1st Edition

Who Decides Who Becomes a Teacher? Schools of Education as Sites of Resistance

Edited By Julie Gorlewski, Eve Tuck Copyright 2019
    224 Pages
    by Routledge

    224 Pages
    by Routledge

    Who Decides Who Becomes a Teacher? extends the discussions and critiques of neoliberalism in education by examining the potential for Schools of Teacher Education to contest policies that are typical in K-12 schooling. Drawing on a case study of faculty collaboration, this edited volume reimagines teacher preparation programs as crucial sites of resistance to, and refusal of, unsound education practices and legislation. This volume also reveals by example how education faculty can engage in collaborative scholarly work to investigate the anticipated and unanticipated effects of policy initiatives on teaching and learning.


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    List of Contributors

    PART I: Resisting the Power of Policy: The Scoring Consortium

    1. Schools of education as sites of resistance

    [Julie Gorlewski and Eve Tuck]

    2. EdTPA, settler colonialism and antiblackness

    [Eve Tuck and Julie Gorlewski] 

    3. The alternative scoring consortium

    [Julie Gorlewski and Eve Tuck] 

    4. An Uneasy Relationship: The History of Teacher Education in the University

    [David Labaree]

    5. Who decides who becomes a teacher?  

    [Julie Gorlewski and Eve Tuck]

    PART II: Rights and Responsibilities: Challenges of Resistance

    6. Who Has the Right to Decide?

    [David A. Gorlewski]

    7. Collaboration in Isolation: Policy Paradox in edTPA

    [Kiersten Greene with Julie Gorlewski]

    8. Decouple Your Train, or How Schools of Teacher Education Might Yet Resist White Supremacy

    [Nini Visaya Hayes & K. Wayne Yang]

    9. For Whom Accountability Tolls: (Re)Visioning the Role of Pilots & Research in Teacher Education Policy

    [Limarys Caraballo and David Gerwin]

    10. Missing the Mark: Indigenous Teacher Candidates and edTPA

    [Hollie Anderson Kulago]

    11. If not us, then who?  

    [Julie Gorlewski and Eve Tuck]




    Julie Gorlewski is Associate Professor and chair of the Department of Learning and Instruction at the University at Buffalo, The State University of New York, USA. A former English teacher and editor of English Journal, she has published ten books and numerous articles and book chapters.

    Eve Tuck is Associate Professor of Critical Race and Indigenous Studies, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, and Canada Research Chair of Indigenous Methodologies with Youth and Communities, University of Toronto, Canada.

    ‘This book is about and beyond many things: corporate-driven teacher evaluation models, the history of schools, and the fact that learning and teaching have existed before and will outlast racist and colonial approaches to school. Here, you have up-close details of refusal and bumps along the path that is made by walking it. As essentially, we learn from a sorely needed history of how schools of education came to a place where they, as potentially nimble, liberatory dogs, are instead wagged by tails of mediocrity, thinly veiled racism, and femininity rather than feminism. If you had to administer, justify your syllabi against, or, most disturbingly, ‘take’ the EdTPA, this is the book you’ve been waiting for. Read, teach, learn. As your birthright.’

    —Leigh Patel, Associate Dean of Equity and Justice, School of Education, University of Pittsburgh

    ‘Gorlweski and Tuck’s Who Decides Who Becomes a Teacher? is a major accomplishment and a critically important contribution in the fight to save teacher education in the U.S. It shows us that schools of education have the potential to be sites of radical resistance to inequality and white supremacy, but only if we decide to make them that way.’

    Wayne Au, Professor, School of Educational Studies, University of Washington Bothell