1st Edition

What Makes a Good Primary School Teacher? Expert Classroom Strategies

    184 Pages
    by Routledge

    184 Pages
    by Routledge

    A fascinating account of the range of teaching, assessing and feedback strategies used by individual 'expert' teachers. The book describes:
    *the most common lesson patterns, why and when they are used
    *how teaching strategies are varied according to subjects
    *how assessment and feedback information can encourage pupils to learn
    *the differences in teaching seven year olds and eleven year olds

    1.Setting the Scene 2.Lesson Patterns 3.Teaching Strategies 4.Assessment 5.Feedback 6.Learning and Teaching: Teachers' and Pupils' Views 7.Synthesis


    Caroline Gipps is Deputy Vice-Chancellor at Kingston University. She has written Beyond Testing Towards a Theory of Educational Assessment published by Falmer Press. Bet McCallum is an educational researcher at the Institute of Education. She has been involved in research with Caroline Gipps on the introduction of National Assessment, teachers assessment practice and the assessment, teaching and feedback strategies of primary teachers. Eleanore Hargreaves is a lecturer in evaluation and assessment and a research officer at the Institute of Education, London

    'The authors are experienced teacher trainers with a particular interest in assessment. Their fascinating book is research-based with a sharp focus on teaching, assessment and feedback practices. The examples give invaluable and detailed insights of skilful teachers moving learning forward, particularly in the core subjects. Students and teachers who are looking for ways to extend their skills willfind plenty to think about. Teacher trainers should find the book helpful in focusing their work with students. Heads will find it useful for school-based in-service training and as a source of classroom observation benchmarks for performance management,' - Mike Sullivan, Times Educational Supplement