry practitioners, and the volume will be a useful text in advanced courses addressing media technology, media management, and international communication.

    For updates about the book chapters and latest commentaries on topics related to webcasting business models, please visit the Webcasting Business Models Blog at http://webcastingworldwide.blogspot.com

    Winner of The Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication Picard Award for Media Management and Economics 2007.

    Contents: R. Picard, Foreword.

    D. Gardy, Industry Insights. Preface.

    Part I: Worldwide Webcasting Overview: A Framework for Analyzing Business Models of Emerging Media. 

    L. Ha, R. Ganahl, Webcasting as a Global Emerging Medium and a Tripartite Framework to Analyze Emerging Media Business Models.

    L. Ha, Application of the ACR Framework in a 13-Country Study of Leading Webcasters. 

    Part II: Webcasting Businesses Practices and Dynamics Across North America.

    L. Ha, The United States: The World’s Largest Broadband Market in the World.

    C. Martin, I. Allagui, M. Chaussé, Webcasting in Canada: The Imbedded Media. 

    Part III:  Webcasting Business Practices and Dynamics Across Europe.

    A. Arampatzis, United Kingdom: Webcasting's Biggest Promise in Europe.

    P. Bakker, The Netherlands: Webcasters in a Public Broadcasting Environment.

    M. Friedrichsen, M.A. Smith, A. Kurad, Germany: Poised for Dynamic Growth.

    M. Herrero, C. Sádaba, Spain: An Emerging Market Still Taking Its First Steps.

    T. Bonini, Italy: The Fastest Growing Broadband Market in Europe.

    A. Arampatzis, Greece: Webcasting Is Slowly Taking Shape as an Industry.

    A. Rolland, C.B. Monsen, Norway: The Clicks-and-Bricks Have Taken the Lead.

    K. Nicholas, Denmark: Smooth Sailing (For Now)—The Public Service Legacy in Danish Webcasting.

    Part IV: Webcasting Business Practices and Dynamics in the Asian Pacific.

    M. Hang, D. Min, B. Yang, China: The Largest Broadband User in Asia and the Second Largest Broadband Market in the World.

    A.Y.L. Lee, C.Y.K. So, Hong Kong: The Crown Jewel of Broadband for China With the Second Highest Broadband Penetration in the World.

    Y-L. Liu, Taiwan: Bandwidth, Connection, and Access—Analyzing the Business Models of Webcasters in Taiwan.

    S.K. Park, Korea: The Country With the World’s Highest Broadband Penetration—Popular Video Webcasters and User-Generated Content Models.

    K. Ishii, M. Ogasahara, Japan: Mobile and Broadband—Two Emerging Business Models in the World's Third Largest Broadband User.

    N.D. Weerakkody, Webcasting in Australia: "Pretty Dead, Really"—or Is It?

    Part V: Webcasting Business Practices and Dynamics in the Arab Region.

    I. Allagui, C. Martin, The Arab World: The Broadband Market Is Taking Off—How Far Away Is Webcasting?

    L. Ha, R. Ganahl, Lessons From the Leading Webcasters Around the World and the Outlook of Webcasting as an Emerging Global Medium. 

    Table of Contents for the Accompanying CD-ROM:PowerPoint File Presentation for Each Chapter. Screenshots of the Leading Webcasters in Each Chapter. A List of Leading Webcasters in Each Chapter With Hyperlinks. A List of Useful Reference Hyperlinks About Webcasting or Media Environment. Additional Tables and Charts in Each Chapter. Authors' Digital Pictures With a Bio, E-mail Contact, and Home Page Link.


    Louisa S. Ha (Edited by) ,  Richard J. Ganahl (Edited by

    "'Webcasting Worldwide: Business Models of an Emerging Global Medium' is a definitive work, the book's authors, Louisa Ha and Richard Ganahl III have made a significant contribution in facilitating mainstream understanding of the burgeoning webcasting sector and the promise it holds. It couldn't have come at a better time." —Streamingmedia.com

    From the Foreword:

    “Webcasting presents an intriguing opportunity to view a new content business emerging and maturing. This book provides an important foundation for understanding that development and the strategies and approaches being taken by the foremost operators in the field today. It is an important waypoint for those who wish to understand the industry today and for those who will study its development in the future.”
    —Robert G. Picard, Editor, Journal of Media Business Studies

    From Industry Insights in this volume:

    “Through their tireless efforts in producing this manuscript, [the editors] have made a significant contribution in facilitating mainstream understanding of the burgeoning webcasting sector and the promise it holds. It couldn’t have come at a better time.” —Dave Gardy, Chairman and CEO, TV Worldwide, President, International Webcasting Association

    "Through their ground-breaking new book, Webcasting Worldwide, Louisa Ha and Richard J. Ganahl III have provided a thoughtful and thorough examination of the business models taking shape in the online delivery of media.  Webcasting Worldwide offers the reader a rich diversity of viewpoints and experiences from North America to Europe, Asia to the Middle East.  Detailed analysis of the broadband marketplace and how it is being financed around the globe is at the heart of this important book.  Adding to the value of this useful text is the authors' blog, webcastingworldwide.blogspot.com. Anyone interested in either the major trends or latest developments in the world of broadband media will find Ha and Ganahl's Webcasting Worldwide required reading." —John V. Pavlik
    Rutgers University